Finish Line Network Review – Scam Or HUGE Paydays Ahead?

You’re probably on this Finish Line Network Review because you received an invitation via email, isn’t that right? That’s where I got my invitation from so I decided to take a look at the opportunity and to tell you everything that I found out about it.

I mean, there are some pretty big claims there; that you can make $6K really easily with this system, you’ll get $1000+ commissions, there’s no learning curve, and to top it all off, they say you’ll be starting at the FINISH line with this system because you’re gonna be starting ahead of everybody else online.

How true are those claims and is it really THAT easy to make HUGE income with this opportunity? Why isn’t everybody doing it? Is there a catch?

No worries! Read on to get answers to all those questions.

Finish Line Network At A Glance


Owner: Paul Counts

Purpose: Make money recruiting online

Price: $67 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No…

Recruiting Not Your Thing? Here’s How You Can Make Money Online Without Recruiting ANYBODY!

What is Finish Line Network?

Right off the bat, I could tell that this promotional video was going to be different than the others that I have seen in the past, that promoted scams. Needless to say that I was intrigued and wanted to know more about the program. I saw that Matthew Neer and Devon Brown are part of this, as well as Paul Counts.

I’m not a fan of Matthew or Devon, but it’s the first time that I heard of Paul Counts and upon doing some research, I found out that he is a real person so that gives me some hope for this program.

Paul claims to have the “ingredients” to making you successful like Ray Kroc made the McDonald’s brothers, in a step-by-step system he compiled within his app, that has taken average people from struggles to millions. Five of the most successful online marketers came together to create this app, that allows you to START from the FINISH line.

There are courses that you can take to learn lead generation and list building and as soon a you master that and get people to the promotional videos, you can let the Finish Line Network take over to make the sale done for you. There is so much money to be made; thousands of dollars in commissions from a single referral.

To me, it all sounds good but is there anything that they are hiding from you? Let’s find out…

How Does Finish Line Network Work?

It may seem to be a little like affiliate marketing, where you are promoting other people’s products to get paid a commission with every sale you make, but Finish Line Network is different. It is more like an MLM because of the way that it is structured.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t actually have to buy the products themselves to have the right to promote them, but with Finish Line Network, you have to purchase each level to be able to EARN from them. If not, the commissions earned from your referrals who upgraded to a higher level than you, will go to your upline.

So, if you’re gonna be getting commissions upto $1280, you can only imagine the prices that you’re gonna have to pay yourself to be eligible to make money from those levels. Apart from buying into them, you can also quality to receive commissions from those levels by selling 6 memberships from each level.

For example, if you’re at the Silver Level, you can sell 6 Silver/Gold Combo  levels and you’ll qualify to receive your commissions from your 7th Silver/Gold referral onwards, but that’s more easily said than done.

There are products but I feel that most of the products are geared more towards promoting Finish Line Network and there aren’t really MANY products that you will be able to sell to the general public. I came to this conclusion because more emphasis is made on recruiting, rather than selling the products.

Here’s how much you’ll make from each level you sell:

Silver – Pays you $16 per month per referral

Silver/Gold Combo – Pays you upto $57.60 per month per referral

Bonus Pool – Get paid Bonuses based on the number of memberships you sell

Tickets to Live Events – $256 on a single sale

Other Training Courses – upto $1280 each

As you can see, there is so much money to make with this program, but the emphasis is put on recruiting, which makes this seem like a pyramid, specially since the products are meant to train you to promote the program itself. Unfortunately with MLMs, it has been proven that the ones who first joined the program are the ones that are going to make the most out of it.

I have been with MLMs before, like Avon and Primerica, so I know how they work. There is a chance of you becoming successful but the chances of that happening are very slim and depends heavily on the quality of the training that your upline is able to provide you and how much you can INVEST in the program.

What I Like About Finish Line Network

1) Put together by five of the most successful online marketers

2) There is an App

3) Training COULD potentially help you promote other products

4) Ability to make passive income

5) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like About Finish Line Network

1) No Trial

2) Pay-to-play system and it’s not cheap

3) Atypical income claims

4) Emphasis is put on recruiting like an MLM/pyramid

5) Hard for a newbie to market

Finish Line Network Review – A Scam?

I do not believe Finish Line Network to be a scam but I do not recommend it either, simply because I have been part of an MLM before and it’s not all rainbows and roses. It’s incredibly difficult to get people to join this kind of system AND make them stay.

The promotional video is not entirely misleading as they are showing you the possibilities with the business, but there’s a lot of information that is omitted. I HATE lack of transparency! If you’re going to join or start a business, you have to know absolutely everything there is to know about it so you can make an informed decision.

I also don’t like how the products are geared towards promoting the program itself too, because this makes it more like a pyramid than an MLM. They make recruiting sound so easy, when it fact, a newbie will have a hard time doing it.

Those people who are successful with it, like Matthew, Devon and Paul himself, have big email lists and a lot of leads that they get already on a daily basis, so having to promote this is so easy; they just send an email to their massive lists and they get sign ups at the flick of a finger.

For a newbie with no list and no lead, it’s not going to be easy. So in that sense, I do not recommend it!

An Easier Alternative To Making Money Online

What if I told you that you could type at home all day in your jammies, write about your passion and make money passively? Does that not sound so much easier than wondering where you’re gonna get recruits from?

That’s what I do! I write about what makes me happy, I share it with the world and I make money just by sharing the everyday products that I use.

What would you like to share with the world? Your recipes? Your fashion tips? Your golf techniques? Anything goes!

I’m able to make passive money talking about what I love, all thanks to the training that I got from this one, special platform. And the good news is that you can try it out for FREE! You get the training, the tools and the support that you need to start and grow your very own online business, around any topic you want!


I know FREE beats ANYTHING that you have to pay for. Additionally, you get me as a mentor and coach and I will share every knowledge acquired within the last few months with you, so you can boost your online income.

Sounds good? Then CHECK IT OUT!

I’ll see you on the inside! Til then, be safe!

Your Friend,


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