Fast Cash 5 Review – Shocking Truth Revealed!

Were you looking for a Fast Cash 5 review to see whether the program is a scam or legit? Are you wondering what you’re going to learn within the program? Are you considering getting the program in order to make some fast cash to alleviate the financial burden?

Well, congratulations on doing your due dilligence and landing on my review, because I will go all out and tell you everything that I have found out about the program. This review will answer all the questions you might have and will lead you in the right direction of what to expect with Fast Cash 5.

Just a note; I do NOT promote this program so you can rest assured that this review is going to be completely unbiased and that I will be completely honest with you. SO read until the end if you want to really be able to make an informed decision.

That being said, let’s get started on with the review… 🙂

Fast Cash 5 At A Glance


Owners: Anthony Mancuso/Paul Nicholls/Ronnie Rokk Smith

Purpose: 5 ways to make money online

Price: $4.95+

Do I Recommend it? NO!!!

What Is Fast Cash 5?

I gotta be honest with you and tell you the reason as to why I was so intrigued by this program; it was the name of the program itself – Fast Cash 5. This indicates that the program is claiming to be able to make you money fast and as for the number 5, it could either mean working for 5 minutes everyday or 5 methods that would work like that.

When I took a look at the sales page, there it was; Anthony promised to reveal 5 methods to making money online that, in his experience, he could just work on and make emergency money within 24 hours. He claims to have been able to make $187 within his first day, using free traffic only.

Apparently, all you needed to do was follow the 3 steps outlined for each method and you would be good to go;

Step 1 – To choose one of the methods

Step 2 – To follow the set-up instructions that would take you 60 minutes

Step 3 – Check your paypal account for the money coming in.

All you have to do afterwards is rinse and repeat the process to make even more money. Sounds simple enough, right?

The problem with these sales pages and these so-called gurus, is that they want to make you think that their method is so easy that it’s a no-brainer. They make you feel stupid for not knowing what the method is and push you to then buy their programs.

The truth is that such a method of making money online does NOT exist. If it did, I would have already found it by now because I review a LOT of make-money-online programs. From my experience, I can tell you that these people are lying to you.

There must be a reason why people are still struggling to make ends meet, that they keep trying to find a way to make money online and keep failing and there must also be a reason that people are still stuck at their day-jobs, no matter how much they hate it or complain about it.

The reason is that it’s not so easy to make money online and it won’t work as advertised by Anthony on this sales page.

What’s Inside The Member’s Area?

When you sign in, you’re going to find 5 videos, one each for the 5 methods that you’re going to be taught. I prefer video training because of the fact that most people are visual learners and it is easier to see what the instructor is doing on their screen and follow along.

The videos are not short, mostly between 30 – 45 minutes, so that’s a good thing. The 5 modules are as follows:

Module 1 – High-Ticket Launch Jacking

Module 2 – Affiliate Pay-Per-Call networks

Module 3 – Craigslist and Gum Tree Arbitrage (Fiverr)

Module 4 – Authority Review Site Strategy

Module 5 – The Near Me Nomination Method

Even if the videos are long though, I just don’t think that it’s got enough information to really help you start earning using any of the 5 methods. Where step-by-step instructions were promised, that’s not really the case with the videos.

From my perspective, all that’s included are “IDEAS” for you to consider. These ideas are by no means new to the online world and many people are already making money with either of those 5 methods. The videos only give you general information, pros and cons and all that, just so you can make a decision on what you’ll like to learn more about.

The sales page is HEAVY with promoting the 5 methods as being FAST CASH generating when that’s not the case. You learn about affiliate marketing, freelancing and more, but none of these are fast ways to generate money. They all require several months to start seeing results.

There’s a lot to learn in each of those areas and a video of only 30 – 45 minutes is not going to be enough to cover everything that you need to know, such as how to get started, where to find resources, pros and cons, do’s and don’ts and what process to repeat in order to see results.

What I noticed is that most of these methods also require some sort of website or even an email list, which as a newbie, you will NOT have. So this training is definitely NOT geared for the newbie and is NOT for those who want to generate fast cash online.

Like I said earlier, making fast cash online does not exist, not for a newbie.

The Upsells – Are They Worth It?

Now that we know what’s in the main training, I want to discuss the upsells. Yes, that means that you’ll need to pay MORE to get to more content. This is just a way to make more money for the creators.

After looking through the main training and finding out that the videos are all low-quality training, I am forced to the conclusion that the upsells are a REQUIREMENT to make any money from the methods taught. Though I don’t mind upsells, I don’t approve of the fact that the extra cost for the upsells is not disclosed on the sales page.

