Ecom Cash Bot Review – Alarming Red Flags Revealed!

Ecom Cash Bot review

Yes, you can make a ton of money online, but will Ecom Cash Bot get you there?

In this honest Ecom Cash Bot review, I will be revealing the true nature of the program. You’ve come across it and are wondering whether it is scam, how it works and whether it pays out, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right review because I found out some not-so-good things about the program that you should know about. These are things other reviews will not tell you because they are focused on getting ou to buy it!

I hope that by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

The truth is that there are so many scams online and you never know which ones are just not going to work as promised. That’s why it’s important to do your research, like you are! So congrats on not getting sucked into the program.

Ecom Cash Bot At A Glance


Creator: “Trish”

Purpose: Make money online doing ecommerce

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend Ecom Cash Bot?: Absolutely NOT! The truth is that this kind of system does NOT exist. Ecom Cash Bot does NOT work as advertised and you’ll be getting low-quality ecom training.

What Is Ecom Cash Bot?

Okay, the first thing I noticed was the name of the program. It makes it seem like there will be a robot making money for you online. It makes the system look like it will work on autopilot and I DON’T like it!

That’s because I’ve seen similar titles before that do the complete opposite of what it’s supposed to do. It plants an expectation into your head and you’re not even aware of it.

But anyways, Trish goes on to explain that with Ecom Cash Bot, that you won’t need any experience to make it work. You could be earning $10K every single week. No need for experience at all.

Just work for 20 minutes everyday and you could be earning $2k tomorrow. It’s the kind of easy money that you could only dream of making if you had a degree because without one, it’s impossible to make money online.

Oh really? I’ll get to that in just a moment.

Trish also talks about how lucrative the ecommerce industry is and how she went from rags to riches using the software.

But that’s what they all say, right? The truth is that I’ve seen too many of these claims for it to really affect me. Those are the kind of claims that make you think you can make a ton of money without any hard work and that’s just not true.

You see, if it was as easy as that to make $1500 every single day, then why would anybody work at their traditional jobs anymore? People wouldn’t have been struggling during this pandemic either.

So you see, there is no get-rich-quick way of making money online. These programs only throw money into the creator’s pocket. He is here for his own interest and not yours. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

To be honest, I already see that Ecom Cash Bot is NOT going to work a advertised.

Oh NO! These Red Flags Are ALARMING!

1) Sales proof

I need to tell you some things about the income proof that Trish shows you. There are two issues.

One, these proofs are REALLY easy to fake. If you have photoshop or an image-editing software, it’s so easy to make it up. There are even Youtube videos showing you how it’s done. So I wouldn’t trust her.

Two, this shows the SALES that the particular ecommerce store made, NOT the profits. So you could have been making those in sales, but she never really talks about the EXPENSES of the business, right?

Come on, how is it possible to make $10K with only $9? Everybody has $9 but not everybody is making $10K! The ratio of expenses to profits is not making any sense here.

2) Unknown creator

Who is Trish? Well, even I can’t answer this question for you. Nobody really knows. So why would you trust her? Just because she SAYS you can make a ton of money does not mean that she is telling the truth.

On the other hand, she’s like the stranger that approaches kids at school with a ton of candy and telling the kid that she would take him home.

Can’t you see that she can’t be trusted?

The truth is that she doesn’t even tell us her last name, we can’t research who she is and we don’t even see what she looks like. How do you know she is reputable and will keep her word?

There are so many scams and low-quality programs on the internet, where the creator remains anonymous and the that’s because they know that sooner or later, you’ll find out about their scam and will want to pursue them.

They don’t want to get fined and don’t want to get sued, or caught. So they remain hidden so that if the scam is shut down or is not profitable anymore, they can go on to creating more scams.

3) Fake testimonials

This is the big one. You’d think that they’d have the decency of showing you REAL people who have used the program, and to show you what it can really do but NOOO!

She actually hires actors from a freelance website called Fiverr, where she can hand them a script and have them read it out and act it out. Those people who claim they’ve made money with Ecom Cash Bot never really tried it.

So how can you believe them? If there isn’t any real testimonial, then it means nobody has become rich with this software, right?

The sad part is that this is not the first time that I’ve seen this happening. Scams and low-quality programs will of course never produce success stories so scammers will have no choice but to hire people to make up the testimonials.

4) Fake scarcity

Doesn’t Trish say that the opportunity is gonna get shut down soon and that you have to take the leap and get it now? Well, that’s what scarcity is.

Trish is trying to make you think that this is your only chance at getting rich online and that you won’t ever get this opportunity again. That’s why she says you have to take it now while the site is still up.

But the truth is that all Trish or the creator is looking for is to make more money. So why would they shut down the site? Wouldn’t that limit the money they could be making?

Na, that’s not gonna happen. Come back tomorrow or in a week, maybe even in a month and you’ll see that the website will still be up, with the very same video playing.

This is just a tactic to make you panic and buy on impulse. If it was legit, then there would be no need to shut down the site, right? Legit websites are ALWAYS around.

