Flipp Ninja By Art Flair Review – Just Another Rehashed Program?

Welcome to this Flipp Ninja review, another program created by Art Flair and Pallab Gosal.

It’s funny because these two released other products before, one called Flipped that I just reviewed the other day and the other one called Flipp Me. Is Flipp Ninja to be considered a rehashed product of these two programs or does it teach you anything different?

Is Flipp Ninja a legit program or is it a scam? How does it work? And will it make you money? Can you use the method within to really quite your job or make some extra money to make ends meet? It’s healthy to have all these questions and I will be answering this within this review.

Just note that I am NOT an affiliate of this program and will NOT pitch this up to you, and bribe you with bonuses so that you can buy through me. You’ll find a lot of affiliates just pitching this up to you just so they can make money. Many of them don’t care about whether or not you’ll become successful with it.

But I want you to make an informed decision, so read until the end for the whole truth about this program.

Flipp Ninja At A Glance

Website: TrafficTrigger.net/Flipp-Ninja/

Owners: Art Flair / Pallab Gosal

Purpose: Make money online doing arbitrage

Price: $10.57+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Flipp Ninja?

Looking through the sales page for Flipp Ninja, I felt like I had seen it all before and I was right! It was the carbon copy for the sales page of another program that Art and Pallab had released before, called Flipped.

Both advise that you only need 5 minutes to work on this everyday. The income projections are the same and even the amount of time within which you can expect to make money is the same. What’s the difference between “24 hours” and “by this time tomorrow”?

Seeing as they promise almost the same thing is pushing me to think that this is a rehashed product and if it ends up being one, then that’s very shameful on Art and Flair in my opinion, for making this method seem like something “NEW” when it really isn’t.

But anyways, Flipp Ninja banks on showing you a new twist on profiting with doing arbitrage. The main concept of this is to “buy low and sell high”, in order to pocket the difference. It’s must like dropshipping; where somebody orders the product at your price and you find somewhere cheaper and buy it from them to send to the customer.

However, let me tell you that there is much more work than just 5 minutes per day required to do arbitraging in ANY possible way and that it will not be so easy for a newbie to earn money within 24 hours. Though it’s entirely possible, it’s not typical.

So what I can tell you here, is that Art and Pallab are setting you up with the wrong expectations of how this works and trying to lure you in to buy their program so they can make more money. They’re just making empty promises and telling you what you want to hear to have you jump on board.

How Flipp Ninja Works

But anyways, let’s take a look inside the program before making our final decision on whether this program is a rehashes program and whether or not it works.

What you’ll find when you reach the member’s area, are 12 training videos. And going through those videos, you will come to realize that what Art wants you to arbitrage here, are Solo Ads. He says that traffic, leads and customers are the lifeblood of any online business and you’re going to help businesses through Solo Ads.

Solo Ads means paying another person with a big list for clicks on a link that you give them, with the intention that they will either end up as your new subscriber or a paying customer.

What he will be teaching you is using Facebook to find the customers that are in need of traffic via Solo Ads, and to close a deal with them. When both parties have come to a decision about the price that the customer will pay for each click, they send you the money and the link they want the clicks on.

Afterward, you will go to some other places where Solo Ads are sold and find a vendor that is selling for less that you are and buy the solo ads from then and relay your customer’s link to that vendor. So you’re kind of being the middle-man between the customer and the service, though the customer is not aware of it.

What you do then, is pocket the difference, that he says, will be between $25 and $100 per flip.

Though this may seem like a good idea for beginners, I just think that this will be harder and riskier than you might think. Like I said, the sales page does not disclose everything that there is to know about this business.

And I must say that it is almost the same as Flipped, which I think is disgusting on their part. This is definitely a rehashed product with just some extra info here and there.

Beware Of The Consequences!!!

Yup, though you have seen the good side of the business, there is also a bad side to it that you should be aware of before you take the leap of faith and get this program. It’s only fair to only make a decision after knowing the risks associated with this type of business, which I must say, they are hiding from you.

They teach you how to message people on Facebook and to try and close a deal with them, but let me tell you that initiating a lot of messages can get you banned from sending any more messages forever. So using Facebook for this can actually become a big problem.

Additionally, let me tell you that this method is kind of like cold-calling, where you will be messaging people out of the blue and trying to convince them that they need your service, which does not convert very well. People can take days to reply, so I imagine that the “5 minutes” that they say it takes to set up is a made-up number.

Oh and that’s also why you can’t really make money within 24 hours.

I feel like these gurus only care about putting whatever looks or sounds good on their sales pages. That’s the only conclusion that I can draw because none of it is true.

Moving on, I also want to say that you might find it incredibly difficult to actually get people to sign up for your services because a lot of people who have used Solo Ads before are more experienced than you, who’s a newbie in this field. So you not having a track record of good delivery is going to hinder your closing of deals.

And what’s more, is that there is a popular platform that those needing Solo Ads can go to, called Udimi, where marketers can offer their services, complete with sales track records, testimonials from satisfied customers and that are going to be cheaper than what you’re going to offer. It’s also a regulated and safe platform.

So it will be hard for anybody to trust you.

Last but not least, by paying somebody else and having them deliver the clicks and the service, you are putting your own reputation at risk because you cannot be sure of the quality of clicks that is being sent by the person you engaged for the work.

There is no way to know their level of service unless you buy their services yourself to test them out, to then make a list of those Solo Ad sellers that can be trusted with good service. But that will need investment and as a newbie, you’ll have no idea how to test them out.

Is Flipp Ninja A Scam?

I have to say that I don’t think Flipp Ninja to be a scam because of the fact that there is a money-back guarantee so if you’re not seeing results or are not satisfied in any way, you can get a refund and this, you wouldn’t have lost anything. But the program not being a scam does not mean that I recommend it.

I actually do not recommend it because I do think that it is a rehashed program being advertised as something completely new. The sales page is incredibly misleading, saying that you will be able to make money with only 5 minutes of work everyday and that even a newbie can make money within 24 hours.

There is much more work involved than they disclose and there is too slim of a chance for you to make money within 24 hours, especially being a newbie. This is not typical and very misleading, only to get you to purchase the product so they can make more money.

By taking this training and opting to try and make money flipping Solo Ads, you are also putting your own reputation at risk, especially because most people won’t want to invest and test out the quality of the clicks received by the Solo Ad sellers that they want to use. Your reputation as a Solo Ad seller will go down the drain with only a few mess-ups.

And not to mention the fact that conversions are probably going to be REALLY low with the method taught and that you could be banned on Facebook.

Nope! I absolutely do NOT recommend Flipp Ninja, although it’s all up to you. I might get people hating on me for that, but I believe in educating you about the product to make an informed decision about it.

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If you’ve tried Flipp Ninja or Flipped before, please let all of us know the outcomes. And if you have any question at all, please feel free to leave them below. I would love to help you out!

Your Friend,


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