There are 3 upsells;

Upsell 1 – Fast Cash 5: Done-For-You Campaign – $27

These are done-for-you campaigns that you can apparently “copy and paste” to profit. However, I am not a fan of copy-and-paste methods because everyone who gets the upsell will be copying and pasting the same methods. It won’t be effective and unique and you won’t stand out from the crowd, making it hard for you to make money.

Copy and paste methods also don’t give you a chance to learn how to create the campaigns yourself so you are stuck with using the same campaigns over and over again. This could work for a short period of time but is definitely NOT a long-term method.

Upsell 2 – 3X Your Profits Traffic and Training – $37

This upsell will supposedly give you training on how to get traffic to your offers and my hunch is that this will involve paid traffic. That’s nothing bad, but if you don’t have money to test out different campaigns and thousands of dollars to invest in optimizing a campaign that works, then this upsells won’t do you any good.

That’s why paid methods are not encouraged for newbies, because it is so easy to burn money fast, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. I never recommend starting getting traffic with paid methods.

Upsell 3 – Reseller Rights – $97

Reseller rights give you the ability to sell a product as if it were your own and make 100% of what you get. So if the product costs $50, you get $50 per sale. Similarly, this upsell gives you the right as an affiliate marketer, to resell Fast Cash 5 to others and to cash in on 100% commissions from each sale, including the upsells.

Although this sounds great, this upsell is useless for a newbie because you don’t know how to promote it properly. The training does not go in-depth with teaching you how to get traffic, so if you get this upsell alone, you’ll be wasting your money, unless you are already an affiliate marketer.

This could be worthwhile if you are willing to get Upsell 2, but again, think about the amount that you’ll need to dish out in paid traffic, which is not recommended.

Is Fast Cash 5 A Scam?

As much as I want to scream out and say that Fast Cash 5 is a scam, it really isn’t. The reason that many people will not think that it’s a scam is because of the fact that you are getting something for your money. Additionally, there is also a money back guarantee, where you could get a 100% refund should you be unsatisfied.

However, it does not mean that I recommend it or approve of it. On the other hand, I would actually ask that you avoid these gurus and their programs at any cost because all that’s going to happen, is you losing money and them making money.

The marketing tactics are downright disgusting; they want to prey on people that are already in a tight spot financially and who are genuinely looking to make their lives better using the Internet. But these gurus, knowing themselves that it’s not as easy to make money online, are making promises that they just can’t keep, for the sake of money.

But then, we also have to think about it; we’re only paying $5 for this training and cheap training won’t really make you hundreds of dollars a day. Just don’t fall for the trap that money can be made easily on the internet and you will most probably not fall for any similar programs and/or scams.

The bottom-line is that I do not recommend Fast Cash 5 and that you should avoid it.

My Way To Passive Income REVEALED!

I will tell you exactly what I did and keep doing, to be able to make passive income online. This is not going to be hyped and I’m not going to play around. I’m going to give you the exact details on my online business and how I run it to make money online. I love transparency so that’s what I will offer you.

The way that I made money online is affiliate marketing and how that works, is for you to promote a product and for each sale that is generated, you make a commission. Now, it’s not going to need you to chase and force people to buy. That’s not how we roll.

The way that I go about this, is typing up articles everyday that takes me 2 – 3 hours and make sure that I include important keywords so Google, Bing and Yahoo can send me visitors and buyers for free, and I also make sure to include my affiliate link so that I get paid each time a sale is made through it.

That’s it!

Of course, it’s easier said than done. I want to set realistic expectations; there is some learning if you want to be successful in this industry and you’re not going to make money within your first day or week. It takes time to learn the industry and to apply what you learn. Being a newbie, you’ll also make some mistakes.

BUT.. what if I told you that I could make the process easier by introducing you to the platform that I personally used to kick-start my online journey? FOR FREE? After all, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing when I started and I’m now able to make money from this method.


You’ll get all the training, the tools and the support you need before you even pay a dime! Yes, there is a paid membership but you never have to upgrade if you don’t want to. That way, you can try the platform and even walk away without losing ANYTHING if you feel like it’s not for you.

I would highly recommend that you sign up for free to try it out. There’s nothing to lose! I’ll see you on the inside.

Please also feel free to share your experience with Fast Cash 5 if you bought it before. I would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions at all about making money in general, please use the comment section below. I would love to help you out.

Your Friend,


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