FameCash.co Review – Fake Influencer Network That Won’t Pay!

famecash.co review

Were you asked to join FameCash.co and are looking for more information on how it works? Maybe even on whether it is real? Whether it pays out? Whether it’s a scam or a legitimate website to earn online?

Then you’ve come to the right FameCash.co review because unlike many of the people promoting this website, I will actually tell you the whole truth about this website. I’ve seen it before and that spells bad news!

The ones I’ve seen before were full of lies and red flags and moreover, there is a history of non-payment. That’s why I decided to write this review today to warn you about it.

So if you’re looking to make an informed decision on whether FameCash.co is worth it, this is the place where you will get all the truthful information.

FameCash.co At A Glance

Website: FameCash.co

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and completing offers

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam. It will be a total waste of your time because you’ll be doing all this work and they will end up NOT paying you. The truth is that they are after your personal data, which they will use to scam further scam you!

What Is FameCash?

FameCash is supposed to be the #1 Earning Network on the internet where you could share your referral all over social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok and get paid for it!

You could make $50 simply signing up and $10 per person that you refer to FameCash. You even earn $2 per click that you get on the link and so, it’s quite possible to make some good money with this website.

However, that would only be true if FameCash wasn’t similar to some of the websites that I’ve already reviewed in the past, then it would have been great. But they all turned out to be scams! Take a look at the list;

1) Referral Pay

2) Cash For Share

3) Notion Cash

4) EarnBucks

5) Earn And Go

6) CashCrates

So as you can see, the websites are similar, they’ve got almost the same claims, they’ve got the same layout, they’ve got the same people in the testimonials saying the same things. Even the proofs are the same, with different logos.

My hunch is that FameCash is going to be the same as those ones and what’s bad is that all those others that I’ve reviewed actually have a history of not paying people. So the possibility of FameCash not paying you is VERY strong.

So why would you trust them? There has to be a catch. And on top of that, there are some serious red flags you should consider.


How FameCash Works – Or Does NOT Work!

In order to know how a website works, you need to actually sign up, right? Which is exactly what I did. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t use my own personal information. I’ll explain why soon.

But basically, when you get to the dashboard, you are given a breakdown of how much they pay you per task, getting clicks, referrals, putting out a Youtube Video or posting on another social media platform.

And to be honest, they seem to pay REALLY high, higher than a lot of the other competitors. Here’s a breakdown of what they pay for each:

1) Refer Friend – $10

2) Clicks – $2

3) Complete surveys – $50

4) Create Youtube Videos – $30

5) Download apps – $45

Though that might sound really good for you, you have to look at the full picture. Paying you more means charging those affiliated companies more for the same service that could be done for cheaper with another website, like Swagbucks.

Those only pay a few cents! When have you ever seen a survey pay you $50 each on Swagbucks? Well, that’s a real problem for FameCash because nobody would want to do business if that is how much they are charging per task.

Who would want to pay that, considering that those affiliated companies could just pay a few cents for the very same task on better-known and more reputable websites?

And guess what? If they’re not getting contracts because of their pricing, then they have no money to pay you, because there’s no money even coming in the first place.

And not to mention that they ALSO have to pay you for signing up, your clicks, your referrals and even their own employees. Where’s all that money coming from? What I believe is that FameCash just never had the intention to pay anybody.

The Red Flags To Consider – Serious Ones

1) Unknown Creator

The first thing that I always look for, and my regular readers will know about it, it’s the creator of the website. Because in order to really know whether you can trust what he is saying is true, you need to know who they are.

How else would you be able to confirm his identity, his history and his reputation?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no information on who created the website and so, it is uncertain whether what they say is the true or not. And whether they will also keep their promises or not.

Most of the time, creators that hide themselves behind their computer and the internet are scammers because they know that eventually, you’ll learn about it. They don’t want to be recognized when they are caught for creating another program.

Moreover, they don’t want to be fined, else all the money they make will go down the drain. How can you trust anything they say? They could be lying to you about anything at all and I will prove it to you.

2) Lie about when they were launched

The longer a website has been around, the less likely that it is a scam. For example, my #1 Recommendation has been around for 15 years.

