Funnel X ROI Scam (Review 2019) – Watch OUT! It Isn’t As Advertised!

If you’re on this review, you’ve probably heard about the big money people are making with Funnel X ROI and now want to know more about the system, right?

Will Funnel X ROI scam you, rob you of your hard-earned money and run away with it, leaving you in the middle or will you really get the information, tools and resources that you need to make a full-time income from this business? How does it work? Is it legal? Is it really free?

If you have these questions, then look no further because my review will answer all of them and even more. Once you read the full review, you’ll know everything I found out about the program and will be able to make an informed decision.

FYI: I’m not an affiliate of the program so rest assured that I’m not going to pitch this program to you or sell it to you. I’m just writing this review to share what I’ve found out and to help you know whether this program will be suitable for you.

Let’s get the party started!

Funnel X ROI At A Glance


Owner: David Dekel

Purpose: Learn affiliate marketing and promote 5 different programs

Price: Free (with hidden costs)

Do I Recommend It?: No!

What Is Funnel X ROI?

My first impressions were that the sales page looked the same as some of the scams that I’ve reviewed, but I’m not jumping to conclusions here. David is a real person compared to those scams with nameless speakers and creators using pen names and voice actors. What I like is that David is himself presenting the sales video.

Funnel X ROI boasts to be a system that will teach you to make $300+ per day and is apparently a system that will get you started for free. The system is so good that you could even make your first $100 today, even you’re a newbie and don’t have any experience or skills, no website, no email list and no product.

That’s sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? To me, it just looks like hyped-up claims because I’ve seen the same claims being made before with other programs that I’ve reviewed and they never work out like that. There’s much more work that’s usually required.

But anyways, what you’ll get inside the system is a way to generate lead that won’t seem pushy to people and you’ll also get a step-by-step guide. Once the system is set up, you’ll be making income on automation and recurring. You’ll be able to skip over a lot of the work because the system will do all the work for you.

Again, this is something that I’ve heard before and I’m not so impressed as of yet. One thing that he also says that I’ve heard before is that the system is being given for free for a limited time and that the price will be raised later. In the case of Funnel X ROI, David says he will be charging $1,997.

What I like though is that he does not promise that this is going to happen overnight. He does tell you that if you don’t do the work, then you won’t succeed. But you can’t help but notice that he makes things look easy when he says he made $18K his 4th month into the program, right?

I wasn’t really satisfied with the sales video because there wasn’t a lot of information. All David tells us is how the program can change your life, how you make a ton of money and had a few testimonials. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Pitch Galore! – I Hope Your Pocket Is Deep Enough…

First pitch

When I first signed up, I was pitched up by David to sign up for a program called Easy 1 Up, which I actually have reviewed before, and it costs a minimum of $25 to join. I’m already uneasy because I found out that this program is similar to a pyramid scheme where you only make money when people join.

And didn’t David say that this was going to be free, people? Now he wants you to join this program for $25?

I know what he is doing; he probably is an affiliate of Easy 1 Up himself and is pitching the program up to you so that he can make money from you. Is Funnel X ROI being used to funnel you to Easy 1 Up? Is he trying to disguise the system?

Second pitch

I didn’t join Easy 1 Up, already knowing what it is so I moved on to the next page, which is yet another pitch to get you to sign up to an autoresponder service called GetResponse. That’s also probably through David’s affiliate link. Each month you pay for this service, David will get paid for it.

Don’t get me wrong. An autoresponder is a legit tool and good to have because it will help you collect and manage your leads but David should’t have said that this program is free when it clearly isn’t. If you sign up for Easy 1 Up and the GetResponse account, you’re already in $50!

Third Pitch

I already have an autoresponder account and didn’t need to get another one, so I skipped this step… to get to yet another pitch! Where the heck is the member’s area? I’m really starting to get tired at this point.

This time it is a pitch to what is called “Profit Vision” that will have you buy a ROI Panel and there are three to choose from:

1) Beginner – $197 Lifetime

2) Advanced – $597 Lifetime

3) Master – $1,497 Lifetime

And from what I see it, it uses a model similar to Easy 1 Up, where you’ll only be able to earn from the level that you buy into. For example, if you buy the beginner level, you’ll only be able to make commissions from referrals that buy that level.

If your referrals go straight to Advanced or Master, you’re going to miss out on those commissions and they’re going to be passed up to your sponsor if they have bought that level or higher. If you buy the advanced level directly, you’ll be able to get commissions from both the beginner and advanced levels.

That’s to force you to upgrade to the higher levels because you wouldn’t want to miss out on those commissions. Since this is similar to Easy 1 Up, I didn’t sign up for it.

Fourth Pitch

And then, there were four! But this one isn’t really a pitch. This one is really free and all you need to do is sign up. It’s called Funnel X Advance and you get paid $1 per person that you lead to sign up to Funnel X ROI. If you get to this point without actually buying any of the other offers, then that’s all you’ll make.

But if you buy all the other offers, which will end up costing a minimum of $247, with a $25 recurring monthly fee, then you’ll be able to make much more than that. So as you can see, we go all the way from FREE to having to spend $247+ monthly recurring costs in order to run the system.

And it does not end here!