5) Need a DEGREE to make money online

Okay, this one actually made me jump out of my chair and laugh. Even the cat got startled.

She claims you need a degree to make money online. PFFT! If that was really the case, then I wouldn’t be here right now. I don’t have a college diploma or a university degree and I STILL make money online.

True, you do need some education but you certainly DON’T need a degree. I’m proof of that!

Trish just made this up to scare you into buying the software. Most people don’t have degrees related to this field and a lot of people have NO degree whatsoever. So if she says you have no chance, you’d maybe think of getting Ecom Cash Bot.

Which, as you can already tell, is a BAD idea.

How Ecom Cash Bot Works

Don’t you just hate it when program creators like Trish don’t tell you what the program is going to be about specifically? She only says that you’ll be doing ecommerce.

Well, lucky for you, I already tried ecommerce in the past and it DOES NOT work like Trish says. Additionally, I’ve also reviewed some other similar programs before, like Ecom Cash Code and Ecom Cash Crusher.

They were scams because they didn’t work as advertised and unfortunately, Ecom Cash Bot is just a rehashed product of those scams.

Once you sign up, you’ll be receiving a lame guide that will outline what to do and where to go to start an ecommerce store. It’s going to be using Shopify.

Now one thing that Trish did not mention is that you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for Shopify. So no, it’s not going to be one-off payment of $9 like she claims.

Moreover, it’s hard to get a store ranked in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, so you don’t be able to rely on free traffic. That’s why you’ll need to PAY for ads in order to get any visitors and sales.

And although ads work, you’ll need to expose an incredible amount of money to test different ads to see which one works best and pour in even more money to scale up the one that performs best.

It could be THOUSANDS of dollars before you’ve even made a penny in profits. That’s why the sales proof Trish shows us is not accurate because you don’t know how much she spent in ads in order to get that many sales.

And unfortunately, the base training within Ecom Cash Bot does not even show you that training. You will need to pay for the upsells to get any kind of traffic training.

That to me, means that Ecom Cash Bot does NOT work as advertised because Trish never mentioned any upsells. She actually said that all you’d need to invest is $9.

Here are the upsells and their costs;

1) Double my profits – $147

2) Elite VIP membership – 297


1) You get a general idea of ecommerce

2) 60-day money back guarantee


1) Creator is unknown and reputation cannot be confirmed

2) Hyped up video, similar to other scams I reviewed

3) Low-quality training

4) Does not disclose actual costs of such a business model

5) Upsells are quite expensive

6) Inaccurate portrayal of profits

7) Testimonials are paid actors who never used the system

8) Get-rich-quick scheme portrayed

Is Ecom Cash Bot A Scam?

Well, it really depends on how you personally define a scam. To some people, a scam is where you get nothing in return for your money. And so, Ecom Cash Bot would actually not be a scam.

Moreover, some people will argue that there is a money-back guarantee through Clickbetter, so if you can get your money back, there is no financial risk and therefore, it’s not a scam.

However, many people might say that Ecom Cash Bot is a scam because it does not work as adveritsed at all. There are a lot of lies and a lot hidden truths that are only uncovered after you buy the program.

You have the fact that we don’t know who is really behind the program so we can’t confirm their reputation. There’s also the fact that they LIE about their testimonials and possibly even the proofs!

Moreover, they don’t tell you how much money you’ll really need to invest before you see your first dollar. The training isn’t even in-depth to show you how to make money using this method.

Additionally, it’s programs like this one that put an unrealistic expectation of how online business works. Push-button systems don’t exist and you will need to work way more than 20 minutes per day in order to really earn anything.

That’s why whether you consider Ecom Cash Bot a scam or not at this point, I do not recommend it.

Stop Getting Scammed! Here’s How You TOO Can Make Money Every Month!

Now, I told you that I did do dropshipping before, right? And unfortunately, the ads and paid traffic just became too much for me to handle and I coudn’t keep going. I wanted to be able to drive FREE traffic to my products.

And that’s when I learned about affiliate marketing. It’s a way of making money online where you talk or write about a solution to a problem and each time people buy the solution, you make money!

This works. Take a look at my income proofs below.


The one thing that you need to realize is that it takes work and sometimes, some money, in order to make the kind of money that will really make a difference in your finances. These are online businesses and you need tools!

Moreover, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re gonna have to learn it all and those courses cost money too.

But I promise, I will introduce you to a training platform where you can try it for complete free before making a decision, unlike Ecom Cash Bot. Not only will you receive my guide, but also my free 6-day email course.

You’ll have no excuses for failure then, because you’ll have everything that you need at your fingertips, including me as your mentor to help get you the success you deserve.

So sign up for my free guide now and get started on changing your future. Your life in a year could look way more different than what it is now, and it starts with a step. THIS STEP!

Thanks for taking the time to read my Ecom Cash Bot review. Let me know what you think about the program and if you’ve had any success using it if you purchased it. I would love to hear from you, and so would other people visiting my website.

Lots of Love,


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