EZBucks Review – Scam Or Legit? 5 Red Flags To Consider

EZBucks review - Scam

Welcome to my honest EZBucks review. I say honest here because I’m going to tell you things as they are, without trying to convince you to sign up to this program. That’s because there are too many red flags.

If you’re seriously considering this program, then I must congratulate you on doing your research before actually signing up. I know it’s free, but even free programs could put you at risk and I will prove it to you in this review.

There are a lot of claims made by EzBucks, but know that at the end of this review, you’ll find yourself wondering why you were even considering the website in the first place. It will also make you wonder how some people can live with themselves, knowing what they are doing to others.

But enough with this rant. Let’s get down to business.

EZBucks At A Glance

Website: EZBucks.co

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Complete tasks and surveys, and refer others to earn

Price: Free (But can cost you dearly!)

Do I Recommend EZBucks?: Absolutely NOT! The program will get you to sign up because they are looking to gather your personal information. Additionally, there is a history of non-payment to members with similar programs. It’s a scam!

What Is EZBucks?

EZBucks claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that will pay you big in order to complete small tasks, like surveys, installing mobile apps and even referring others to the platform. What’s cool is that you get paid a whopping $35 just to sign up.

Well, the truth is that I’ve seen similar websites before. They also claimed to work the same way as well; getting paid to refer others and completing small tasks, and getting paid a LOT to just simply sign up.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of any of them before, but here are a few;

1) Referral Pay

2) Viral Market

3) Tap 2 Earn

4) OG Dollars

5) Notion Cash

6) Rain Money

7) Influencer Cash

8) Paid Nova

And so many more!

And what I’ve found out with those other programs is that they were all scams. So it’s not very reassuring that EZBucks works the same way and that it is being related to the others, right?

Even if it was the first time that I was seeing EZBucks, I would be suspicious. That’s because when you compare it to other well-known and legitimate websites like Swagbucks, it has a big red flag!

The one red flag that is so obvious is the amount that they are willing to pay you to sign up with them for free. It’s $35 here when with Swagbucks, it’s just $5. So that makes me wonder whether they are serious.

If it was so easy to make $35 online, then a lot of people would have already claimed to make their first dollar online, But what we are finding is that people are actually struggling to make any money, right?

So what’s the catch? Hmmm, there’s quite a few of them, I’m afraid.


How EZBucks Works

You’ll agree with me that the most important thing for a business is to make sure that they are making money. And in order to do that, we need to look at the business model. If the business model works, then the biggest worry is eliminated.

But unfortunately with EZBucks, it does not look like they have a solid business model at all. It seems to me that if everything that they said is true, then they will soon go bankrupt… or it simply means that they are lying to you.

You see, although EZBucks does not disclose how they work, I have created a fake account and signed in to understand. And what I found was that it works similarly to the other scammy websites I mentioned earlier.

They say that you’ll earn by having others click on your referral link, referring others to the platform and completing tasks and surveys.

1) $2 per click on your link

2) $30 per referral

3) $40 per task

All that looks really good but have you wondered how much money EZBucks must be charging other companies PER TASK, in order to be able to pay out so much AND pay its employees, maintenance and make a profit?

That would need to be between $70 and $100 PER TASK that they would be charging companies, which is insane when you compare the payouts to Swagbucks for example, where the payout is only a few cents to a few dollars per task.

It’s impossible for any company to want to do business with EZBucks when there are WAY more cost-effective and well-known programs out there.

I definitely think that with this business model, that either EZBucks will go out of business if they are speaking the truth, OR actually not pay people if it’s all a lie. And what I think is that this is all a lie!

The Red Flags – Reasons To Avoid EZBucks

1) Unknown creator

One thing that I always look for when websites claim to be able to help you make a ton of money online, is the creator of the program. That’s because you want to know whether this person is real and reputable.

You want somebody who knows how the online world works and who keeps his promises. You don’t want to partner up with somebody who is lying all the time and who actually does not know a thing.

