Fast Cash App Review – $22K In Your First Week?

Welcome to this review of Fast Cash App.

This is a new program on ClickBank that I have come across and it looked interesting (it has Fast Cash within the name) so I decided to look into it and to write a review on it, just in case anybody was looking for more information. It looks very promising, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, there just are too many scams on the internet and it is easy to fall into the scammer’s traps, so congratulations on actually doing your research before investing into a program that could only “look” good and might actually not deliver on its promises.

Is it possible to make money online? Of course! Is Fast Cash App gong to help you with that? Let’s take a look!

Fast Cash App At A Glance

Website: FastCash.Click/Invitation

Owner: Robert Fisher

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: NO!

What Is Fast Cash App?

My first impression of Fast Cash App was that it was overhyped and that it looked like a get-rich-quick scheme. I was instantly skeptical and had a bad feeling about the program.

Robert boasts being able to help you earn $22K within the first week using the app and to be honest with you, this was the most ridiculous claim that I have EVER come across with the 14 months experience that I have reviewing make-money-online programs.

Additionally, telling you that you could start making money TODAY with only 25 minutes and 14 clicks didn’t make sense either. Being in the online space for so long, trust me when I tell you that it will NOT work as easily as he claims.

There is actually A TON of work to be done and time investment needed for you to earn that kind of money. Either that, or you’ll need to invest a phenomenal amount of money upfront to see such income within your first week, which is not ideal for 90% of people looking to work online.

He keeps telling you that all you need to do is to copy him and his system to start making money in record time, and a lot of it. But I’ve come across a lot of systems that make it sound like that’s all you’ll need to do, but trust me again on this. It’s only when you’ve lost your money to them that you’ll know how many lies you’ve been told.

All I saw through the video, was Robert trying to sell you on a DREAM and ultimately, the program. There’s nothing wrong with that, if the expectations are set right. However, he just wants to tell you what you want to hear and to show you what you want to see, just to make money from you.

Based on my experience of how the online world works and on the almost other 200 reviews on this website of make-money-online programs, I can tell you right now that this program is not going to be as advertised.

The Red Flags

Apart from the overhyped video and exaggerated income claims, there are other red flags to consider. And unfortunately, they’re very similar to other scams that I have exposed.

The first thing to consider, are the unverifiable income proof claims made by Robert. He tells you this guy made this and that guy made that, but it’s just too easy to make those claims WITHOUT actually showing you any proof. How reliable is he without any proof?

Additionally, don’t you find it so weird that this program would make $1M within your first year of online business possible, promising you a small investment of $37 to make that happen? If you had such a secret, would you sell it for only $37? I know I wouldn’t! It just seems too good to be true, right?

And what about the fact that there is no need for any special skills or experience? Do you really believe that you could sit back and relax after copying his system for 25 minutes, to then earn you a profit of over $2000 for your first day of work? Again, it just sounds too good to be true!

Just think about it! Where is all that money coming from? Are you doing anything illegal? Are you robbing others to make that money? What products are you offering? How does the program work? I mean, all these are questions that Robert does not really answer.

The best for last; who is Robert Fisher? Sure, I can accept your answer as being “the creator of Fast Cash App” but then, do you have any proof? You will NEVER be able to convince me or anybody else, that this Robert Fisher is a real person. For all we know, he could be a fictitious character created to promote this program.

Because to be honest with you, there are many creators of such programs that just create useless programs after useless programs, just to make money off of you. And with each new program, they change their names, while it could be a rehashed scam under the surface.

But you would never find out until you actually buy it and lose your money to them, right?

More over, it bears great resemblance to a program that I reviewed some time ago called Smart Cash App, that I exposed as a scam, and that also featured a Robert Fisher. The name of the program sounds almost the same and the name of the creator is exactly the same.

What are the chances of that?

How Fast Cash App REALLY Works

There was ONE sentence that stood out at me, and that was when Robert said that he makes money when you make money, without taking any of your earnings. And with that, I knew exactly what the program was aimed at; showing you in some way or another to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting a program or product to others and when you make a sale through a special link given to you, you make commissions off of the sale. Easy enough to understand.

What he probably wants you to do within the program is to promote your special link of Fast Cash App to others, maybe on social media, forums or even Youtube videos, so that you can make sales. When you make sales on memberships for Fast Cash App, you’ll earn a commission and Robert gets the rest.

Affiliate marketing is actually a legit and very lucrative way of making money online. I know because that’s how I’ve been able to make a passive income online. And it works for me because I only promote programs or products that will HELP my readers and visitors.

But the problem here, is that you would become part of the scam by promoting Fast Cash App to others. In my experience, no real user of Fast Cash App will make any money because Robert just wants money in his pocket. The only ones who will REALLY benefit from the program, is Robert and his affiliates.

And you’ll be losing as a user of the program.

In my opinion, if you’re going to be making money this way, it’s just best to choose to promote a legitimate program that actually works, because guess what will happen; that person who bought the scam thinking it was legit, will never trust you again in the future and some time, you’ll be found out and your online business will come to ruin.

Is Fast Cash App A Scam?

Whatever you think, whether Fast Cash App is a scam or not, is irrelevant at this point, because there are just too many red flags within the program that I have uncovered. Even if it sounds good, you know it’s really TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

The claims of being able to make $22K within your first week, with little to no work and little investment, is really attractive but if it was that easy don’t you think that it would have been the talk of the whole internet right now? Why are people still stuck at their day jobs and still complaining?

That’s because you need either time to work on your online business or you need huge investments that almost nobody can afford. You cannot have neither, because nobody is going to give you free money.

And Robert being involved with another program that almost seemed like a scam to me, is not good news either. Some people might think that it’s fine to promote the program to others and to make money that way, but can you really live knowing that you’ve made tons of money SCAMMING people?

I know I wouldn’t! It’s unethical and a complete no-no for me, because I believe that the trust of my readers in me and my online reputation is much more important.

So the bottom line, is that I do NOT recommend Fast Cash App. You should avoid it!

Wrapping Up – Here’s My Recommendation!

You already know how I feel promoting JUNK so I just want you to know that the program that I recommend you try is going to be completely legit. I know it’s legit because I have been part of the same program now for 14 months and I’ve also earned a passive income using the methods.


If my goal was to ONLY make money from you, then I would have sold you Fast Cash App and every other crap on the internet. I wouldn’t have revealed my identity, risking my reputation, just like that Robert Fisher, who is fishing for your wallet and your credit card.

No, what I recommend here is a program that is completely free to join so that you can try it out risk-free. I won’t lie, there is also a paid version, but you can upgrade when you want to and IF you want to, meaning that you can remain a free member forever. No pressure!

It has the training that you need, adequate access to tools as well as support while you try it out to see if this is what you’d like to do. I personally found the program to be a life-changer! I never thought I would learn so much about making money online and to be able to actually live a laptop lifestyle.


Additionally, you’ll get direct access to me for your questions and I’ll be sure to hold your hand through the entire journey. I’m a Top 100 member, so rest assured that I know what it takes to become successful.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please list them below in the comment section. I always love hearing what you have to say and share.

Your Friend,


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