Funnel Xpress Review – Legit Or Outright Scam?

Funnel Xpress Review

If you were looking for an honest review of Funnel Xpress, then you’ve just found it!

Maybe you have questions about the program, like is it a scam? Does it really work? How does it work? Will you be able to make as much money as David claims and will you become financially free? Or you’re probably also a little skeptical and wanted to find out more about it before joining.

This is the review that you need to read in its entirety because it will reveal all that David and the members of the program, want to hide from you. There are a lot of people, or affiliates of the program that are boasting about it and making it seem like the best thing since sliced bread, just to have you join and make money off of you.

You must already know that I’m not an affiliate and will not pitch this program up to you. I’m writing this review to help you uncover the truth so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Funnel Xpress At A Glance


Creator: David Dekel

Purpose: Make money recruiting

Price: Free (with hidden costs)

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely NOT!

What Is Funnel Xpress?

Funnel Xpress is yet another system that was created by David, the other one being Funnel X ROI, which I have already reviewed and that I really didn’t recommend. I have a feeling that things are going to work the same way with Funnel Xpress, but let’s see.

This program is allegedly one where newbies will be able to follow and use in order to make tons of cash online. No need for experience or any skills because the system is automated and will make you money within one day. Some people are reporting making $1000 per day with this system within just a few days of starting out.

Sure, there are some things that can be automated but remember that not everything in a business can be automated. There is always more work involved and maybe sometimes more money. Either you learn and do the work yourself or you pay others to do the dirty work for you.

So that means that you won’t be making money within your first few days as a newbie because of the learning curve or that you’ll need to pay a LOT of money to get to a point where you’re making $1000. Either way, it’s not going to be as easy as David or the testimonies claim.

They say you don’t need a website to make it work, nor do you need an email list or a product to sell. What’s more is that Funnel Xpress is being given to you for 100% free, which I’m not really buying here, since he said the same thing with Funnel X ROI. There are most probably fees that you’ll need to pay inside.

David also says that you’ll be able to make money from multiple streams, which is how he made the amount of money he did and that’s going to be automated within the program. This really is starting to sound like another version of Funnel X ROI.

These are the kinds of sales pages that I really hate because here is no transparency. They seem to just want your information or your money.

How Funnel Xpress Works

And the upsells start again, very much like Funnel X ROI. But with Funnel Xpress, you’re getting a longer funnel, which means that you’ll need to join more programs in order to make money.

If you haven’t read my Funnel X ROI review, then let me briefly explain it. The way that both of these programs work is to recruit as many people as possible into the program, just like you are being recruited to watch the sales video right now. Once you decide to sign up, you’ll go through a bunch of pitches.

You’ll need to BUY into these pitches in order to earn anything from them if your recruits decide to get them. And if you don’t, then you’ll be missing out on those commissions. There were 5 pitches within Funnel X ROI and Funnel Xpress has 6. This is basically how you’ll make money, by driving people to the funnel and making commission off of their purchases.

First Pitch – LeaderBoard Affiliate

This is a program that has membership levels costing from $27 all the way to $1,997. There is also a reseller fee to pay separately to give you the right to make 100% commission each time one of your recruits signs up for it.

With LeaderBoard Affiliate, there is a wealth of information, including interviews with successful online marketers. They describe how they got to the success they’re having now. This is not training but more to set your mindset on business and to give you tips and tricks here and there.

Don’t get me wrong but although there is a great information to gather from LeaderBoard Affiliate, I really do not think that it is worth its price.

Second Pitch – GetResponse

This is actually the same pitch as within Funnel X ROI. You are asked to get a membership with GetResponse which is an autoresponder. You need this tool to build and manage an online list. A list is important because you can retarget with people that have not joined the program through email.

Though this is a good tool to use, something that even I use, I don’t think that it is being introduced at the right time. You see, in order to start building your list, you need to know how to drive traffic to your squeeze page first but it hasn’t even been explained to you yet.

It just shows that David is really after your money because he most definitely would be an affiliate of GetResponse, and every time you pay for your membership, he’ll be making money.

Third Pitch – ROI Panel

This is actually the same thing that David pitches to you within Funnel X ROI, yet again. You’ll need to sign up at one of three levels that will cost you $197, $597 and $1,497 respectively. You’ll also be getting a reseller license at the level that you enrol at so each time a recruit of yours purchases that level or below it, you’ll make a commission.

For example, if you get the $597 level, you will make commissions on sales from that level as well as the level below it, the $197 level. But if your recruit decides to buy the $1,497 level, you won’t make any money.

There really isn’t a lot of value that you’re getting by purchasing these different levels that I found, except that it will give you the chance to make more money.

Fourth Pitch – Funnel X Advance

When you create an account with Funnel X Advance, you will earn $1 for each recruit that you bring to the program. This sounds easy but it really isn’t because those leads need to meet certain criteria:

1) They need to be from either USA, Canada, Australia, UK or New Zealand.

2) They need to have a valid email address

3) They need to verify their account/email address

4) They need to log in and interact with the training

This is to make sure that you’re not sending robots or low-quality traffic to the sales page. They want to know that you’re sending high-quality traffic that might actually convert.

And even within this section, although it’s free, there are upsells that you can buy in order to make more per lead, for whenever THEY buy the upsells too.

Fifth Pitch – Advertising Boost

Again, this is one of the pitches within Funnel X ROI. If you join, you will be able to give away vacations and make 40% off of the sales that you bring in. But there is also a monthly fee starting at $24.75 all the way to $83.03.

