Ecom Cash Code Review – Are $20K-Months Waiting For You?

Welcome to this Ecom Cash Code Review!

Are you wondering whether this program is a scam or whether it will really help you make the income of your dreams? Is it really as great as Teo claims it is or are you just going to find yourself facing another rip-off? Will you be able to quit your job and make $20k every month or with this program rob you of your money?

I have done all the research for you and compiled everything that I found out about this program in this review. Read until the end if you really want to find out if this program is going to cahnge your life.

Let’s go!

At A Glance

Name: Ecom Cash Code


Owner: Teo Vee

Purpose: Make money off ecommerce

Price: $97

Do I Recommend It?: No…

What Is Ecom Cash Code?

The Ecom Cash Code is supposed to be a highly secretive code that will help you make money online through ecommerce. Everybody knows that making money on the internet through ecommerce is becoming a big, profitable business and a small group of people are able to make money roll in, without doing any of the grunt work.

Teo starts telling you about how hard his life was and how he stumbled across a code that would change the way he made a living forever; this code would enable him to make money each time bought from a particular website.

Teo explains that all you need to do, is follow the code and don’t give up. After a few days, you’ll start seeing results like him. He made $213 the first time he made money using the system. And there are many more success stories from people who have been able to make the system work for them.

No need for any special skills or knowledge, and you don’t even need any money. All you need is an internet connection and the ability to follow the instructions. If a simple dishwasher like Teo could do it, says he, then you can do this too.

So, is Teo Speaking the truth? Will this program really change your life around like it has his, or will you end up just wasting your time and money with this program? Let’s take a look.

Signs That Set Off Alarm Bells

I have to give you the bad news that there are quite a few red flags within the sales video that lead me to believe that you’re not going to get exactly what Teo promises. These red flags are exactly like I have seen before in the sales videos of other scams or low-quality programs. They’re usually there to hide the real picture from you.

1) Just follow the code to $3K+ every week

You can agree with Teo; ecommerce is really becoming big and many people are able to make a full-time income from home that way. But there really is a lot of work that is involved; you cannot expect to just follow a “code” and expect to make money right away. Such a system does not exist.

There is a way to make money where a special “code” is needed, and that is in affiliate marketing; where you get a special link (the code, if you will), that when people click on it and purchase the recommended product, you make a commission. But ecommerce is different than affiliate marketing, so I don’t know what rubbish he is mixing up.

2) No information on how the system works

And the reason that a newbie will not be able to know what the system is about, how it works and how money is made, is the exact reason that you should stay away from it. Can’t you see here that Teo is just being mysterious? That’s a red flag! He does not want to disclose EXACTLY what you will be doing and never demonstrates the system.

With systems like these, the sales videos are always trying to hide something; either it’s the real cost of the system, the fact that there’s generic content inside or it’s the fact that maybe, this product is rehashed from an old scam. Be very vigilant when you’re not given any information on how it works.

3) Fake verification

The verification badges at the bottom of the page only “appear” to show legitimacy, but they mean nothing. Absolutely NOTHING!

You see, it does not even tell us WHO verified the website, which company, when it was verified and so on. This is just an attempt that the scammer is trying to make, to push you to think that the program is legitimate, resulting in you making a purchase.

4) The Testimonials

These testimonials, we’re told, are portrayals of real testimonials by members and Teo even tells you at the end of the program, that he can’t wait to add your testimonial of success with his program on his Facebook page. But when I went to look for a Facebook page, there was none.

Therefore, it’s impossible to verify whether these claims are true or not.

5) EXACTLY the same as another program I reviewed

What I could not fail to notice was that the name of the owner of this program is the same as another that I had reviewed a few days ago and the layout of the website was the same too. So I went back into my archives and found that it was exactly the same as Money Miracle.

I found out that Money Miracle promoted another program called My Ecom Club, due to the fact that the owner of these programs are the same people. So, seeing as the owner of Ecom Cash Code is also Teo Vee, there is no denying that he is using different sales pitches to sell you My Ecom Club.

6) The website URL

Anybody think that the website URL is a little weird ( I looked at some other Ecom Cash Code reviews on the internet and they all seemed to point towards as being the website. I checked it out and it was a broken website/link.

Maybe word had already gotten out about Ecom Cash Code, and thus, the URL was changed? Not sure, but this is a red flag to me. It’s very fishy, because those that keep changing URLs and using independent names for one single company, without giving any indication of affiliation, just means that the owner has something to hide.

