Fast Track Cash Review – Ewen Chia Says You Can Make $1000 a Day

Ewen Chia is the creator of Fast Track Cash, as well as other guides to making money online, such as Autopilot Profits and Copy Paste Income. I was not fond of his other systems, so I decided to take a look into this one, to see why people are still so interested in it.

In this Fast Track Cash Review, I will explain the concept of making money online with it, I will go over the lessons that are taught within, and by the end, you will have a very good understanding of whether this is the right system for you to invest in or not.

At A Glance

Name: Fast Track Cash


Owner: Ewen Chia

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $27 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No.. Let’s find out why

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What is Fast Track Cash?

Ewen explains that this system is the best way to “discover the fastest way to get real cash from the internet in minutes”. You don’t need any experience and you don’t need a website nor a product to make thousands of dollars a day.

All you have to do is follow instructions and once you are set up, you’ll have the ability to make money on complete autopilot. And Ewen even shows you proof that he has been able to generate thousands of dollars every single day with the formula he implements himself.

Using the methods that Ewen wants to teach you, he says that you will be able to use it to promote anything at all. They will also allow you to by-pass 99% of all the work that a regular marketer needs to do in order to see success. In other words, you have been looking for Fast Track Cash to help you achieve the financial freedom of your dreams.

In short, this method allows you to a “set-it-and-forget-it” system that brings in money on autopilot.

Is this going to work exactly as Ewen says it will?

The Hyped Up Claims

I have been an affiliate marketer for quite some time now and even reviewed some of the other systems created by Ewen Chia, and none of them were as described. No doubt he is a very successful affiliate marketer, but that does not mean that his systems are any good.

In each one of his systems, he will tell you that you are able to make money on autopilot and that he can get you access to a system that you can just set up that will bring in the money while you enjoy your life. However, as much as I don’t want to insult Ewen’s knowledge of the online world, making money online is not as easy.

The amount of money that he claims he makes, is as a result of him being online for many many years. What makes you think that as a beginner, you will be able to start making money online within minutes? It is possible, but that’s not the norm. He is misleading you by showing you results that are not typical of a beginner.

Making thousands of dollars a day is possible, but you have to work long and hard to make that happen. Business is business, be it online or offline. You do know what they say about business people, don’t you? They work twice as hard as employees.

So Ewen’s claims about not having to work as hard and setting up a system that will bring you money in minutes, on autopilot, is completely false.

What’s Inside The System?

Inside the system, you’ll get access to a lot of video trainings. They seem to be on great topics, most of them focusing on getting traffic to your content. This is good because the more traffic you get, the more chances you have of making more sales.

However, what seems odd to me, is that this system still revolves around article marketing and PLRs. These used to work a few years ago but the internet population’s interest has long moved on and away from these ways of getting information online.

Article marketing is where you write your own e-book and try to get article websites to feature them. People would still get to your articles using Google and the search engines. You would include your unique links within your article that would recommend a product that your reader would then be able to buy.

Another way is through using PLRs. PLRs are Private Label Rights. These are articles that have been written by other authors and that are made available mostly for free on the internet, to be used by other marketers as they like. The disadvantage of this, is that those PLRs are never updated.

Thus, you run of risk of providing outdated information to your readers. It could potentially still work today, but really, how many of us actually look for ebooks on random websites?

This is definitely outdated training that is not worth anything at this point in time.

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Ewen’s Style

Ewen does not only make money online through his books, affiliate marketing and his courses, but he also makes money online through email marketing and through upsells within his courses.

You see, when you sign up for one of his products, you can be sure to receive emails from him every single day, that’s aiming to either promote another of his products or a product that he is affiliated with. I think that it’s very unethical, seeing as he does not provide you any value, but sales pitch after sales pitch.

Every single one of his products, and the products that he promotes, have upsells within them, meaning that you never get access to the full system without paying for every single tool or training within. Fast Track Cash is not any different. You’ll end up having to pay as high as $297 for a single upsell.

That’s how he makes so much money.

Let’s say he gets 1000 people that sign up within one month for Fast Track Cash. That makes him $27,000. 

Let’s say 200 will sign up for his first upsell of $97. That’s another $19,400.

Another 50 will sign up for his next, expensive upsell at $197. That’s another $9,850.

And let’s say 20 will sign up for his most expensive upsell at $297. That adds another $5,940.

Totalling a whopping $62K per month! And that’s only through this one course! 

Imagine all these people paying for such outdated information and he is ending up making so much money. Total rip off for what’s offered. This program is still available, which means people are still buying it.

Some marketers have no ethics whatsoever. Either the training should be updated or it should be taken off the market. Period. But Ewen just leaves it there so people keep getting drawn by this garbage of a product.

Fast Track Cash Review – Final Words

Some other reviews on Fast Track Cash will tell you that I’m writing a negative review because I want to pitch you to my own product, but unlike them, I recommend products that actually work. They’ll recommend just about any garbage to make a few dollars off of you, if they are promoting this to you.

Though you will learn about marketing your products on social media, forums and using videos with Fast Track Cash, you will only be able to LEARN. You won’t be able to apply it with what’s taught within the system. Therefore, that makes it all lies from Ewen.

You won’t be able to make much money from this and you definitely won’t be making money within a few minutes. It takes time to learn the business, actually start it with use of the right tools, and to grow it over time. From what I see, you have SOME training, but not all of them are updated and targeted for people today.

Fast Track Cash is not a scam, as it used to work in the past, but I do not recommend it because it is so outdated. There are more updated methods out right now, that will work better with the expectations of your visitors nowadays.

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