Fast Profits Online Review – Is FastProfits.Online A Scam?

Welcome to my Fast Profits Online Review!

I stumbled across this promotion on Clickbank and was really curious to know what it was about. It boasted to help me (as an affiliate) to make upto $420 per sale. I wanted to dig deeper to find out what it was about.

Now, you must have across Fast Profits because somebody promoted it to you. I just want you to keep in mind that the main reason people would do that, would be to get you to buy so they can make money. $420 is a lot of money on the table for sure!

Many Clickbank affiliates are not as considerate as to be upfront about what this program really is about. Most of the time, they don’t even KNOW what it’s about or how it works. They never even bought the system.

But I’m not an affiliate of this program and I’m not promoting it to you. What I will do instead, is tell you everything that I have found out about this program so that you can make an informed decision.

Fast Profits Online At A Glance


Owner: Michael Carson

Purpose: Make money doing ecommerce

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No.. I think it’s a scam!

What Is Fast Profits Online?

Looking at the hypey sales video and the sales page, I already had a feeling that this review was not going to be a positive one. As expected of Clickbank make-money-online programs!

Michael claims that he has a system in place that will allow you to work for only an hour a day and be able to generate upto $1700 every single day. He was able to change the lives of 237 other people and they have all been able to generate $20,000 each within 3 weeks.

And the method that he wants to teach you is ecommerce. You can make that kind of money with this method even if you are a newbie with no experience and no skills and have never made money online. It’s so easy to follow and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

That all sounds great, but did you stop and think that if it was that wasy to make money online, that people would have flocked to ecommerce already? There would be no such thing as “employees” and banks, retail shops and other physical stores and other businesses would all have shut down by now.

It takes time to make money online and is not as easy as Michael pretends. All he is doing here is filling your head with your own dreams of financial and personal freedom to push you to buy his system. He shows you all those vacation spots to make you drool over it and make you want it more.

But keep your head on! Don’t take off towards the clouds yet, because I have yet to expose this thing!

Why I Think It’s A Scam

As with many other programs that claim to be able to help you make money from home, as well as to grant you the financial freedom that you are looking for, there are red flags that you need to consider.

These are red flags because I have found the same tactics used within various other make-money-online programs and yet, don’t deliver on their promises.

1) Michael – Who is he?

Have you noticed that apart from a sob story, that Michael did not even show you what he looks like? He does not show you how he is enjoying his money. He does not even show you the vacation spots he’s been in and so on.

And additionally, the photo he used of himself, is a stock photo.

So what can we conclude here? A few points: that Michael isn’t who he is and that he might actually be a scammer in disguise. You see, by remaining anonymous, scammers are able to get away with the money that they steal from people because nobody is ever able to find them and sue them.

Another advantage is that they are able to create new scams over time and change their names too, in order to con you and make you believe that they have no relationship with any previous scam. That’s how nobody is ever able to recognize them.

Now you know what to do when somebody does not go the extra mile to show you that they are real. Additionally, this is good reaSon NOT to believe a word that they tell you, because there is no way to know 100% whether they are telling the truth or not, unless you buy the program.

And we both know that if you do that, you’ll just lose your money.

2) Paid Testimonials

Yes, they are PAID! These testimonials are not from people who have used the system. These are paid actors that are hired from a freelance website called Fiverr. This is a very common occurrence with make-money-online programs and these testimonials are what most people will go by to make a purchase decision.

PLEASE don’t believe these testimonials. You’ll recognize some of these people from the follow programs:

1)YT Crusher

2) Click Click Cash

3) Easy Insta Profits

4) 30 Day Success Club

As you will find from these other reviews that I have written in the past, this is what these actors DO for a living. They’re just reading and acting out a script provided by the scammer. If the scammer had 237 people who made $20K within 3 weeks, don’t you think that these people would have been more than happy to give a FREE testimonial?

I know I would if I were a satisfied customer.

3) Scammy sales tactics

There are a few tactics used with the promotion of Fast Profits Online, that are just the same as other scams use; they tell you that there are limited spots left and that there will be a price increase in the future.

Don’t you believe this for one minute! All they’re trying to do, is to pressure you into buying the program right now without giving you time for second thoughts. They want to spark fear inside of you, fear that this opportunity might be gone forever and that you’ll be left on the sidelines.

Think about it; if they were really legit, would they just disappear overnight? Remember, a legit company NEVER threatens to close down because they are here for the long-term.

4) Make $1700 with one hour of work per day

This is a pretty bold claim! You only need to give one hour (or less) of your time per day and you could be making anywhere between $500 and $1700 per day. This claim is so typical of scams, to be honest with you.