So that’s why I think that FameCash is lying to you about when they were launched too, just so you would believe that they have been around for a long time and that they’re not a scam.

They say they’ve been around since 2015 but I was able to find out that the website was really only created on May 02, 2020. Just a look below!

As you can see, this is the first lie that is being uncovered and yes, there are more! So that’s why it’s really important to also KNOW who you’re dealing with and who created the website you want to work with.

Doesn’t this lie actually make you trust FameCash even less? They should just be upfront about when they really launched. It’s obvious that they are out to scam people. Else why would they lie?

3) Fake payment proofs

Another big lie is the fact that those payment proofs you see are completely made up! You see, we just now discovered that  it’s only been a month since FameCash was created and there happen to be dates on the payment proofs.

And unfortunately, all of those dates are prior to the creation and launch of FameCash. Just take a look at some of these proofs and pay attention to the dates on them.

You can now see that those dates are completely made up. Either that, or those were repurposed proofs used from some other scammy program, where they photoshoped the images to add the new FameCash logo to it.

The point is that whatever they did, there is no way that anybody would be able to make any money from a website that didn’t even exist.


4) Fake testimonials too!

Not only are the payment proofs fake, but so are the testimonials found on the main home page of FameCash. What you need to know is that those same testimonials are found on some of the other similar scammy websites I mentioned earlier.

And they say the EXACT same things as well!

Moreover, one of the testimonials say that they’ve been with FameCash for over a year now, but again, we know that the website has only been around for 1 month. So how could he have been a member fo FameCash from before that?

Again, there’s no way that anybody could have worked on the website, referred anybody there, nor made any money from doing all that work. It’s all lies! More of them!

5) Address confusion

If a website or a business is legitimate, then they should know about where they are located, right? They should know at least from which country they are operating from.

But unfortunately, I found out yet again that they were lying. On the Contact Us page, they say that they are located in the Netherlands, and on the About Us page, they say they are located in California, USA.

So what’s the truth?

To me, it looks like the person behind FameCash just created so many scammy websites that he forgot to change this information when he copied and pasted the information from another scam to this one.

Doesn’t it look like that now?

6) BBB Warning

Remember how I mentioned a few similar websites to FameCash earlier? Well, the BBB website actually tried to prove whether Notion Cash was legitimate or not. And the truth is that it wasn’t.

They tried sending out a letter to the address on the Notion Cash website and it was returned to the BBB, undelivered. This proves that the address on that website was fake. Moreover, there were also a lot of complaints of non-payment.

What makes you think that the creator behind these websites will start paying out with FameCash? He just won’t!

The only conclusion that the BBB could come to was that they were using the promise of high pay to lure you in and then to get your personal data. They could use your information for anything at all.

They could use it themselves to steal your identity or sell it to others who would do the same or even send you spammy and scammy emails that look so real, you end up giving up your banking information.

For more on this, you can CLICK HERE to read it all on the BBB website.

Is FameCash A Scam?

I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. Yes, FameCash is a scam and you should avoid it. The truth is that there are too many lies that I’ve discovered to make it a trustworthy website.

First of all, you now know that FameCash is associated with so many different scammy websites that I’ve already exposed. Being similar to them and having the same red flags as them is simply bad for the reputation of FameCash.

Moreover, you have the fact that the creator remains hidden and never shows himself. You have the fact that there are so many lies about when they were launched, the payment proofs and even the testimonials.

And what about the address? A REAL business knows where it is located, right? How could anybody trust a website where the creator lies to you about their address? It’s so obvious seeing as they give contradicting information on the same website.

Then, there’s that BBB warning about a similar website that could have been created by the same person behind FameCash. There’s just no reason to trust FameCash at all.

If anything, the number of lies really just pushes me further away from wanting to promote this website. And the lack of REAL income proofs is really worrisome. They claims they have hundreds of thousands of members, yet, no payment proof that is easily verifiable as true.

So FameCash is definitely a scam.

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Thanks for reading my FameCash review. Please also share with us if you’ve had any experience with FameCash. If you wer scammed, share your story because this could help a lot of the visitors to my website realize it’s a scam.

Lots of Love,


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