Review – [Warning] Fake Website That Won’t Pay! review

In this honest review, you’re going to get all your questions answered.

So if you’re wondering whether EsjVideon is a scam, whether it is legitimate and whether or not you can really earn with this website and cash out, I’m going to let you in all of the secrets that this website holds.

You’re here probably because you’ve been scammed before or maybe because you’re cashing out and you’re not sure whether they will actually release the funds or not.

I just want to congratulate you on doing your research because there are all kinds of scams these days that not just want your money, but some other valuable stuff. So here me out on this one because I found a few red flags you should know!

EsjVideon At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Watch videos to earn money online

Price: Free to join (but it will be costly later)

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scammy website that is looking for your personal data to sell it to other scammers and it will make money off of you when you try to buy referrals, something that is unacceptable!

What Is EsjVideon?

EsjVideon is a GPT – or Get-paid-to – website that claims you’ll be able to make the big bucks by watching videos online. I’ve taken a look and it looks like some of those videos even pay you $20+ per view!

That’s some pretty big money! If it took you 1 hour to watch one video, that $20 per hour that you could make, which is more than the minimum wage in America!

So if you think about it, many people in the USA could basically quit their jobs and sit at home, watching videos for a living for 8 hours, and make even more than what their regular jobs would pay.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but the truth is that I’ve already reviewed some websites on that are similar to EsjVideon and they are NteVideon, VriVideon and ApVideon. They looked exactly the same and worked the same too!

That’s why I believe that the person behind those is also behind EsjVideon and nobody has gotten paid from those other websites. That’s why I also believe you won’t get paid either.

But even if I hadn’t seen this website before, I would have already picked up on the red flags and I would have already known that something was just not right here; and that’s the fact that EsjVideon pays WAY above the average for watching videos.

That’s why you gotta also listen to your gut feeling because it won’t ever deceive you! If in doubt, just don’t sign up and always look for a review, like you’re doing right now.

Sometimes, it’s a complete waste of time to sign up and TRY because others might have already done it before you, right?

And this is exactly what I want to show you today; and that’s the fact that I’ve already tried this and it does not work and does not pay out!

How EsjVideon Works – Cashing Out Process

I signed up using fake information on the EsjVideon website and I started watching videos. From what I was able to understand, the longer the video, the more they pay. So yes, a $20-video really took me about 40 – 50 minutes to watch.

I tried to also cash out but there was a message that appeared that said I needed to have at least $100 accumulated before being able to cash out, as well as 200 minutes of watched video.

There weren’t any other requirements. So I watched enough videos to add up to $100 and 200 minutes.

Okay, you caught me! I didn’t really watch those videos. I just let them play as I did other stuff around the house. I occasionally just had to come to check whether the video was over or not (I had it on mute) and to choose other videos.

Finally, after about 4 hours, I made it to $100.50 and tried cashing out. But the truth is that there was another message that popped up that said that I needed at least 30 referrals in order to cash out as well.

Well, that’s a red flag because why weren’t all the requirements laid out in the first requirements message? I found this really weird and shady.

But then, what’s weirder is that they allowed for people to sell their referrals further down the page. So instead of putting out referral links, I could buy referrals and meet the 30 minimum referrals requirement and cash out.

However, it does not make any sense to have referrals up for sale, and that too for so cheap!

On their FAQs, EsjVideon say that you’ll get paid 40% of your referrals’ earnings, which means that if people are able to earn $100 per day, like I did really easily, then I would get paid $40 per referral.

So how are others able to sell 50+ referrals for only $15?

If somebody had 50 referrals and each referral made $40 everyday, that’s a daily income of $2000! It would make more sense to keep the referrals rather than sell them, right?

So my hunch is that those aren’t really users trying to sell their referrals. This is different usernames that the scammer behind this website created in order to make you think like there are people selling referrals.

So that when you buy those referrals, it will make the scammer money behind the scenes. That’s how the scammer makes money and is probably the main aim of the EsjVideon website.

Other Red Flags Revealed!

1) Unknown creator

If you’ve read my reviews before, or seen my on Youtube, you have always seen that I check up on the creators of the programs/websites that I review. Knowing the creator will help you know more about whether a website is a scam or not.