Success does not happen as easily as Michael claims, because remember, if it was so easy, then people would flock to it and there would be no more complaints about your boss from your co-workers. THIS is a major reason why people keep falling for scams online; they believe money can be made with little to no work.

That’s the FURTHEST thing away from the truth. In order to start making money online, you have to learn the ropes. How would you feel if you were just dumped at a desk in the office and your manager told you to just “work’? Would you be successful at your job?

Of course not! That’s because you need training and you need time to become proficient.

It’s the same thing with online business. You need time to learn and to apply what you learn. Making as much money as $1700 is possible but that’s a BUSINESS. You have to treat it like one, including giving it time to grow over time. Making $1700 per month will take between 6 – 18 months for you achieve.

5) The Legal Docs

Remember how I told you that Michael could be a scammer in disguise and that he may be the creator of several different scam programs?

Well, it turns out I was right!

If you take a look at the Privacy policy, you’ll find out that this program has a relationship somehow with another program that I have exposed before, called The Ecom Formula by Neil Atkinson. The only way for one of the programs to be able to use the Privacy Policy of another one is if the creators are the same people.

This leads me to believe that The Ecom Formula as well as Fast Profits Online have been created by the same person, who is using two different names for the two programs.

See? I told you Michael could NOT be trusted.

How Does E-commerce Really Work?

Many people believe that ecommerce is really easy, because Amazon has become so big in this industry. We must admit, Jeff Bezos must be doing something right.

But what newbies don’t understand, is that it takes a lot of work to bring an ecommerce store to the level that Amazon is at today. Do you think that without money, Jeff would have been able to do this? No…

Do you think that without giving Amazon the time to grow that Jeff would be able to grow it to this extent? No…

And do you think that without knowing ANYTHING about ecommerce, that Jeff would have been able to do this? No… So what makes you think that a system can make you so much money, when you don’t have the knowledge to start your business? How would you bring your business to new heights?

In addition to finding a way to acquire enough knowledge about ecommerce, the fact is that there are a lot of other points to consider;

1) you constantly have to research suppliers

2) you constantly have to research products

3) you have to create a website

4) you have to make sure you’re not offering products that are no longer supported by your suppliers

5) you have to add each and every product

6) you need to write descriptions for each of them too

7) you need to invest into getting a domain name, webhosting as well as SSL certificate

8) you need to pay credit card fees and maybe even a separate payment gateway or payment processor

9) you need to constantly invest in ads to make sales because an ecommerce store does not get ranked in the search engines

10) you have to take care of customer service (inquiries, complaints, returns, exchanges and so on)

AND MANY MORE!!! It’s a lot of work! Do you think you can do that only by working 1 hour a day? This is completely impossible. Michael is all lies about online business.

Is FastProfits.Online A Scam? – Final Thoughts

To be honest with you, I cannot say 100% whether it is a scam because I didn’t buy the product. However, based on the fact that the sales page and sales video are so misleading, I would recommend that you stay away from Fast Profits Online.

We can’t really be sure Michael is a real person, the testimonials are paid and scammy/pressure tactics are used to push you to buy the system, all of which are signs of a scam. If it’s a scam, then you would have saved yourself the headache. And if it’s really not a scam, then Michael should have thought of a better way to promote his system.

But I really do think that you’re going to be disappointed with this system because of all the hidden facts about ecommerce and the additional costs involved. Also factor in the fact that you won’t be making $1700 a day startng today with this system because as you now know, an ecommerce store cannot be set up within a day.

There is a ton of work involved to set it up as well as to maintain it. All the talk about needing to only invest an hour of your time everyday is rubbish!

Of course, you can take whatever action you like at the end of the day, but my recommendation would be that you stay away from Fast Profits Online.

What You Should Do Instead!

Now that you know you’ll need to LEARN the ropes of how the online world works, you’ll need to find a trustworthy training platform that will really teach you what you need to know. And I have just the platform for you.

Not only is it a place for learning, but it is also a place where you’ll find all the tools that you need in order to start and grow your business. You’ll get support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs just like you! What’s more, is that this platform is FREE to join. It’s the same platform that taught me.


What you’ll learn is how to create a website and monetize it in various forms.You’ll be writing about your favourite products, putting in special links and inputting some important keywords into your articles so people will find your website. When they click your special link and make a purchase, you’ll make money!

This is a process known as affiliate marketing, which is the best way for newbies to start their online journey. Give it a chance and you’ll see the potential of this business (HINT: Passive, Residual Income!)

Be sure to join and I’ll see you on the other side.

Your Friend,


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