Fiverrlicious Review – Scam Or Does It Really Work?

Welcome to this Fiverrlicious review, where you will have my honest opinions about the program.

There are a lot of scams on the internet, as you may already be aware, and many other programs, although not scams, are of low-quality. They’re so low-quality that even if you try to implement everything that is taught within, it still wouldn’t be enough to make you any money.

So congratulations on doing your research and for making sure that the program is what you are really looking for before jumping in with both feet. This can save you some money and even some hassle. Not many people do their research and end up not making a good decision for themselves.

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information that you’ll need to make an informed decision about the program. I promise to be honest and to tell you exactly whether it will make you money or not.

Let’s jump right into things here!

Fiverrlicious At A Glance


Owners: Bobby Dolcee/Trevor Carr

Purpose: Make money doing arbitrage on Fiverr

Price: $9.97+

Do I Recommend It?: Yes…

What Is Fiverrlicious?

As the name suggests, you’ll receive training on how to make money using the most popular freelance website on the internet, Fiverr.

I was a little surprised that the sales page was not as hyped up as most of similar make-money-online programs and I have to say that I was pleased. Bobby and Trevor even tell you that it’s not a “get-rich-quick” scheme and that you should not be expecting to make full-time money right away with it.

But I did find the sales page a bit contradicting. One minute, it says that Bobby is working on his freelancing business on Fiverr part-time and for less than an hour per day, and then it says that he was able to bring in $6K over the course of 3 months.

But anyways, the idea behind Fiverrlicious is to do arbitrage with services. You’ll need to find services that you can buy for low prices from somewhere else and sell it at a higher price on Fiverr. The training is supposed to be newbie-friendly and you’ll be able to do this even without any skills or experience.

So far, I’m liking what I see but I’m sure there is still more work to be done than what is depicted on the sales page. They make it seem like it’s easy to just set up a gig and to have a line of buyers waiting for your services when that does not walk hand-in-hand with what they keep saying; that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Additionally, there’s also no mentioning of any costs involved and though they say that they have a money-back guarantee, they don’t tell you how many days you have to put in your request for a refund.

The Training

I have to admit that the member’s area is very sleek and neat and appealing. As they had promised, you get video training which is what I particularly like. It’s just easier to follow video training than anything else, isn’t it? I don’t like to read long PDFs and I am a visual learner. Most of us are.

Inside, you get access to 10 videos. The first is an introduction and the last is the conclusion so you have 8 core training videos that you’ll have to go through to understand the whole process of how arbitraging with Fiverr looks like.

I found the training straight to the point and easy to understand and the other freelance website, though not quite an obvious or popular one, is a good place to go and to find services for low cost that you can then mark up and offer as a gig on your own listings.

Not only does Bobby give you the exact place to find the listing for the arbitrage, but he also gives you ideas on what exactly is trending today, so that you don’t have to waste time setting up gigs that won’t bring in any orders. I also like that he shows you his own listings as an example.

You get to know of the different levels within Fiverr and what to do to get to those next levels. Bobby also explains why you would want to get to those levels and explains the perks of each one. I really like how he goes into detail on how to properly present your gig because that’s the first impression on your customer.

He gives you great tips on how to stand out in your gig presentation and explains exactly how it’s going to work; you’re going to the middleman between the customer and the person actually providing the work. All you have to do is take the order, relay it to the freelancer and collect the finished work and relay it back to the customer.

The Upsells

Now, that’s one thing that I don’t like about these kinds of programs. Many times, they offer useless upsells that have nothing to do with the program. These upsells have the ability to get you completely side-tracked and all for what? At your expense and only to make the creator of the program more money.

I also don’t appreciate how this was not disclosed on the sales page. I understand that these are optional, but nonetheless, they should mention the upsells as possible upgrades if people want to make more money. It really turns off a lot of people and may even deter them from completing the training.

But anyways, here are the upsells that you’ll have the options to get:

Upsell 1 – Advanced Fiverrlicious System – $27

What you get here is an extra video, where Bobby explains how he is able to make $50 – $100 on demand for a single gig/order. This may be worth it for you to get in my opinion, because making a bigger profit on a single order is much better than the $4 that you would get with most of the other gigs.

I also recommend it because so far, the training in the front end of the program was high-quality and you can trust that Bobby will be giving you quality within this upsell as well.

Upsell 2 – Trevor’s VIP Training ZeroBuster Deluxe – $47

I seriously don’t know why there’s such training within a program that’s geared towards making money freelancing online.

This upsell will show you how to make money through product creation and affiliate marketing, the exact way that Trevor himself does it. Sure, there could be a few tips and tricks and ideas that you could use in this training to make your freelancer career better, but I doubt they’ll be worth the $47.

Getting this upsell will throw you completely off-track with what you’ll want to be accomplishing from the main training. If you want to stick with freelancing, you absolutely don’t need this upsell.