I did mention this in my Funnel X ROI review and I will mention it again here; there is another similar program where only a one time fee of $47 is required. That’s much cheaper than this ongoing monthly fee.

Advertising Boost is also part of BookVIP that has horrible reviews as a travel agency. They just cannot seem to do anything right on their first point of contact with a client. There always seems to be errors on bookings and many of their prices are non-refundable and it is not made clear.

I would not want to be part of this company at all!

Sixth Pitch – ORU

When you’re collecting payments or getting paid online, you need to have a reliable way to receive that money and David recommended ORU which will be helping you with that. But unfortunately, as with almost everything within this list of pitches, ORU is NOT free to use.

You’ll need to pay over $28 as a one-time activation fee as well as $5.95 recurring every single month.

Now, ORU might really be a great tool to use and I have not used it. It might be good for some and not as much for others, but why would you want to PAY for this kind of service when there are other services, like Stripe, that you could be using for FREE?

Yes, investment in your business is important but you want to minimize your investment as much as possible, especially if there are other alternatives. I get that you’ll be able to earn from those referrals that DO get ORU but you also have to remember that not everybody will and if nobody does, you’ll still be stuck with the $5.95 per month.

The Training – Is It Worth It?

There seems to be a lot of training within the program but don’t let appearances fool you. The different income streams are the pitches that I revealed and explained above. So it’s obvious here that there is nothing FREE about the program and that you’re gonna have to SPEND money to MAKE money.

The amount that you spend will determine the amount of money that you can make, because the higher the value of the plans that you invest in, the bigger the commissions that you can make. There really isn’t much training except that there is a part for driving traffic.

And that too, it’s not that good because the only training that you’ll get for getting leads is through Solo Ads and through Youtube, so if you don’t have any more money to spend on traffic, you’ll have no choice but to start doing Youtube videos, even if you’re not comfortable doing it.

Else, there is no other way.

I would actually recommend using video marketing through Youtube, one because it’s free and two because this traffic is more targeted and likely to convert. The only thing is that it takes time to get good traffic because you will need to work really hard and publish videos on a consistent basis.

You won’t expect to make money within your first week and in some cases, even in one month.

The Solo Ads can also be a very good way to build your list and to use your autoresponder but the fact is that you’ll need to pay for that traffic. And always remember that there is never a guarantee of return on your investment when you use paid traffic.

It is very easy to burn money when you use paid traffic when you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why I never recommend it to newbies.

Apart from that, there isn’t any other traffic training, nothing from Social media marketing, forum marketing or from SEO. It is very limited in my opinion and strategies for actually promoting the opportunity is lacking. So that does not make it as newbie-friendly as David claims.

Is Funnel Xpress A Scam?

It really depends on how you define a scam.

If a program gives you something in return for signing up or for your money and you are satisfied, then Funnel Xpress may not be a scam. Not to mention that there is also a 30 day money back guarantee. But David is not very clear as to WHAT you will get a refund on.

Is it ANY expense or membership fee that you invest in, or just ONE of them?

If you think that a program being borderline pyramid is a scam, then Funnel Xpress may be one to you. That’s because the only way to make money is to recruit others, who will do the same and recruits more people under them. There is also a one-up business model where every first or second sale goes to your sponsor.

That’s one of the main reasons that I do not recommend Funnel Xpress but there is another one that you should consider. The FTC that operates in the closing of scams and illegal schemes online recently shut down a high-ticket program called MOBE and members of that company made money only by recruiting as well.

So what makes you think that the FTC is not going to be on to the Funnel Xpress next? Or even Funnel X ROI?

It’s not a very good decision from a business perspective for you to invest time and money into a program that could be shut down at any time, right? And the fact that this program is borderline pyramid makes this business model almost illegal and unsustainable.

You want a business that has good prospects for the long-term and that will do nothing but grow and more importantly, something that is not questionable in the eyes of the law, right? Funnel Xpress is definitely NOT what you’re looking for in this case so I recommend that you don’t waste your time and money on it.

Discover How I Make Passive Income Online The LEGIT Way!

I’m not like David and his affiliates. If I were, then I would be busy promoting Funnel X ROI and Funnel Xpress just like them. But I’m not. What I want to do is to share with you the way that I make money online and how you can get started.

I’m an affiliate marketer and how I make money is by promoting other people’s products and getting paid for it. It’s really easy because you can choose any niche that you enjoy and go with it! You’ll be creating content around problems that you know how to solve and you give your audience a link to purchase the product that’s going to help.

Of course, most people will appreciate the help and the research you put into helping them, and above all else, they want a solution to their problem, so they will buy what you recommend.

That way, you don’t have to chase customers. Customers will come looking for you. Isn’t that just great?

I have written a guide that I will be sending you FOR FREE with all the information that you need to know to get started. I will give you access to the free resources that I used when I first got started and you can take it from there. If you want to take it further, it will be up to you. There will be NO forcing here!

Here’s proof of my recurring income:


And even if you feel like this industry is not for you, you can always walk away without losing a dime and I won’t feel hurt. I will respect your decision and wish you good luck on your journey.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW and I’ll guide you to success. There is nothing to lose! I’ll see you on the inside.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your experiences with Funnel Xpress and/or Funnel X ROI. I’m sure you’ve probably made some money but what do you think of the pyramid structure of the plan?

Your Friend,



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