Flipped Review (Art Flair) – Will You Make Upto $80 For 5min Of Work?

Welcome to this Flipped Review, a program by Art Flair.

There are some pretty outrageous income claims made by this program, which are similar to the claims Art makes with other programs he has released. Not many of them have actually impressed me and let’s hope that this program will be better than the ones he released before.

Is it going to be as good as Art claims or is it going to be another flop? Is it a program that will make you money in a way that is sustainable for the future? Are there any hidden facts that he keeps from you? Will you really be able to make $80 for 5 minutes of work?

I’ll be telling you all that I find out about this program within this review. Please note I’m not promoting this program, and thus, you can expect a very honest and unbiased review. I’m not going to bribe you with useless bonuses like some other affiliates are doing.

In my opinion, you should know exactly what the program is about and to have the chance to consider the good and the bad equally to be able to make an informed decision.

Flipped At A Glance

Website: TrafficTrigger.net/Flipped/

Owners: Art Flair / Pallab Ghosal

Purpose: Make money flipping solo ads

Price: $12.97+

Do I Recommend it?: No…

What is Flipped?

Art explains this program as being a “copy-and-paste” method that will only require you to work for 5 minutes and be able to turn a profit of $20-$80 within that time. That’s what actually caught my attention; there are just too many hyped up claims like that on the internet and most of the time, they don’t work like that.

Art and Pallab have come up with so many programs that claim to do the same thing, like Speedly and Blaze, when those programs really didn’t work as advertised. That’s why I’m only taking their words with a grain of salt. They overuse the same claims too many times.

This method is supposedly so newbie-friendly because you don’t need a website, a list or any startup cost. Anybody can make money within 24 hours with this method, claims Art. And that too, with almost zero work.

That’s one thing that I’ve always hated with those sales pages; they make the work sound so easy when in reality, it takes much more time and work to get things off the ground. And the truth is that any business will take some time to turn in profits and so, I wouldn’t trust him when he says you can profit in 24 hours.

Moving further along down the sales page, we find out that he will teach you some kind of “flipping” method in order to make money. He even wants to make you believe that this is a great passive income method.

But let me tell you that NOTHING is passive when you’re flipping something. You always need to be “flipping” to be making money, else there ain’t no money coming in. So what kind of flipping is he talking about here? We’ll get into that soon but I doubt it’s going to be passive like Art claims.

How Flipped Works

Once you buy the program, you’ll come to the member’s area with videos to show you what to do. There are 12 core training videos and 2 case studies. That’s when you actually come to know what you’ll be flipping; Solo Ads.

If you don’t know what they are, Solo Ads is a way of advertising where an email marketer will send emails promoting your stuff on your behalf. Often times, this can be a method that you could use to also build your own email list, as well as to promote your products to them.

Af first, because Art mentioned “buying low, selling high”, I was under the impression that he was going to teach you dropshipping or some kind of e-commerce. But when I got inside, I found out that the method that Art wants to teach you here is to become the middleman for flipping solo ads.

You’ll need to find customers through Facebook that need these Solo Ads. The training will show you where to find them and how to approach them, which I find is neat. You’ll also be shown at that point what to do to close the deal.

After you close the deal and receive the payment from those customers, you’ll need to go find cheap Solo Ads to now buy to provide the service to your own customer, which is something that the training also goes over. You would then pocket the difference.

You’ll get 2 case studies of all these steps in motion, which is good as you kind of get the flow of the process in a real-life scenario.

The Problems With The Strategy

Although this could work and you could make some money, I have to come right out and say that this method is incredibly outdated. This method must have been used before Udimi because that’s the only time that this method would have worked.

You see, Solo Ads have a bad reputation for being a money pit because you never know how well people’s lists are going to convert. That’s why you have to beware of the CHEAP Solo Ads service because chances are when you’re going to find those cheap services to turn out a profit, your customer will get the end result.

And guess what that will do? It will tarnish your reputation as a Solo Ad Seller because they don’t know you’re flipping.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a good service to provide to your clients, you’re gonna have to pay higher AND charge higher but even then, it’ll be hard for you to close deals. That’s because those who are willing to pay a higher price are already experienced with Solo Ads and thus, may not trust you as an unknown or new seller.

What’s more, is that you’re not going to find clients so easily with Udimi now on the block because Udimi is a regulated platform for people that can offer Solo Ads and for people that buy the Solo Ads. Why would anybody trust you with their money when a secure platform such as Udimi is available?

Additionally, with the way that Facebook is regulated now, you could easily get banned from messaging or from using the whole platform even, if you are reported to be soliciting services where it is unwanted. That’s why I mentioned earlier that this is an outdated method.

Is Flipped A Scam?

No, I seriously don’t think that Flipped is a scam, but I do know that they make this method seem easier than it really is. Remember, Art and Pallab are already experienced in this field, and if they can make money using this method, does not mean that any newbie will be able to make it work as easily.

For one, I think that the sales page is much too hyped up. Though this method could potentially work and you could make money, I just don’t think that you would be able to close a deal AND profit within 24 hours, let alone the 5 minutes that they claim you’ll need to make this work.

They also claim that you’ll be able to make money passively with this method, when in reality, there is no money to be made unless you are out there, looking for clients and closing deals. This is something that I foresee happening with a lot of difficulty for newbies.

This method does come to me as being a little outdated because of the fact that you’ll need to use Facebook primarily to find clients and to approach them, like doing cold-calling, expecting people to just sign up for a service. This type of advertising generally does not convert well.

Finally, starting out with Solo Ads in the online business may be just a little too hard for newbies because they don’t understand the whole concept of how or why something like this works in the first place. There is much more to learn than what is available within this training.

Putting all this together, I just don’t think that Flipped is the best way for a beginner to start an online business and thus, I do not recommend it.

Here’s A Stable Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

It’s how I make a passive income online, called affiliate marketing. It’s a way of making money online where you promote other people’s products and each sale of those products that is facilitated by you will earn you a commission.

All I literally do everyday, is sit on my laptop and type up articles. Each article takes me 2 – 3 hours a day and I really only need to write 1 a day. I make sure to include keywords that Google, Bing and Yahoo are going to use to send me visitors and buyers for FREE.

Are you interested in making money with such a business model? It’s really a better one because you can actually really make passive income, unlike flipping. Here, you’ll write the article only once and be able to benefit from the visitors that the search engines keep sending to it over time.

That’s real passive income, isn’t it?


You see, there’s nothing to lose because you’ll get to try it out for completely free to see how you like it. And even if you think it’s not your cup-a tea, then you can walk away without losing any money. I can’t think of a better deal, that’s for sure! I’m not like Art and Pallab who are going tell you to part with your money before giving you a chance to try it.

Inside, you’ll get all the training, the tools and even the support to become successful. You’ll even get direct access to me in case you have questions or need any help. What’s better than getting the coaching and help you need from somebody who has gotten through the training and who is actually earning from it?

As usual, should you have any questions about Flipped or making money online in general, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to help you out.

Your Friend,


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