Upsell 3 – Reseller Rights/Bump License – $67

What you’ll get with this upsell, is the opportunity to make more money promoting Fiverrlicious, than if you were to promote it as a regular affiliate marketer from WarriorPlus or JVZoo. You’ll be able to resell the training as if it were your own, and earn 100% through the entire funnel, including the upsells.

Again, I don’t understand why such a license would be required when the main training is about freelancing, and not affiliate marketing. This upsell is only worthwhile if you get Upsell 2 but again, these upsells are not required and not recommended if you don’t want to be thrown off your freelancing career.

They will only confuse you.

Some Things to Consider About Arbitrage

Though arbitrage can be a good way to make money online, and the training goes in-depth with explaining the process to you, there are still some things to consider before you go all in.

As with any business, there are some risks and it all depends on whether you are willing to take the risks required and that’s something that you’re not told about.

With arbitraging, you’re never providing the services yourself and have to rely on other people you hire, to provide the services with quality. And if you’re only paying a couple of dollars for the service and providing it for 5 times the original price, then chances are that the quality that you’re hoping to give your customers will not be reflected.

That will impact your ratings directly so that’s something that you need to be careful of. If you don’t want the negative ratings, you might need to pay the freelancer you hired again for a revision or corrections. And that will eat into your profits.

There is a considerable difference with a service that costs $5 and $25 in the online world.

There are a few ways to make sure that it does not happen and the first one, is to make sure that you are providing a service that you are familiar with. If you have any experience with Photoshop, or any video editors and can tell when a job is done properly, then you can avoid this situation.

That will be difficult if you are a newbie though, right? Especially if you are not a tech-savvy person and don’t really know the professional terms used and so on. What you might have to do is to take a few different courses, maybe even get to know more about your niche on Youtube, in order to be able to deliver on the services.

In order to also make sure that you are providing the best quality, you will also have to order from the freelancers you wish to hire to ensure they are doing the kind of work that you want to be presenting to the customer.

The additional courses that you might need to take and the cost needed to test different freelancers will be an added cost to consider if you really want to do this arbitraging business.

Additionally, also know that this is not a passive income opportunity, which means that you’ll need to process each and every order that comes through your Fiverr gig listing. You’ll need to relay that information to your own freelancer and also be there to deliver the finished product to your client.

You’ll also need to deal with customer services, such as inquiries, disputes, revisions and all that. So as time goes by and you get loaded with orders, you’ll need to spend more than just a few hours with all of these tasks.

Is Fiverrlicious A Scam?

No, I don’t believe Fiverrlicious to be a scam. On the contrary, I do believe that with this training, that you might actually do very well. I checked the refund rate for this program and it is only at 2% so you don’t have to believe my word. 2% as a refund rate is absolutely low, which means that people are really satisfied with the training and info offered.

As a newbie though, I wouldn’t join the arbitraging business lightly. The part on the sales page where they say that you won’t need any experience is a bit misleading because you do need to know if what you’re offering your clients is high quality. You’ll only know that if you have experience.

You’re also gonna have to test out the work that your freelancers are gonna do for you by paying for these services yourself, to make sure that you’re getting the results that you want for your customers. If not, then your reputation could easily and quickly go down the drain.

Apart from these risks, I really do think that the training is going to make you some good money. And although I don’t like upsells and I don’t approve of them, I even think that the first upsell is going to help you a lot, seeing as you’re given value within the main module.

So Fiverrlicious is actually a great way to start making money online, even for a newbie as long as you are able to take some extra courses to get to know your services more, as well as buy some of the services from your freelancers in order to check their work quality.

Fiverrlicious is a recommended course and I do think that you will benefit from it.

My Road To Passive Online Income REVEALED!

The reason that I didn’t get into arbitrage is due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to make passive income with it. And I also knew, from doing dropshipping, that I would need to process all orders that came in and be the middleman between the customer and the freelancer.

I wanted a way to make money where I could be the middleman WITHOUT doing all the work of a middleman and that’s how I found Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a different method of making money but it will allow you to direct a customer straight to the vendor to buy what they need, and you’ll make a commission for each sale.

What I do is nothing complicated and it does not require you putting your reputation on the line because you will be able to do business in ANY niche or category that you are knowledgeable in. All I do is type articles everyday, that takes me 2 – 3 hours on average.

I make sure my keywords are included so Google, Bing and Yahoo can send me visitors and buyers for free and I also make sure to include the special link (so the vendor can recognize that I’m the one sending the visitor/sale) in order to get compensated for any sale generated.

It sounds easy and in theory, it really is but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. There’s some work to be done, as with anything legit. If you’d like to have passive income too, you can try the same training that I took, for free. If you don’t like it, then you walk away at any time without having lost any money.

But if you do like it, you can choose to remain a free member forever and work within the limits of the free account OR upgrade to open up the whole training platform to accelerate your success. You’ll get all that you need; training, tools and support from the community. Oh and from me personally too!

What’s better than getting direct access to somebody who has been through the training and who has been seeing results with it? 🙂


Sign up now and discover the difference in what this training can show you. I will see you on the inside.

Your Friend,


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