Ewen Chia’s 10 Minutes Cash Review – Make Money in 10 Minutes?

I have been coming across a lot of Ewen Chia’s systems and because I know that you are looking for answers as to whether they will be helpful or not, I’m writing these reviews.

Let me tell you that I have not been impressed with any of his systems so far, so I have a feeling it’s going to be the same for
this one.

In this 10 Minutes Cash Review, I will go over what this system is supposed to help you with, what’s inside the member’s area and also whether the training within will help you achieve the reason you want to join. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of whether it will be worth it for you to invest your money in this system.

At A Glance

Name: 10 Minutes Cash

Website: 10MinutesCash.com/go

Owner: Ewen Chia

Purpose: Make money online doing email and affiliate marketing

Price: $17

Do I Recommend it?: No… Find out why below

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What is 10 Minutes Cash?

According to Ewen, the reason that most newbies fail is because they try to push themselves into to many markets and avenues, trying to make a lot of money, but what that really does is waste time and deplete savings.

He explains that if this has happened to you, then you should not give up hope yet, because the reason you failed was that you didn’t have the right system. You need a system that is already making easy cash daily in order to see results.

And he has just the thing for you; not only will you make money easily, but you could make money in as little as 10 minutes. It’s the same system that he has been using to generate hundreds of dollars per day.

It’s amazing that you don’t need any experience, technical skills, domain names, a website, creating a product nor an email list. Yet, his system is so powerful that you are supposed to be able to earn so easily from it and make a full-time income from home.

What 10 Minutes Cash Really Is

10 Minutes Cash uses an affiliate marketing system, hand in hand with email marketing, to help you make money online. If you’re not  familiar with affiliate marketing, you can read more about what it is HERE. But in brief, affiliate marketing means you referring a buyer and making a commission off the sale.

Email marketing is when you send various promotional emails to your contacts within your contact list, so that when they purchase a product within your promotional emails, you make a commission.

When you get inside the training system, you will be introduced to these two concepts of making money online, which I can say is how Ewen also makes money. You’ll learn how to create a ClickBank account, how to find your unique affiliate link and how to promote those links in your emails and on social media.

You do also receive banners and other email swipes to use in your online business. You won’t have to create any of these, which could require the use of software that you may not have.

Again, this has failed to impress me because I have seen this kind of training before. This program will only benefit you if you have a large social media following as well as an email list. If you are a newbie with no following and no list, then it will be close to impossible to making money in just 10 minutes.

Ewen’s History

Ewen sure is a successful affiliate marketer. He even goes around the world, conducting seminars and conferences around making money online. He is a real person and creator of online courses, like this one, and he does not hide his face or his name, like so many other scam artists online.

However, I must say that I have yet to come across a good enough product created by Ewen. His other systems, like Autopilot Profits, Fast Track Cash and Copy Paste Income all failed to impress me. They were too hyped up and misleading.

When it comes to making money online, Ewen does not lie to you when he goes through his history of failing online for years on end. Let me tell you that this is usually what happens when you don’t have a proven system to follow. But this also shows you that it takes time to make money online.

Business is business be it online or offline and therefore, it takes time to break even. In other words, it will take some time to see profit. Ewen knows about this but chooses to draw your attention to the fact that he has created a system that will supposedly help you “skip” over the hard work.

I’m here to reveal to you, that this is simply not going to happen. There is always more work entailed than is originally promised in his systems and it takes longer to make money too.

The Income Proof – Should You Trust It?

I actually recognize the income proof as being from ClickBank, because although I don’t promote every single product from this marketplace, I do promote some of them that can actually help my audience, such as Affilorama and Affiliate Promo Formula.

That being said, I am very familiar with the income proof that Ewen shows you.

I don’t have a doubt that he can make thousands of dollars a day; he is a successful affiliate marketer and has tons of courses on sale through the ClickBank marketplace. Sure, it shows that he is doing something right, but it also means that we cannot be sure of whether he is earning all this money being an affiliate marketer, a course vendor or both.

The ClickBank income proof shows the TOTAL income made from affiliate sales as well as from his own system sales as a vendor, and let me tell you that he is the creator of many different courses, most of them sold through ClickBank. So looking at the income proof alone is not a reliable criterion to use to determine whether 10 Minutes Cash works or not.


– Creator does not hide behind a fake name like so many other scams/systems

– Some legit training

– Decent tools to use for an online business

– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

– Affordable to Start


– Misleading claims about making money in 10 minutes – It’s possible but not the norm. So it’s unreasonable to use this statement.

– Upsells – you don’t get access to the whole system with a single fee

– No information on how the system works, no sneak-peak – You don’t know what you’re buying until you get inside the system.

– Not suitable for beginners, as promised in the sales video

10 Minutes Cash Review – My Final Thoughts

I don’t think that 10 Minutes Cash is a scam, but it didn’t blow me away either for me to recommend it. To me, the training is just lacking for $17, because just anybody could start affiliate marketing by creating a ClickBank account and watching some Youtube videos.

You won’t get anything outstanding or any different than what you could hear or learn for free on the internet. I simply don’t think that the system is worth it for $17.

Although he is a real person, it does not mean that he really cares about people’s well-being or user-experience when going through the training. There are lots of misleading claims and misleading information that shows that he only just wants to sell the system to you and make money off of you.

That being said, I repeat that I do not recommend 10 Minutes Cash. I have a better alternative for you below.

The BEST Alternative to 10 Minutes Cash

Yes, even I have heard that “the money is in the list” and think it important to start building a list to be able to profit from as you grow your online business, but the greatest asset that you can have online, is not a list.

It’s a website!

That’s because owning a website on the internet is like owning real-estate property, only it’s on the internet. With each passing year that goes by and the more work that is put on the website, the more increase in value it will have. And yet, this is not taught within any of Ewen’s training.

But my affiliate marketing training program teaches you how important your website is, and as well as guides you on when to start an email list and how to additionally monetize your website in different ways that bring in more money for you. It goes more in depth than 10 Minutes Coach.

Not to mention that it is completely hype-free, BS-free and scam-free!


Learn MORE About This Training Platform Here!

I really hope that you give it a shot, because it is free to start. That’s right! No payment information is required at set-up!

You’ll also get me as a coach and mentor, which means that you can contact me when you are stuck and need help at any time of day and night! Learn to make money from somebody who has seen the success!

Hope to see you on the other side!

Your Friend,


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