Ecom Profit Sniper Scam – Nothing but Empty Promises

The Ecom Profit Sniper scam is just what it is – a scam.

Maybe some people will say that I am harsh with my deduction but I am not the kind of person who likes to beat around the bush.

In this review, I will be revealing WHY the promises that are made within the sales video are EMPTY and why you will not be successful with this program. It is a total waste of your money. I do not recommend it and here is why.

At A Glance

Name: Ecom Profit Sniper


Owner: “Tom parker”

Purpose: Make money with your own Shopify store

Price: $37

Recommended?: No

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Luring Tactics and Red Flags

What I have seen over and over again with scams and low-quality products, is that they use luring tactics to pull you in and make you believe that this type of opportunity is never going to come again.

The few tactics that they use on this sales page, is the flag of the country where your IP address is located; yes, this does change to reflect the country you are located in, to make you believe more than ever that the program is only available there.

Do you really think that a company would do that? They want to make as much money as possible so this would be open to as many people around the world as possible. So for example, if you are located in the USA, you would see an American flag there.

Another tactic they use, is to show names and their incomes underneath the video, to make you believe that people are actually making money with the system. But I will show you how there is NO way that Tom could have had access to see how much anybody is making within their accounts. Where did they get those numbers from?

The next one, is that within one testimonial, somebody explains that she has been using Ecom Profit Sniper for more than 1 year now and she has made half a million dollars within that year. However, when I go to to check when the website for the program was registered, I see November 14, 2017. Today’s date is June 28, 2018.

One year ago, this site didn’t even exist, so how could that woman have used this system to make money?

Another red flag, is that Tom says that you only need to work 20 minutes a day and you will be making $10,000 a week and more than $500K within a year. Programs that give the impression that almost no work is required to make money online and tha the money can be made instantly, are liars. That kind of money CANNOT be made instantly.

One more red flag, is that Tom makes exagerated income claims. Programs that SEEM too good to be true, ARE too good to be true, period. Trust your gut feeling!

There is also no way to verify the income claims that Tom, or any of the other people, make. We can’t even verify that Tom is Tom at all. He could very well be a voice actor for all we know. There’s no picture of him. We can’t find him anywhere online.

What Does Ecom Profit Sniper teach you?

Ecom Profit Sniper claims to teach you how to make use of a secret website that almost nobody is using, to make money online.

And that secret website, is Shopify. To be honest with you, Shopify is not a secret at all. It is actually THE best ecommerce platform on the planet, where you are able to create a website to sell products. And let me tell you that Shopify is used by more than 1 million shop-owners. How is that a secret?

The 1.2 Million customers that Tom tells you Shopify has, is actually the number of shop-owners that use the shopify platform to sell their products. There is NO way to know how many people shop from the websites created on Shopify because Shopify only hosts these websites. See the below.

Customers are not buying from Shopify directly, but from the shop-owners.

That’s also the reason why Ecom Profit Sniper CANNOT know of how much people are making on their respective Shopify-hosted ecommerce stores; because only the shop-owners have access to the back-office of their websites and are able to see sales information.


Ecom Profit Sniper teaches you how to dropship products from your own ecommerce store, to be hosted on Shopify.

When you have an online store, you have options in terms of what products you will sell and WHERE to get those products. You can either buy them wholesale and pack and ship them to your customers yourself, or you can choose to dropship the products.

Dropshipping is when your supplier picks, packs and ships the product to your customer directly.

Pros of Dropshipping

1) No need to keep any inventory (saving in storage costs)

2) No need to pack and ship to customers

3) No need to buy in bulk

4) Can make more products available

5) Can easily scale your business

6) Low start-up cost

Cons of Dropshipping

1) Cannot inspect product quality

2) Cannot prevent mistakes from happening at the supplier level

3) Have to deal with complaints

4) Hard to find reliable suppliers

5) Risk of selling products that is no longer available from the supplier

6) Pressured to offer free shipping to remain competitive when you have to pay for shipping with your supplier

However, do not be surprised when I tell you that the training here is of VERY low quality, nothing that will teach you how to make $2000 within 1 day.

It teaches you how to create a store on Shopify, how to create a Facebook page and how to add products to your shop and different categories. How to select products and suppliers. All this research and the website creation CANNOT take less than 24 hours, let alone start making you money within that time frame.

To be making money on an ecommerce website, you need paying customers. There are a few ways you can reach your customers but the main ones are by engaging in SEO and paid ads. While Tom promises you to teach you how to effectively target your audience with paid adds, it is nowhere to be found.

Result; you CANNOT make the amount he claims you can make WITHOUT being able to reach customers. The claims he makes are all hypes to sell you the dream, and ultimately, the program.


The program itself is not that expensive, at $37. But I still do not think that it is even worth it. What he teaches can be found for free on Youtube even, and will take you through all the steps faster than this program.

The $37 is a one-time fee, but I must say that he conveniently left out the information on the monthly fee that you have to pay to be able to host your ecommerce website on Shopify. The most cost-effective plan is at $29.99 per month.

Shopify has a FREE trial for 14 days but you HAVE to upgrade to the $29.99 plan afterwards to be able to keep and work on your website.

He does not teach Paid Ads to you, although he promised he would in his sales video. Even if he did, he fails to mention that it costs at least a few hundred dollars per month when advertising using paid ads. At first, you will be wasting a lot of money in trial and error, especially if you are new to it.

He does not show you at all how to get FREE traffic or how to maintain your website for the long term.

One additional fact worth mentioning, is that the income he claims he makes, is purely based on the SALES that came in. Therefore the $44K monthly he flashes at you, is not even the NET income.

He fails to explain that you have to subtract your monthly fees, cost of other tools, the cost of paid ads, as well as the cost of paying for the products and shipping from the total amount of sales each month (for the NET income).

How sly!


I stand with my initial deduction – that Ecom Profit Sniper is a scam, It is VERY misleading and does not teach you everything that you need to know to make money with your own ecommerce store.

Tom does teach you how to create a store, add products and how to create your business Facebook page and coordinate it with your shop, but without any paying customers coming to your website, there is absolutely NO income to be made. The income claims are exagerated, and there is no way that you can make $2K on your FIRST day of doing this.

Also not telling you about the other costs involved in this business is making you believe that the only investment you need to make is the $37, is misleading. There are monthly costs associated with a Shopify account, not to mention that you need to keep spending in paid ads every single day in order to see any money come in.

You are better off actually just SIGNING UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL WITH SHOPIFY and going through the resources that is available to you there. They are much more helpful than what is within this program.

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Here’s an alternative!

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I hope to see you on the other side and to help you with your online business journey. I am a very active member on the platform and you can ask me questions directly when you need help.

I hope you found this review helpful. If not, please leave your questions in the section below. If you have ever been a Shopify shop owner, please share your experiences, as it will help our viewers here make an important decision. Tell us what you like, what you dislike, what it takes, any tips and tricks you can share with us will be welcome.

Cheers to your success!



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