Well, unfortunately, there is no information on who actually created EZBucks, just like the other scammy websites I mentioned earlier. And that’s a big red flag.

That’s because the reason creators usually remain hidden or anonymous is due to avoid being sued or recognized. People will eventually get to know they are being fooled and would want to sue them, right?

And if they created other programs that don’t work once again, they would not want people to recognize them as the scammer that they are, so they don’t disclose who they are, period.

Because if they had nothing to hide and they were telling the truth, actually showing their face would give them more credibility, right? But if they’re doing something wrong, they definitely wouldn’t want people knowing who they are.

2) Low credibility – Only a month old website

EZBucks, unlike many other of the similar websites, actually does not tell us when they have been created or launched. So, I use WHOIS to let me know when the website was registered. That’s the creation date of the website.

And what we find out is that this website is only 1 month old! It was only registered on Feb 20, 2020.

The problem with this is that new websites are not at all trustworthy because they have not yet established a positive track record. When that happens, I would definitely wait for some more time before joining, to see whether they are legitimate or not.

3) Hard to believe they paid over $6.7M in 1 month

Now that we know when the website was created, it struck me as very odd that EZBucks was already able to pay over $6.7M to its members.

I mean, that’s impressive considering that a legitimate website like Swagbucks has been in business for 11 years and has paid its members over $250M, which works out to be about $1.9M per month.

How the heck does a new website like EZBucks pay $6.7M in their first month alone, that too being WAY less popular then Swagbucks?

I really don’t think that this is possible to be honest and realistic. That’s just a big bluff and it does not make much sense.


4) Fake income proofs

Another thing that I realized is that we can actually find out whether the income proofs on the EZBucks website are fake or not. I noticed that the income proofs were all dated. Since the website was created in Feb 2020, all income proofs should reflect dates AFTER that, right?

Well, that’s not the case unfortunately. Just take a look at some of the below proofs. The dates are all PRIOR to the date that EZBucks was created.

So what we can conclude here is that this is another lie from the website. The income proofs are all fake and probably photoshopped. They have actually never paid anybody.

5) BBB Warning Message

Since the owners of all of the websites that I mentioned earlier, including EZBucks’ creator, are all anonymous or hidden, and since the website layouts and how they work are all the same, it is same to assume in my honest opinion, that the same person or group of people is behind all of these scams.

And that’s why the BBB’s message is important because it is specifically for Notion Cash, which is a website that is similar to EZBucks. This is what the BBB had to say.

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

And you can read it in full HERE.

But basically, it’s free to sign up and the payout is promised to be so high because EZBucks wants to lure you in. They want your personal information, things like your name, your email, your address, phone number and date of birth.

With this information, which they can gather through the installation of certain apps and surveys, they can hack into your online accounts, like Paypal or online banking, and might even steal your identity.

They could even sell this information to other spammers and hackers who would do the same with your information.

So even if it is free to sign up with EZBucks, the consequences could be really steep.

Is EZBucks A Scam?

I think it is obvious, with all of the points I made in my review, that EZBucks is a scam. With all of those red flags and evidences, it’s hard to imagine that anybody would still think that it is legit.

I mean, even the business model does not work and makes no sense at all. If they are not making enough money to stay afloat, how on earth are they going to pay you?

More over, the testimonials and income proofs have all been proven fake. So how anybody trust EZBucks anymore? It’s easy to see that they just won’t pay anybody.

Then, there’s the fact that even the BBB has investigated a similar platform and deemed it a scam. They also advised us that EZBucks is only looking to profit using your personal data. Why would you freely give it to them?

And it’s not the first website that has created such a program. There are so many of them on the internet and not ONE has paid its members. They have most probably been created by the same person.

If that person hasn’t paid anybody in the past, what makes you think that he will start paying you now?

Well, we know that he won’t because he would be losing money, right?

So the bottom line is that I believe EZBucks is a scam.

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