El Bandito Review – TRUTH REVEALED!

I want to congratulate you for landing on this El Bandito Review, because you’re actually one of the very few who is actually doing their research on a “seemingly” good program. Because, let’s face it, there are just too many scams and low-quality programs online that are are NEVER worth your money.

So if you’re asking yourself if El Bandito is a scam that is just going to suck up your hard-earned money, or wondering whether this is a program that can really change your life, you’re on the right website and on the right review.

There are quite a few things that are just not right with this program and I will go over everything that I found out and will explain what will and won’t work. I will also tell you if you’ll make money with this program and how much you can expect to make.

By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether this program is suitable for you. I also want you to know that DO NOT promote this program so this is going to be an unbiased review. I’m not going to bribe you with bonuses to make a sale. I just want to show you the truth so you can make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

El Bandito At A Glance

Website: ElBandito.net/El-BanditoNow

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong, Anthony Mancuso

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend This?: NO! There are better alternatives!

What Is El Bandito?

Brendan and Jono’s programs are usually hyped up anyways but when I saw the sales page for El Bandito, I had to laugh out for how UNREAL the income claims were; make $419 per HOUR? That too, only working for 1 hour? It had to be a joke.

They also tell you that this program is supposedly perfect for newbies, you don’t need any tech skills, you can get free traffic on demand, which is NOTHING new with these guys. If you look at my review of their other programs, like The Secret Weapon and The Profit Factory, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I always get skeptical when they make such claims.

That being said, their programs have always left much to be desired and I’m hoping that this one is going to step up their game. All the products they release, are just the same things rehashed over again. Sure, they have new tips and unique twists on them sometimes, but it’s NOTHING regular affiliate marketers can’t figure out.

And let me tell you that these guys will always tell you that you can make easy money NOW. They’ll never tell you of the struggles and hurdles that they had to overcome as newbies. They want to make you think that it’s so easy to make money online and make you feel like a fool for missing out.

It’s not your fault for failing; it’s the fault of THESE people and GURUS. They give you unrealistic expectations of how the online world works so you can give them your money. When you find out it’s not as they say, you give up, bringing yourself back to the vicious cycle of buying another useless product.

Something Weird Is Going ON!

What would be a sales page without income proof? Without any income proof, there’s no telling whether a program will work as expected, right? And of course, they provided the proof…

Except that the proof dates back from between 2006 and 2018!!!

I was absolutely shocked that this is the kind of proof that Brendan, Jono and Anthony, such renowned affiliate marketers, would show. This really puts a bad taste in my mouth about their program already and I’m so disgusted!

They’re supposed to show you how to make $416 PER HOUR with a method that is CURRENTLY working and what they’re showing you here, are income claims over a span of OVER A DECADE, that supposedly made them $1000 within that time span. There’s NOTHING great about that!

They show you NOTHING about making $1000 within a day, which is what you would expect right?

These three guys are just trying to con you with this program. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing EASY about this program and it will definitely NOT make you rich within a few hours of work. Now I know that the program definitely will NOT work as advertised.

How El Bandito Works

It’s not complicated to understand how El Bandito works; all you’re really doing here is creating a funnel to your affiliate offer, starting with an opt-in page to add subscribers to your mailing list. You would be using their methods to drive traffic to this opt-in page, which can be free or paid.

Each time somebody buys through your funnel, you make commissions. This is called affiliate marketing. What they’ll also teach you is how to get to 100% commission instead of the usual 50% – 75% but it was no secret to me even before I signed up for El Bandito; you’ll simply need to BUY license rights to resell. DUH!

The free methods of driving traffic are really mostly focused on social media and forum marketing, which is NOT going to take an hour of work. Take it from me, who has been doing affiliate marketing for close to 14 months now; it’s not as easy as these guys claim.

And if you want results faster, they’ll push you into BUYING traffic, which is risky if you don’t know what you’re doing a.k.a if you’re a newbie! These guys KNOW what they’re doing and I know from experience, that their training does not go as in-depth as you would think.

Realistically, how much content can you really expect with $12.95? I was impressed with the number of videos, but I was not impressed with the QUALITY. They were only a few minutes long at best and really did not go into great detail. Like many of their other programs, this leaves much to be desired.

