EZ Passive Paydays Review – Is It Worth The Time And Money?

Welcome to this EZ Passive Paydays Review.

I have to congratulate you on landing on this review and doing your research because as we both know, there are just too many scams on the internet that promise big money and yet, fail to deliver. What if EZ Passive Paydays is the same as the others?

Is it a scam that is going run with your money? Does it really work as advertized? Will you make money from the methods taught? Can you quit your job after going through the training? Those are very good questions that I will be answering within this review.

NOTE: I do not promote this program. So you can be sure to get an unbiased review from me, unlike the other affiliates of the program that just want to promote it for money and bribing you with bonuses. That’s NOT how I roll.

EZ Passive Paydays At A Glance

Website: EZPassivePaydays.com

Owner: Anthony Mancuso

Purpose: Make money from Pay-Per-Call offers

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend It?: Nope…

What Is EZ Passive Paydays?

Ez Passive Paydays is advertised as being 100% newbie-friendly that uses a method within affiliate marketing, that you have never seen before. It is completely brand new. He says you can start making money right away, the business is easy to set up and you’ll be making money all from free traffic.

If you’re a newbie who has never made any money online before, or you’ve tried other programs and failed such that you don’t really know what it takes to make money online, this would seem like an amazing offer. But believe me when I tell you that it’s not going to be as “EZ” as Anthony claims.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online and it works. I know that because that’s how I make a passive income online myself. And I can tell you that you’re NOT going to make money right away using ANY free traffic method.

To make money online, just like any other business, you either have to invest a lot of TIME to make the business work, or you have to invest a lot of MONEY so others can do the work for you. If you have NEITHER, then nothing’s gonna work and you’ll end up making no money.

In my opinion, the sales page isn’t as hyped up as many of the other make-money-online programs, so that’s a good sign. It doesn’t make any CRAZY claims, except that you can make money right away. Let’s take a look inside to see what the program is about.

How EZ Passive Paydays Works

Isn’t it just SO convenient that Anthony does not give us any hints or peeks about what the program will teach? I just hate it when these program creators do that because there is NO way for anybody to make an informed decision. How the heck are you supposed to know if the program is right for you?

But anyway, that’s why I’m here; to explain it all to you.

The traditional way to do affiliate marketing is to recommend programs or products and give people a special link through which they can purchase what you recommend. Each sale made will result in a commission for you.

What Anthony wants to teach you though, although similar to affiliate marketing, is called Pay-Per-Call. You still have to refer people through a special link, but those referrals do not have to BUY anything for you to make any money. What you’ll need to encourage your referrals to do, is to make a call.

This time, it’s not the LINK that will be tailored to you, but the PHONE NUMBER through which these referrals make the call.

The services you advertise can be for anything at all; banking, loans, insurance, plumbing, real estate services… anything at all. For each call generated using your unique PHONE NUMBER, you make a firm amount, for example, $5 per call. If you’re able to get 10 people to call per day, that’s $50.

Pretty cool concept.

The Training And Tools

Inside, you’ll get access to 9 Modules. The great thing about the training is that it is in video format, which makes it easier for you to learn and understand the training and the process. Some modules only have one video while some others have multiple videos. So you can expect around 20 training videos.

Yes, the training is step-by-step; you are taught how to find the offers to promote, how to find keywords through a keyword too called Power Suggest Pro, how to choose your niche and how to create your very own website and optimize it, which were good.

There was also a video on how to add content to your website but I found that it was inadequate. Content is the most important part of a website and you have to know exactly how to use your keywords within your content in order to get ranked.

There’s also a whole module on Backlinking, which if done WRONG, can get your website penalized in the search results. And what do you know? Anthony actually teaches you about PBN (Private Blog Network) Links, which is a purely “black hat” SEO technique. It’s a no-no!


A backlink is just a simple link from one webpage to another between different websites. Say you and I both have websites and  I have a link to your website from mine, I would be “upvoting” you as being an authoritative website with trustworthy information. The more of these backlinks your website has, the more you’re going to rank.

These used to hold a lot of weight a couple of years back and websites were BUYING backlinks in the hopes of manipulating the search engines to rank them higher. Yes, there was a loophole but it got closed off once Google and the other search engines caught on.

Backlinks do still hold some weight now, but not as much as they did before. The search engines will now know where you’re linking your website from if you PURCHASE backlinks and your website will be penalized and won’t rank anymore. I can’t believe something as dangerous as this, is being taught in this training.

Free Traffic – What Does It Mean?

Free traffic can be gained through a myriad of different ways and seeing as this program started off with a keyword tool and building your own website and writing content, I was really hoping that the module on getting free traffic would have been a more in-depth explanation of SEO and how it worked.

I would have been even more excited if it was training on how to create and post videos on Youtube, SEO for videos, amazing thumbnails to attract clicks and so on, because Anthony is an avid and very successful Youtuber.

But what it ended up being, is the same kind of training as other programs that I have bought into before that goes into social media like Facebook, Twitter, and some others. It really looks like there wasn’t a lot of work done in this section.