Fifth Pitch

There’s yet another pitch that David wants you to sign up for, called Advertising Boost and this requires a recurring monthly payment, starting as low as $25 (or $119 every 3 months) and that goes all the way up to $83 (or $359 every 3 months).

What this account will enable you to do is give away vacation certificates and getaways to your customers where you get to take a cut from the sales of each trip that you are able to give away. The problem with this pitch is that Advertising Boost owns BookVIP which has horrible reviews.

I wouldn’t want to give away vacations through a travel agency that can’t guarantee quality customer service.

This offer is also particularly expensive because I know of another program where you can make money giving away vacations that is only a one-time fee of $47. It’s called Devant Travels and is one of the best companies that I’ve been with. You can check out all the details in my Devant Travels review HERE.

But anyways, I wouldn’t recommend signing up for Advertising Boost both because its overpriced and because the travel agency they operate, BookVIP is a horrendous company to deal with.

How Funnel X ROI Works

I don’t like the sound of how this works and neither will you.

The person who referred you to the system went through the same exact process that I just went through above and it is the same process that you’re gonna have to go through. You see, instead of David’s affiliate links in the above sections, each of the pitches will have your sponsor’s affiliate links.

Each time you’ll sign up and pay for a membership or for a service, your sponsor is gonna get paid. Now, if you’ve skipped the pitches like I did and got to the member’s area, you’re gonna be led through training that will encourage you once again to sign up for all of them. And guess what you’ll have to do?

You’ll have to do exactly what your sponsor did and recruit others into the system so that when they go through the SAME FUNNEL as you did and they buy something, you’ll make money. And they’ll have to recruit and repeat the same thing.

It’s a never-ending cycle involving recruiting, where each time somebody refers somebody else, they get paid through their own affiliate links.

This looks to me like some kind of pyramid because I can bet you that if you don’t BUY the products and pitches recommended, that David will have his affiliate links as default and will be making money over your head. It’s a pay-to-play system, where the more you can invest, the more money you’ll make.

This really puts those people who can’t afford to invest that much at a true disadvantage, already disqualifying the hard work that they are prepared to put into it. Not everybody is treated the same and this is what I really don’t like. You’re joining to MAKE money and not to be bled dry.

But anyways, you’ll have to lead people to sign up to Funnel X ROI and the method that they show you inside the system to get leads, is through Solo Ads, which is kind of being authorized to send promotional emails to somebody else’s email list at a cost.

You get the promotional emails and everything but this method is not recommended for beginners because it is too easy to burn money. Everybody will be using the same pre-written emails with the same headings so with time, this kind of promotion will lose its effectiveness. Only people first starting out will really benefit from them.

At the same time, you’ll also be building your own email list that you’ll be able to promote to in the future but those email lists have been proven to not really convert well.

So one, you’ve paid for these leads and two, they have been proven to NOT convert as well as those leads that you get YOURSELF, warm leads. So I definitely do not recommend Solo Ads, especially not to beginners because you won’t know how to manage your list effectively. There isn’t even any training on that inside Funnel X ROI.

Is Funnel X ROI A Scam?

It really depends on what you consider a scam.

Some people may not call it a scam because they’ve made money from the program and they say that there is SOME training on the inside as well that could benefit you.

Others will call it a scam because it is misleading. You’re told that you will be able to start for free when really, you’ll be taken through pitch after pitch, that get more and more expensive. There are 5 pitches even before you get tot he member’s area.

Even the member’s area is filled with promotions and services and memberships that you’ll need to sign up for if you want to make any money. And even the traffic method taught to get leads to your Funnel X ROI offer is paid. Free methods are not taught.

Also keep in mind that this method of making money online, where you’re only recruiting in order to make money online, is borderline illegal. There aren’t really any products to sell. There isn’t a retail side to the program, in other words. These types of program are red flags to the FTC and could be shut down, like MOBE and some others.

If a company running a similar business model was shut down, then you don’t want to join Funnel X ROI. This does not make for a long-term and secure financial future.

Additionally, the products inside the funnel like Easy 1 Up, aren’t really good value and I wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting a program like that to others. You would only be paying for the right to earn, which should be working the other way around.

Overall, I’m very dissatisfied with Funnel X ROI and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

Discover My Secret To Starting An Online Business That’s REALLY Free!

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I am an affiliate marketer but I do things a whole lot differently than David. I don’t pay for leads. I use a method of attractive leads to me for completely free and this works over and over again.

I also don’t recruit to make money online. There are actual QUALITY products and services that people want and need, which is nothing like what’s inside Funnel X ROI. I also use a 4-step method to making money online that’s easy once you get the hand of it.

I’m not going to promise overnigh riches because there is some work and a learning curve, but if you stick to it, then you’re going to become successful. I created a FREE guide and a FREE 6-Day Course that will get you kickstarted on this successful journey.


You’ll learn how to get started on your online business for FREE, you’ll learn of the tools, resources and platform that I personally use and you’ll also be able to have me as a mentor as you grow your online career.

Sign up for my FREE GUIDE AND THE COURSE NOW and I’ll see you on the side. I can’t wait to start helping you out.

Thanks for reading this review and I really want to hear from you; did FUNNEL X ROI scam you or are you happy with the system?

Your Friend,



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