Fine Cash Review – Is Fine Cash A Nasty, Rehashed Scam?

Fine Cash Review - Is Fine Cash A scam

If you’re looking for an honest Fine Cash review, then you’ve just found it. I’m in no way associated with Fine Cash and won’t be promoting it to you. Do you know why?

That’s because I have actually found some pretty bad facts about Fine Cash that you should know about if you’re considering signing up for your free account with them and working with them. These are some pretty ugly facts there!

So read this review until the end because it will reveal everything that I’ve found out about Fine Cash and will really open your eyes to the realities of the program. It might even be a rehashed scam!

How bad is that? Well, let’s find out!

Fine Cash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others to the Fine Cash

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a mass data-harvesting scam!

What Is Fine Cash? – Shady Website!

Fine Cash claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that will make you a ton of money using social media. Just share your affiliate link and make $10 – $15 per person you refer.

Also get a $25 sign up bonus into your account instantly and make $500 start today. Really, in this day and age, who would pay you up to $500 per day for doing such a simple task as referring your friends to the platform?

That’s exactly what’s so fishy here about Fine Cash. Nobody would pay you that much to do something so simple. If anything, I’ve seen SwagBucks pay you $5 as a sign up bonus, not $25.

And with other legitimate websites, you only make a maximum of about $20 per day, not $500!

What’s makes Fine Cash so shady as well, is that we don’t even know the owner of the website. We don’t know who created it personally, or what company is behind it. So how can we trust Fine Cash so easily?

Moreover, I have to admit that I’ve reviewed similar websites before, like Influencer Cash and Clout Pay, which all turned out to be scams.

So I can tell you right off the bat that I have a negative vibe about this website because nothing looks good! All this should be enough reason to say no to Fine Cash and it doesn’t get better.

How Fine Cash Works

Well, on the main page, they tell you that you’re gonna make money bringing in referrals, which is called pay per lead in the online world. That’s a legitimate way of making money online.

However, when we get into the details of how Fine Cash actually makes money to pay others, it becomes fishy and really doesn’t make sense.

You see, the way that Fine Cash claims to make money is through ad-spent revenue. The more people you get to the Fine Cash website, the more people are gonna be seeing ads, the more people are gonna click on them and that’s gonna make Fine Cash money that way.

That’s a way that I also make money on my websites; I serve Google Ads on my website, where I get paid for impressions and clicks on them. It’s very little, but everything adds up.

So that’s not the problem here.

The problem is that I don’t see any ads on the Fine Cash website, do you? So how can they claim to make money through ad spent revenue? Even the inside of the members’ area does not display ads.

Additionally, you’re NOT told about so-called other requirements in order to be able to cash out. See, if you’re only referring others and not completing tasks, you’re not going to be able to cash out. Why do they keep that a secret?

You need to complete 100% in each category – Clicks, Referrals and Tasks – in order to be able to cash out. And the minimum you should have in order to be able to withdraw your money is $200.

That’s quite a high threshold for this type of website. Mostly you’ll have $2, $5 and maybe up to $20 as a minimum, never $200!

I really hate when companies aren’t transparent, so I’m already turned off by all this. I wouldn’t sign up with all these red flags floating around.

Proof You Won’t Get Paid With Fine Cash

But I get it! You want to know whether you’ll be rewarded for your hard work, whether Fine Cash really pays out or not. You want to know whether you’ll be wasting your time, trying to make money on this website.

Well, I uncovered some ugly facts about Fine Cash that you should consider. I really do think that because of them, you won’t get paid.

1) Fake Payment Proofs

I can confidently say that the payment proof on the Fine Cash website are all fake and I will prove it to you.

You see, the creator of the website claims to have created Fine Cash in 2015 and should the website really have been around for that long, there would be no problem with the payment proofs.

However, I verified the date that this website was created and I was shown July 6, 2019.

It makes you wonder why they would lie to you in the first place, right? Well, that’s what scams do! They mislead people with fake information, and they want to make you feel like they’ve been in business for a while so they couldn’t be a scam.

But take a look at the dates these payment proofs show.

As you can see, these are dates even before the website was registered and created. How could anybody have known about it if it didn’t even exist? How could anybody have signed up? How could anybody have referred others?

How could anybody have gotten PAID?

The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that those payment proofs are all fake! They have never actually paid anybody.

2) Fake Testimonials

Yes, the testimonials are all fake too and do you know how I found out?

These people have appeared in various other video testimonials for other programs that I’ve reviewed on this website and that’s how I recognized them. They are actors from a freelance website called

So don’t mistake these guys for actual users of the program because they’ve never tried it. They never signed up for an account, they never did the work, and they never got paid from Fine Cash.

Their only job is to read off a script and to act it out, to make their video so believable that you’re gonna wanna sign up for Fine Cash. That’s the only thing they’re getting paid for.

I wonder how these people can sleep at night, knowing that they’re helping scammers.

3) Proof That REAL Users Never Got Paid

I was poking around the website, when I stumbled across their blog, and found out that the creator actually made a big mistake; one of the blog posts actually reflects Clout Pay, and not Fine Cash.

I had already reviewed Clout Pay before and deemed it a scam, but this is undeniable proof right there, that the creator behind Clout Pay is also behind Fine Cash. This means that whether people will get paid or not can be verified with proof from Clout Pay.

So I went to Youtube and was able to find REAL people giving us details of their experiences with Clout Pay. Here is what they had to say.

AS you can see, people are saying themselves that it’s a scam, and that they haven’t gotten paid. The date they were supposed to get paid came and went without payment. People are being blocked from logging back into their accounts.

This is exactly what’s gonna happen with Fine Cash; you’ll do all the work and cash out. They’ll give you a date to expect the pay out. The date comes and goes and you’re banned for committing FRAUD.

Nobody will get paid with Fine Cash.

Worst thing yet, is that Clout Pay (and now Fine Cash) was related to Notion Cash as well as Kids Earn money, which were classified by the BBB website as being mass data-harvesting scams, meaning that they don’t want your money but your personal data.

They could use that information to hack into your online accounts, like Paypal, or sell your information to other spammers or scammers who would use your information to email you scary emails about your accounts and so on.

Just beware of that!

Is Fine Cash A Scam?

You probably already know how I feel about Fine Cash, but I will say it clearly; Fine Cash is a complete scam and it should be avoided at all costs! Not only will you be wasting your time, but you could get your personal data violated.

From the first time that I saw the website, I knew that it was going to be a scam and that comes from experience, since I have exposed so many scams on this website before. But that’s why it’s important to do your research.

The unknown creator of Fine Cash is a real problem because we can’t track him/her down to stop all these scams, so beware of all anonymous creators. There’s also the fact that they claim to pay so much for such easy work.

The truth is that if the work is easy to do, then more people can do it. That brings the value of the job down and so, you get paid less. There’s no way anybody would pay you that much to complete tasks.

Then you also have the proofs that I was able to find; the proof that the payment proofs are completely fake, the proof that the video testimonials are all paid actors and the fact that real users of Clout Pay never got paid, which means, nobody will get paid on Fine Cash either.

Additionally, you have the fact that you could potentially get your online accounts, like banking and Paypal accounts, hacked because of a few information that you gave Fine Cash.

Oh no, Fine Cash is definitely a scam and you should not be signing up for it, or promoting it!

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Thanks for reading my Fine Cash review. Have you tried it? Have you gotten paid? How was your experience with Fine Cash? What about customer service? Is Fine Cash exactly the way that I described it? Let me know below… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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