Fast Home Sites Review – Is It A Scam Or Will You Really Make Millions?

Fast Home Sites review

Welcome to my honest Fast Home Sites review.

Have you been seeing a link to this program floating around or maybe you received it in an email? The latter is what happened to me so I decided to take a look into it.

And to tell you the truth, as soon as I looked at the website, I knew that it was a scam/low-quality program. I will be explaining why so in this review.

So read until the end to find out what’s so bad about it and why you should be staying away from it.

Fast Home Sites At A Glance


Owner: “Jake”

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: It’s either a scam or low-quality product, so NO!

What Is Fast Home Sites?

How did I know that it was going to be a scam or a low-quality program? Well, the website looks exactly like other programs that I have reviewed before. Take a look: Your Dream Websites and Quick Home Websites.

But anyway, Jake explains that he created your brand new money-making account with the click of a button and he will show you how the account starts making money for you, live. He says he is different and won’t sell you million-dollar dreams.

And yet, he is showing you his bank account with millions in it. He even said that he made $10M in 4 years. Doesn’t that make $2.5M in a year, on average? So why is he lying then?

He even says that he will hand over the very same websites he used to make that kind of money, to you. All you have to do is sign up to grab the websites and your brand new account, or else, risk losing this opportunity forever.

He does all the work for you so the platform is newbie-friendly. All you have to do, as per Jake, is make sure that the money is pouring into your account. Sounds easy enough and it’s such an attractive offer, right?

But guess what the other three websites say? The exact same thing!

The truth is that making money online requires learning and practicing and giving it a lot of patience to grow and start making you profits. There’s no such thing as making money at the click of button. Believe me, I’ve been online for almost 2 years.

Additionally, I’ve reviewed over 300 programs. If things like that existed, I would probably have found it by now. You would be wasting your time and money joining get-rich-quick programs because they only benefit the creator and his affiliates.


Unfortunately, even if you wanted to see what was inside the program, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time and money on it due to the following red flags. These also common red flags to look for if you suspect a program is too good to be true.

1) Jake – Who Is He?

Does he not have a last name? He also does not share any pictures and does not talk directly with us by filming himself. There’s no way to see if he is real on social media or using any other methods.

Are you just going to trust a stranger who is unverifiable with your payment information? I wouldn’t.

That’s because this is a common tactic that I’ve seen being used to promote so many scams and low-quality programs. They actually won’t give their real names and will not show themselves because they create scam after scam.

They would then change their names with each scam created so as to remain anonymous and for us not to be able to recognize or associate them with other scams.

How do you even know he knows what he’s talking about? How do you know he’s not lying about everything else? You can’t know, right?

So the simple thing to do is to stay away from the creep!

2) Multiple Programs – Same Video

You might be thinking, “Okay, it’s the same video being used for multiple programs, but why does it matter?” Why is it a red flag?

Well, that’s because the original NAME of the program has already been tainted by negative reviews. And why is it getting negative reviews? DUH! People have tried it and haven’t actually found success with it.

So what does “Jake” do? He uses the same sales video and just changes the name of program. I’m also sure the inside of the members’ area is going to be the same, and the training too.

“Jake” is trying so desperately to cover the negative reviews by using another name, so that as soon as the program is released, there won’t be any negative reviews written yet. That way, he can still con a few people and make some sales.

My point is that, if the original program was so good, then why not re-promote it or create ads for it and boast about how long the program has been around? You see my point?

Bottom line is that any of those programs just won’t work!

3) Brand New Money-Making Account

Do you really believe that “Jake” has created a new money-making account for you, at the click of a button? Be honest!

You probably thought that it was too good to be true, right? Well, you were right. The account he has created for you actually does not exist. And do you know why?

That’s because in order to create an account for you specifically, he would need all your information; your full name, your address, your email, your password, your payment information and so on. But he don’t got that info, right?

So this can only mean that he is bluffing. Believe me, there won’t be an account inside the members’ area waiting for you.

I know, bummer, right? We would have paid $37 and gotten $175 in return, but “Jake” isn’t gonna fool me!

4) Disclaimer

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the sales page, there will be a snippet of text. And part of it is in the snapshot below.

What can you see? It says that the typical purchaser actually does not make ANY money using the system. Now do you wanna take the risk of investing $37 and NOT make any money?

Additionally, Fast Home Sites is not even the program name mentioned there, it’s “The Easy Internet Plan”. Looks like that disclaimer was just copied and pasted and “Jake” forgot to change it for his next scammy website.

Pretty boring to look at disclaimers but they sure can be informational, right?

How Does Fast Home Sites Work?

The whole program is about teaching you how to make money doing affiliate marketing. And how do I know that? Well, he says that he oddly makes money when you make money, right?

First things first, if you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, it is a way of making money online that will have you promote other people’s products in return for commissions when you make a sale for them. At least that’s legit.

The vendor collects the money and pays you a percentage of it and that’s what Jake will be doing here too.

But what product are you promoting within Fast Home Sites? It’s the program itself because guess what? You promote the program for him, you make commissions for sales you bring in, and Jake is also making money.

You’ll just be buying the rights to reselling his sales page.

He gives you some squeeze pages, some lead magnets and some pre-written emails to use to lure people into getting the program but the most essential part is missing; there’s barely any training on getting traffic to the offer.

Think about it: you could have the most attractive website in the whole world and your products could be the best at the lowest prices, but if you don’t have people seeing these products, you won’t make sales.

Compare it to an actual, physical store; you have the biggest and most attractive store and the best products and even at great prices, but your store is found in the REMOTEST part of the world where there isn’t foot traffic.

How many sales are you really gonna get?

Is Fast Home Sites A Scam?

You can answer this question is a few ways, depending on your perception and understanding of a scam.

Some people will not call it a scam because you are actually getting something for your money, even if it’s not as good. Additionally, Fast Home Sites is also sold on Clickbetter, which has a 60 day money-back guarantee.

If you could get your money back then there isn’t really a financial risk. So it couldn’t be a scam, right?

But others might say that it is a scam because of the misleading sales video and sales page and due to the promises not being fulfilled, no matter how much you follow the training. The missing training just leaves too much of a gap.

I do not think that it’s a scam personally, but it does not mean that I recommend Fast Home Sites. That’s because for the amount that Jake wants to charge you for it, that you can get much better value.

And who would want to support him by getting this product? He is definitely not trustworthy if he is lying to you from the very beginning, right? What kind business relationship would you have with this guy?

The number of red flags and being associated with the other programs I mentioned are also a turn off for me. The fact that we do not know who Jake is will lead to our loss.

And for the $10M that he made? Who can really prove that affiliate marketing is how he made money? For all we know, it could also be from scamming people with those other program, as well as this one.

And the method of executing affiliate marketing here is NOT the best way to do it.

So all in all, I do not recommend Fast Home Sites. It is a waste of money.

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Thanks for reading my Fast Home Sites review. Have you purchased the program? Have you made any money with it? Does it work as advertised? Share with us!

Lots of Love,


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