First Page Profits Review – Another Software That Does Not Work?

First Page Profits Review

Welcome to my honest First Page Profits review. Is it a program that will help you get the clicks, the leads and the profits that you are looking for in online business? Or is it just going to be a scam that sucks your money?

You’ll agree with me that there are too many scams and low-quality programs on the internet and most of the time, it’s hard to tell if something will really work as advertised or not, especially to the newbie or to the untrained eye.

You must have realized the same thing if you’re looking for a review of this website, right?

Well, congrats on doing your research because so very few people actually do their due diligence. In this review, I will be going over what it REALLY is and by the end, you’ll know enough to make an informed decision.

And let me just say that it does not look good for First Page Profits.

First Page Profits At A Glance


Creators: Vick Carty and Rich Williams

Purpose: Make money online creating videos

Price: $14.55+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s such a low-quality program that you won’t get many visitors and you won’t be making sales like they claim. I’ll prove to you that even THEY don’t practice what they preach.

What Is First Page Profits?

First Page Profits is a suite of training videos that are supposedly going to help your Youtube Videos make the first page of Google (and Youtube) which will in turn, help you with getting clicks, leads and make profits from your offers.

Moreover, there’s also going to be a software that will drive traffic for free to those offers as well and they deem it to be the #1 software for 2020. I really have to laugh at this one. You’ll understand when you see at what’s actually inside.

They also claim that this method is completely newbie-friendly and that you’ll be able to make over $100 everyday thanks to First Page Profits. There’s no content creation required nor any tech skills.

But isn’t that what they all say? They can’t say it’s hard else nobody would buy the program, right? Everybody is looking to make some quick bucks online.

Well, let me tell you that I could already tell from the beginning that First Page Profits wasn’t going to be your ticket to get there. If it was as easy as that to make $100 a day online, then most people would have quit their jobs.

Nobody would have been working for 8 hours a day for somebody else when they could simply click a button and make sales without any effort.

That’s why you have to open your eyes to how making money online really works. From experience, I bet you that First Page Profits is NOT going to work as advertised.

How First Page Profits Works

When you sign up, you get to the dashboard. Nothing fancy here. They have a list of the modules on the left and a corresponding video that will play, that’ll be only a few minutes long each.

So as you can already tell, the training is not going to be as in-depth as they claim.

They’ll show you some tools like the Google Keyword Planner and another one called VidIQ in order to find what keywords are ranking for SEO purposes and they’ll also show you a tool called Canva to make your thumbnails for Youtube.

But in itself, the training is really shallow. They won’t show you how to actually create a video from scratch and how to properly edit them. And they won’t show you the concept of a niche, something that will affect your viewability and following.

Moreover, I’ve taken a look at the software and I have to say it is complete garbage. I’m not here to disrespect anybody or to devalue somebody’s work. I know how much work goes into creating courses, but it should be of quality at least.

But no, the software is something like an “exchange” where you get other members to share your links, view your videos, like your videos and even view and share your pages. But it is exclusive only to those who have the software.

Who is really going to stick around and share your stuff when the training is so low-quality? Moreover, simply getting others to view your video for a few seconds is a waste of time because you won’t get better SEO.

Your view count might go up but if nobody is sticking around to watch the whole video, then the average length of your video views will go lower and that will tell Youtube and Google that your video isn’t what people are looking for.

You see, it will actually HURT your rankings. So the software won’t be your ticket to real, free traffic.

Additionally, there are upsells. How can you even think of getting the upsells at this point, knowing that the front end product does not work as advertised? To me, it is evident that the front end is simply a gateway to get you to buy more from them.

The front end product is priced low to get your foot through the door.

What Results Can You Expect?

That’s the big question, right? What can you really expect from buying First Page Profits and is there a chance that it could work? Well, let’s first take a look at Vick’s channel.

As you can see, Vick’s videos are hardly getting any views. I mean, if he really knew his stuff about ranking, getting more views, getting people to click on your offer and to get them to buy, then I would expect WAY different results, right?

I would expect much BETTER results.

I mean, I actually scrolled all the way down to the first video that Vick ever created and it looks like he started his channel way back 4 years ago. Don’t you think that having only about 700 subscribers is a little too “little” for all that time?

Let me take myself as an example. Even though I only started my channel about 1 year ago, I have 1.7K subscribers and I have videos that have had THOUSANDS of views. Not to flatter myself, but at least I actually KNOW what I’m doing, right?

So as you can see, Vick does not even practice what he preaches. He probably doesn’t even use his own software because he knows it’s just USELESS. It’s a bad joke.

It’s clear now that he makes all his money SELLING these kinds of products with broken promises. He has affiliates on affiliate networks like JVZoo and Warrior Plus, where the affiliates do all his marketing and selling of his products.

From what I’m seeing with First Page Profits, I feel like all he knows is making a sales page look pretty and use words that are enticing to buyers. But the products don’t actually work as advertised.


1) Real creator – At least he doesn’t hide behind the computer or the internet. He discloses his face and who he is.

2) 30-Day Money back Guarantee – This is sold through the Warrior Plus platform, where the platform mandates a 30-day money back guarantee.


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Does not work as advertised

3) Training is very shallow

4) Software will NOT help with rankings

5) Vick doesn’t even use his “miracle” software himself and even if he is, then you can see from his channel that it does not work.

6) There are upsells but upsells are never mentioned on the sales page. You’re only told about the front-end.

7) Warrior Plus always asks that you contact the seller first for your refund. Well, in most cases, I don’t ever receive a respond for my refunds. It’s hard to say at this point whether you’ll actually get your money back or not.

Is First Page Profits A Scam?

Even if I really don’t like this program and thing that it is a total waste of money and time, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that First Page Profits is a scam. It is very low-quality, yes, but not a scam.

At the end of the day, there is still a possibility of you getting your money back and there still is a product behind the sales page. It’s not like you’re paying in exchange for nothing, no matter how low-quality the program is.

However, it doesn’t mean that I recommend First Page Profits. On the contrary, like I said, it’s a waste of time and money and I do not think that if you are looking to rank on the the first page that this program will get you there.

There are too many hyped up claims made on the sales page. They don’t paint a real picture of what this program and software will really do for you.

I mean, I already shared my findings of Vick’s channel with you. Does it look like somebody who knows what he is talking about? If that were the case, then his channel of 4 years should have been way better than mine.

Yet, not being a guru, my channel looks like it’s way better than his, with getting more views and getting more subscribers.

So I don’t think that First Page Profits is the answer to your traffic problem.

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Thanks for reading my First Page Profits review. I would love to hear from you in the comments below, if you’ve had any experience with this program. How well, or badly, did it work for you? Thanks for sharing… 🙂

Lots of Love,



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