You’ll also learn about email marketing, after collecting your subscribers, which I think was decent training. This is how they make most of their money. They have MASSIVE lists, including Anthony. So it’s no wonder he was able to make $419 within an hour.

Do you have a list or a following though? If not, then you CANNOT expect to work for an hour and expect $400 profits within the same day. If you’re a newbie, it’s going to take much more time and much more work to reach the level that Brendan, Jono and Anthony are at.


As if the deceit of the income claims and the low-quality training was not enough, they HIDE the fact that there will be upsells within this programs, as well as PAID TOOLS that you’ll have to invest in, without which, there is no hope of becoming successful.

I admit that these tools, like Aweber for example (an autoresponder for email marketing) are legit tools, but I’m particularly annoyed at the fact that they don’t disclose the $12.95 is only to TRY the initial training stages and that it did not include the tools that you would need.

The upsells themselves can cost you over $300 if you opted for each and every one of them and add your other tools, such as Aweber, a website, maybe Clickfunnels to create your funnels, as well as paid ads to drive traffic to your opt-in pages, and those will cost you additional hundreds of dollars a month.

By hiding the truth from you, they’re hoping that they’re going to squeeze the $12.95 from you, also that you’re going to buy more into their upsells. And even if you don’t, they still have your email address to bombard you with other useless programs.

How the heck are you supposed to make an informed decision with all of this hidden information and costs? This is a BUSINESS! What successful businessman makes decision based on incomplete information or corrupted data?

The answer is NONE! So why should you buy this program without knowing all the details? That’s something Brendan, Jono and Anthony should answer.

Is El Bandito A Scam?

In my honest opinion, even if I have such a negative point of view of the program, I still don’t think it’s a scam. Believe me, there are MUCH worse programs on the internet than El Bandito and MUCH WORSE people that these three guys, so rest assured that if you were to implement what’s taught, that you could make money.

However, I don’t feel comfortable recommending this to you, because the sales page is SO hyped up and the claims made are totally unrealistic and NOT typical.

Additionally, they have the guts to show you income proof that dates from 2006 until 2018, that showed sales in the thousands for those programs, which does not prove much for such a long time period. If those were reduced to months, weeks and maybe even days, the $419 per hour would make more sense.

And also don’t forget all the costs that are associated with running such a business and the time that it will take you to put everything together. Sure, an online business takes time to establish anyways, but working for only one hour and making $419 for that one hour of work, is just a ridiculous claim, specially for a newbie.

Even if this works, I would not want to give these LIARS my money and wouldn’t want to become their affiliates, promoting their programs, in order to help them rob unsuspecting people like you. I think that there are better alternatives out there that you should consider, not to mention MORE COST-EFFECTIVE alternatives too.

If you were considering this program, I urge you to reconsider. I STRONGLY advise against getting this program. You would be putting yourself in a PIT!

Wrap Up – A Better Alternative!

I mentioned again and again that there are better alternatives on the internet, and it would be unnatural to end this article without actually giving you a legit and cost-effective alternative, right?

The way that I make money online is affiliate marketing just like these guys, but the method of driving traffic to my offers is different than theirs. All I really do everyday, is spend a few hours typing up articles and Google sends me visitors and buyers for FREE. Each time somebody buys through my link, I make money.

This is much like how YOU got to my website today. You searched for a term, stumbled and clicked on my website and got to this article FOR FREE! And I didn’t pay a dime to get you here either. But rest assured that the program that I actually recommend, is one that has taught me how to make passive income online.

I don’t recommend programs that are unethical or that are misleading like El Bandito. If I just wanted to make money, I would have promoted the heck out of EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM that I could make money from. But as you can see, that’s not how I roll.

Anyways, I can introduce you to the program that I used, for completely FREE and you’ll have access to step-by-step training, tools are included for your use, as well as a community of successful entrepreneurs at your fingertips (including me) who are ready to help you at a moment’s notice.


And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to make a comment about your experiences with El Bandito, don’t hesitate to them all in the comments section below. I always reply… 🙂

In the meantime, stay safe from these people like Jono, Brendan and Anthony!

Your Friend,


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