Eazy Dollars Review – Is EazyDollars.co A Scam? My Research Says Yes!

eazy dollars review - is eazydollars.co a scam

You’re probably looking for a very honest Eazy Dollars review, and that’s the reason you’ve found my article. You’ve heard about the kind of money it can make you and you’re excited to get started.

But is EasyDollars.co a scam that will have you waste your time and money, or is it a legit opportunity that will bring in the side income you are looking for and deserve? I’ll be answering this questions and more, within this review. So if you’re seriously considering the program, read until the end to make an informed decision.

That being said, I have to say that it looks familiar and that, my friend, is actually a BAD sign!

Let’s get into it!

Eazy Dollars At A Glance

Website: EazyDollars.co

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing small tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam!

What Is Eazy Dollars?

Eazy Dollars promises to pay you for using your social media account to refer people to the website and to complete other tasks if you’re not one to refer. The company/website claims to work with other big companies such as Wendy’s and Burger King so that you believe they are the real deal.

They claim to have 250,000 members and that they’ve paid out $55M. That makes it about $220 per person, if you want an average per person. This does not seem so bad and seems to tell us that they are not claiming to be a get-rich-quick website.

But to be honest, getting paid $10 for a referral seems unusually high, as well as the sign up bonus of $25. Those were the two things on the website that really got me thinking that this might be a scam after all; scammers will usually use high payout to lure you into doing the work, when they don’t have the intention of paying you.

Additionally, I’ve seen this type of website and layout before with Referral Pay and Clout Pay. I’m suspicious that the guys behind those two programs are behind Eazy Dollars as well, just because there are so many similarities on the sales page.

They also claim to pay you a sign up bonus of $25 and $10 for every referral you get and they also claim to work with the big brands.

So how much of what they say is actually true? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

How Eazy Dollars Works

Everybody’s got social media accounts, right? So isn’t it a good idea to use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make some money? I think so.

The three steps to making money with Eazy Dollars is to sign up, get your $25 bonus. Then to share your referral link on social media and get as many people to click on it. When people join Eazy Dollars through your referral link, you make $10 each. And when you’re ready to cashout, just request it in the member’s area.

Sounds easy, right?

But they also claim to have other tasks that you can complete if you’re not a fan of referring people.

The big question that you should have though, is how THEY make their money. Always try to figure out if they’re doing it legitimately so that you don’t get tangled up into illegal businesses.

What they say is that they have big name/brand clients that they do advertising for. When you’re referring people to the website and they sign in, they will see ads and click on them, making the big brands money if they buy anything, as well as making Eazy Dollars money each time an add is clicked.

That’s where they get their revenue from and that’s from where they pay you. So far, it all looks okay, right? Until you hear of the red flags and the horror stories!

Red Flags That Say You WON’T Get Paid!

Oh yes! I dug really deep into the website and found out some pretty disturbing information that will get you running away from Eazy Dollars. They all prove that it is a total waste of your time to get involved with them.

1) Fake parent company?

Oh yes! When you go to the FAQs, they say that their parent company has been in the industry since 2008 but when I went to google the company called “Zindexius”, I couldn’t find ANYTHING. Zero information!

That’s a big red flag because if such a company really existed, then they would have had an online presence by now. If not a website, there should have been a social media page. They help people find jobs and such, as per the info in the FAQ, so how the heck can people contact them for jobs if nobody can find them?

That’s actually enough for me to get turned off but let’s take a look at the other red flags if you’re still not convinced.

2) Website Registration Date

The parent company should have been online since 2008 and that’s not the case. Okay, what about the website for Eazy Dollars? How long have they been in business?

The screenshot shows April 2019, so it’s only been 3 months since they’ve been in business. And they’ve already accumulated 250,000 members? Really? And they’ve already paid $55M within that time period?

Sorry but that’s really hard to believe. If the company had been a round for a year then maybe it would have been believable but this amount of members and payout seems fake when you compare it to the amount of time that the website has been up.

3) Connection to Referral Pay and Clout Pay

I know I mentioned this before and I wasn’t too sure because I had no proof. But I looked further down the FAQ and found a mistake. And that’s what gave away the actual connection that Eazy Dollars has with Referral Pay.

The question asks if it will cost you anything to join Eazy Dollars and the answer is actually for Referral Pay.


That’s a really big mistake made by the creator. Now we’re sure that the person who’s behind Referral Pay and Clout pay is also behind Eazy Dollars, which is not a good sign since the others had so many red flags and scam signs too.

4) Luring you with high payouts

Remember I told you that the promised payout per referral and the sin up bonus seemed a little high? Well, here’s why I find it high.

They said they make their money from ads that they allow on their website and that’s totally legit and fine. But the thing is, impressions are worth EXTREMELY little and a click is probably around $1. If it’s really competitive, it might drive up the revenue per click to about $2.50.

So my question is, how the heck are they even able to pay ONE person $10 for a task for a referral, if they’re only charging $1 – $2? Are they taking money out of their pocket or are they really overcharging their customers for clicks?

If they’re paying you out of pocket, well, that’s counter-productive for a company. It will just go bankrupt, right? On the other hand, if they’re overcharging companies to be able to pay you, then companies just won’t choose Eazy Dollars as medium of advertisement.

Google charges way less and is way more reliable, so why go with a new company that does not have a track record and that overcharges?

My hunch is that they just won’t pay you and keep all the profit to themselves.

5) Nobody can prove they’ve cashed out/complaints

And when I looked further in, sure enough, people were calling Eazy Dollars a scam and that it does not pay. They can’t cash out. Even though it says in the system that the money has been sent, they never receive it in their Paypal or Cash App accounts.

When they try to contact customer service, there’s never anybody that responds or that’s online to help. The emails don’t get answered and people are yanking out their hair because of time wasted.

So that is enough proof right there that Eazy Dollars won’t pay you!

Is Eazy Dollars A Scam?

Absolutely! I do honestly think that Eazy Dollars is a big scam and that you’re going to be wasting so much of your time with them. They’re not worth it!

You’re just being lured in with the high pay when they don’t even make that much from the clicks. They have a connection to a similar scam that I’ve exposed before. They are lying to you about their parent company being in business since 2008. It does NOT even freaking exist!

They’re just luring you with high payouts so that you can get more people into the system to see the ads and for THEM to make more money. Additionally, if you look at the comments on the Youtube videos of those people that have tried this out, they all say they can’t cash out!

With that many red flags, Eazy Dollars can’t be legit. It’s a complete scam that is just going to waste your time. It’s better to solve captchas with 2Captcha or complete surveys with Survey Junkie than sign up with this company. Even though they pay pennies per hour, at least you can be sure that you’re gonna get paid when you cash out.

I highly recommend that you stay away from Eazy Dollars, Referral Pay and Clout Pay because they are created by the same person that wants to scam you.

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Thanks for reading my Eazy Dollars review. If you’ve had any experiences with the program, please share them in the comments below. It will help others recognize that Eazy Dollars is absolutely a scam!

Your Friend,


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