Don’t get me wrong; social media is very important for the success of an online business, but it only comes through hard work promoting your business through these avenues. You won’t become trusted right away. It will take you months for you to get constant, or increasing traffic to your website this way.

Making money online the right way takes time anyway, be it through SEO or getting traction through social media. It’s normal. But don’t believe Anthony when he says you can make money right away with his program. It’s just not going to work that way.

UNDISCLOSED Costs To Consider

Anthony made you think that all you’ll need to invest to get access to the WHOLE program and to start making money, is the $12.95. In a perfect world, that would have been great but unfortunately, that’s not how online business works. Geez, a little disclosure of the TOTAL cost of running this kind of business would have been welcome, Anthony.

1) Website and Hosting

Anthony does NOT provide you with domain registration and hosting for your website with the initial $12.95. He suggests getting your domain from NameCheap and your hosting from BlueHost. Nowhere on his sales page does he disclose you even NEED those things, does he?

Additionally, they cost you quite some. The domain name will cost you $14 – $16 per year, which isn’t at all bad, but the hosting will cost you $130 minimum for the whole year. Sure, that’s not bad, but Bluehost is known to jack up the prices for renewal every year such that it may even be tripled sometimes.

But you want a long-term business, don’t you? So either eat up the renewal prices after a year or pay $200 – $300 upfront RIGHT NOW for a couple of years of hosting and God only knows what the renewal price is going to be after that. Either way, the prices are gonna go up.

Some people might come right out and tell me that a website is imperative for an online business to work and that you need investment in an online business, which I completely agree with, but my point is that these costs should have been disclosed on the sales page so people can make an informed decision.

2) Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool is important for SEO and for getting ranked well within the search engines and the keyword research tool he suggests is called Power Suggest Pro. It does NOT come free but at a price of $57. Again, this is not a bad service, but these extra prices should have been disclosed before.

Additionally, he could even have suggested FREE alternatives, such as Google Keyword Planner or even the Bing Keyword Tool, which he actually does not do. Power Suggest Pro is a ClickBank product, which forces me to believe that Anthony is an affiliate and wants to make MORE money when you buy it.

3) Upsells

The upsells are a big issue because you are led to believe that the whole program is only going to cost you $12.95, when that’s not the case. There are actually upsells within the program that will cost you quite a bit;

1) Outsourcer Rolodex – $27

Now I know why he didn’t go into detail about creating content for your website. That’s because he is hoping that you’re going to buy this upsell to be able to outsource the work to other people. This is a list of freelancers that do different things, including blogging, videos, ad banners and so on.

2) “Done-for-you” WordPress Website – $37

This is a plugin that Anthony created that you can activate and install in the back-office of your website that will give your website a finished and professional feel, instead of you having to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and work through trial and error.

3) Reseller License – $97

This upsells will allow you to resell EZ Passive Paydays to others and retain 100% of the revenue generated.

Is EZ Passive Paydays A Scam?

After all, that’s been said about this program, I don’t think that EZ Passive Paydays is a scam.

The training started out pretty well with helping you select your niche and how to go about looking for offers. I even really liked the steps he shows you about creating a website, although I don’t like his suggestion of using BlueHost as a hosting service.

I was very happy with the training until we came to the module about backlinking, that involved getting backlinks to your website in a way that is actually going to harm more than anything. This is what I would consider OUTDATED training because it used to work once, but not anymore.

I was disappointed with the FREE traffic training module as well, that involved social media like Facebook and Twitter, and I wouldn’t recommend the upsells to a newbie because I believe you should know what you’re doing first before you try and automate things through outsourcing work and getting a plugin.

I also think that there should have been honest disclosure of the expected cost to run such a business because clearly, somebody who only had $20 to invest won’t have $200 to make this work.

Though this program is not a scam, I don’t recommend it for the obvious reasons I discussed.

A Better Alternative To Online Passive Income

Do you know what you need to become successful in ANYTHING? You need training to learn about it, you need the tools to perform the job effectively and you need the support and feedback to know that you’re on the right track.

And unfortunately, with EZ Passive Paydays, there was some missing training and a part of it was outdated, you were introduced to tools but they were EXPENSIVE and there was NO support whatsoever. So what would your chances of success have been? ZERO!

On the other hand, I can introduce you to a platform that has training, tools, and support, all integrated within ONE place. It’s the same one that I used and was able to become successful as an affiliate marketer today.

The best part is that it is free to try so even if you feel like it’s not for you, you can walk away without losing any money whatsoever. There’s also a paid version, but you don’t have to worry about that unless you REALLY are serious about taking your business to the next level.


What’s more is that you’ll get personal access to me should you need help or feel stuck anywhere in the training. And say, I’m not available for some reason, you can most certainly turn to the others within the community 24/7. They’re super helpful.

I really hope you try it out because you won’t find a better platform than this, and especially not with a free trial. Everyone else wants your money FIRST. Not us. 🙂

In the meantime, if you have any questions about EZ Passive Paydays or making money online in general, please feel free to leave your comments below. I love hearing from you and I always reply.

Your Friend,


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