The Legitimacy of My Ecom Club

My Ecom Club is a real program that is helping people make money online through ecommerce, so why is there a question mark on its legitimacy? That’s because of the fact that shady sales videos with completely different names (like Money Miracle and Ecom Cash Code) are being used to promote it.

Within the sales videos of both Ecom Cash Code and Money Miracle, there is no mention of My Ecom Club, thus making you believe that these two programs are completely unrelated and completely new, when it fact, they aren’t. And why would Teo, or anybody else for that matter, need to use such shady sales tactics?

That’s because My Ecom Club has grown a bad reputation, although it’s a legit program. I found out that My Ecom Club is operating like another program that was shut down by the FTC, called MOBE, where new members had no idea of the actual cost of the entire program.

Some packages within My Ecom Club are said to be costing upto $40K and unfortunately, some people are being pressured into buying these packages by their advisors (which is what happened with MOBE). There are a ton of complaints on the BBB website, that you can take a look at.

The Realities of Ecommerce

I can tell you exactly how an ecommerce store works because I have been in ecommerce some time ago, before turning to affiliate marketing to make money online. And the reasons that I had to turn away from it, was that there just was too much work!

I know what you’re gonna say; that there is no such thing as making money without some work and that’s true! I know that better than anybody, because it took me quite a few months to really get rolling with making money online, but what I mean is that the kind of work that it entailed, just was not for me, and such, looked like too much work to me.

You see, as the owner of my ecommerce store (I used to sell pet supplies), I had to research suppliers, research products, create a website, add the products, create customized descriptions for each product, offer free shipping (although I was paying for shipping myself to my suppliers), take care of customer service (like complaints, exchanges, returns and inquiries).

I also had to constantly come up with new sales and email my existing customers to notify them of these sales. I had to invest in ads continually to get a new flurry of buyers, which did not even guarantee anybody would buy and so on. It’s too much for anybody to take care of.

But with affiliate marketing, I found that all I had to do was set up my website and write and write and write. Everyday, I write an article that takes me about 2-3 hours (after learning about how it works and with a lot of practice) and I’m done for the day, whereas that would not be possible with ecommerce.

Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam? – Wrapping up

I will leave that decision up to you; do you think that Ecom Cash Code is a scam?

Some people might think it’s a scam, while others might not. Behind Ecom Cash Code is My Ecom Club, which is a legit platform to help people start and grow their ecommerce business and some people have reported to have received their refund within 30 days, as promised, though with much difficulty.

Others might think it’s a scam because you’re not exactly getting what’s inside the program, with Ecom Cash Code coming off as an independent program and with the wild claims that Teo makes within the sales video. Additionally, you should also take into consideration that Teo created separate websites and separate videos, promoting an underlying product with a bad reputation.

At the end of the day, it’s your call to make a decision as to whether this program is right for you, but if you would like my honest opinion, I would personally not sign up for such a program. I don’t appreciate Teo making a fool out of people and misrepresenting the product and lying about the program overall.

A REAL Way To Make Money Online With No BS!!!

Like I said, there’s nothing easier than affiliate marketing. All you really have to do, is pick a topic that you’re knowledgeable or passionate about, write about it everyday on your website, post links to Amazon and once people go through to Amazon to buy the product you recommend, you get paid!

So my best suggestion (from experience) if you really want to make money from home and online, is for you to try affiliate marketing, because it is the easiest way for a beginner to start. You can expand once you understand how the online world works.

Of course, there is a learning curve, but once you go through that and come out knowledgeable enough on the other side, you’re going to find that you’re not even going to be working as much, because the hardest part, is to learn the business itself. The rest, is just writing up about your favourite topics or products.

The best place to learn affiliate marketing, which is also where I learned it, is at Wealthy Affiliate. Now, you may or may not have heard about this program, but let me tell you that it is the #1 Recommended Training Platform by most online marketers. The best part: YOU CAN TRY IT FOR FREE!


And what’s more, is that we’ll be buddies! I’ll be there to guide you and show you the way to the exact methods that I use to make a passive income online. Because you’re gonna be working with a topic that you LOVE, it won’t feel like work… 🙂

So join the program for free and I’ll meet you on the other side.

Til’ then, stay safe from the preying scammers!

Your Friend,


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