And in this case, unfortunately, there is no detail about the person or the company that created this website. Because of that, the website is most probably a scam or low-quality.

I say that because I found the same red flag when I was reviewing scams and other low-quality products. This gives the scammer an edge because it allows him to create multiple scammy websites without being caught or sued for it.

And the other websites, like VriVideon, ApVideon and NteVideon are perfect examples of this!

That’s why when nobody gets paid, nobody is able to shut down the scam or to sue the creator for the time they wasted on those websites. So beware of websites where the creator is hidden.

2) Lies on creation date

Scrolling all the way down, you’ll see something like “2006 – 2020”. This usually means that the website has been around since 2006. But WHOIS tells a completely different story.

WHOIS is telling us that the website has only been around for a few months as it was created earlier this year. Take a look below.

So as you can see, they are lying to you! And that’s never a good thing! I would rather a new website tell me honestly they are new rather than trying to gain my trust by lying to me. If they can lie about this, they can lie about anything.

Especially since you can’t confirm who the creator is and whether or not he has a track record of keeping his word.

But anyways, he lies to you about the inception of the website because he wants you to trust the website and sign up. Websites that have been around for a few years tend to be legitimate and that’s what he wants to make you think.

But I have serious doubts!

3) No transparency about requirements to cash out

That’s another problem. EsjVideon is not upfront about the requirements to meet in order to check out. And if that’s the case, then you have no idea what you need to work towards and won’t have an idea of when you’ll be able to cash out.

Most GPT websites will tell you upfront in their FAQs of the requirements and even if EsjVideon chose to tell me of them when I was trying to cash out the first time, I would accept it.

But the fact that they don’t tell you about ALL of them in one go makes this very scammy and I have a hunch as to why they don’t tell you about the second requirement until after you meet the $100 threshold.

That’s because it’s a mind game. They want you to reach the $100 so that when comes the time to spend money on the referrals, $15 – $20 won’t seem like much because you’re going to make $100 in return.

Well, you won’t ever get back the money lost in paying for referrals and you won’t get your earnings either.

4) Get rich quick scheme

The only people that get rich in a get rich quick scheme is the scammer himself. You, the member or the user of the website/program will never get rich.

That’s because scammers will try and sell you a pipe dream that they never intend to make real. And people who believe that getting rich quick is possible on the internet are the ones who are going to fall for these empty promises.

How do I know this is a get-rich-quick scheme? Well, I take a look at whether this kind of work will really yield that kind of payment. And like I already mentioned earlier, EsjVideon claims to pay way too much for this kind of work.

It’s like getting paid $30 for being a McDonald’s cashier. You see how absurd this sounds?

Is EsjVideon A Scam?

I think you already know what I’m going to say. Yes, I do strongly believe that EsjVideon is a scam and that it is a complete waste of your time and your hard-earned money.

It’s really hard for me to think of anybody who’s still willing to give this a shot after I’ve given you all the red flags and listed the stuff that don’t add up or that don’t make sense.

You have to see that the creator of EsjVideon is a scammer here. He is looking to either gather your personal information to sell it to others, without regards for your privacy or he is looking to make money when you try paying for the referrals.

The business model does not make any sense since no Youtuber would pay for such an expensive service. Usually, even if a video view pays $1, that’s not what the service provider would charge the Youtuber pre-view.

$1 would be the cut you’ll receive, but the provider needs his cut too. It would cost 10 – 50 cents more. But even then $1.50 makes sense for a long video, but $20 per view makes no sense at all.

That’s why I don’t believe that there are customers paying EsjVideon at all and therefore, EsjVideon has no money to pay you. But they wouldn’t create the website for fun, right?

That’s exactly why I had the hunch that the way that the scammer is making money here is via the “referrals exchange” section of the website. Those who don’t question it and don’t stop to try and make sense of it all will fall for the scam.

I won’t ramble on, but here are my reasons for calling EsjVideon a scam.

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Thanks for reading my EsjVideon review and I hope you’ve learned something from my review. Also please remember to leave a comment below if you’ve had any experience with EsjVideon. It will help others avoid the scam.

Lots of Love,


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