GoEarn.co Review – Is GoEarn Another Scammy Influencer Network?

goearn review

Is GoEarn.co another scam that is going to mislead you, and waste your precious time which is in the end, not going to pay out? Find out in this honest GoEarn.co review.

The truth is that I came across so many similar websites and so-called “networks” that claim to pay out handsomely for small tasks but that will actually not pay out at the end of the day. And GoEarn seriously looks like one of them.

That’s why if you’re looking for a review that I suggest you read this one until the end because I will be pointing out some alarming red flags that suggest it to be a scam. You’ll be pretty shocked too at how they con you!

GoEarn At A Glance

Website: GoEarn.co

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn online by referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! GoEarn is a scam and is not going to pay out, just like the similar websites that I have reviewed before. There are too many red flags and not ONE good thing that I can say about the website.

What Is GoEarn?

GoEarn claims to be a website where you can earn money simply sharing links on social media. They claim that you can make $500 every single day with their website and that they are the number 1 earning network.

They also claim to have paid out $44M+ to their members and also that they have been around for quite a while. They have a big network of people that work with them as well as their parent company.

Don’t you find it strange that they don’t reveal who their parent company is?

But anyway, let me tell you that GoEarn is a GPT or get-paid-to website, much like Swagbucks, 2Captcha and Points Prizes. But when you compare the claims of income that GoEarn makes, it makes me suspicious.

Sure, it’s great if you could really earn $500 everyday with such websites, but this makes me suspicious because nobody else pays that much. Nobody else, especially if they’re legit, will make guarantees of income.

That’s actually illegal!

Moreover, let’s just take our time and think; if it was as easy as that to make money online, then don’t you think that people would have been better off in this pandemic of the CoronaVirus? However, people are in worst shape.

People are still looking for ways to earn online and those who don’t want to work hard will be the ones who will fall for these lies. Yes, they are lies because I’ve seen similar websites before.

All of them, from Referral Pay, Viral Work, Cash For Share, Cash Gem to Earn 2 Flex were already revealed to be scams. And since GoEarn looks similar, works similar, pays similar and makes claims similarly, I think that it’s a scam too.

Let me prove it to you.

How GoEarn Works

Okay, so let’s just take a look at how GoEarn Works. We’ll look at the other red flags that are similar to the other scammy websites in just one moment.

But in order to understand whether a website is legit or not, you have to make sure that the business model makes sense for the OWNER. You have to take a look at how they make money and how they are spending it.

Understanding where the money comes from and where the money goes will help you see whether they will pay out or not. Because if a business model makes no sense, then chances are that no money will be paid out and they are after something else.

And unfortunately, that’s what I found out was happening with GoEarn. They claim to that it is free to sign up, you make money when people click on your referral link, when they sign up and you also make money when complete tasks.

However the only avenue from which money seems to be coming in for GoEarn is through those offers and tasks. How that works is when you complete a task, GoEarn gets paid and then pays you you share. But have you seen how much they are paying for a single offer?


That does sound exciting to you, but if you were a company having to pay $50 for simple work that takes people 5 – 10 minutes to complete, would you be thrilled? I don’t think so and neither would GoEarn’s affiliated companies.

So that’s why I believe that GoEarn does not actually have any affiliated companies since nobody would want to pay that much when Swagbucks and the other legitimate companies are around. They charge WAY less.

And if GoEarn has no revenue, how do you think they’ll pay you? From their own pockets? No way! This means that GoEarn would never pay out, just like the other scammy websites I already exposed as scams.

The Red Flags – Proof They Won’t Pay Out

1) Unknown Creator

I always like to research who created the website I want to work with because you can then confirm whether they are reliable and truthful. You can confirm their history and record.

But unfortunately, GoEarn does not reveal who actually created the website and that’s a bad sign. A lot of the websites that I reviewed in the past that had an anonymous creator turned out to be either scams or low-quality products that didn’t work as advertised.

These scammers know that sooner or later, you’ll figure out that they are scamming you and you’ll want to pursue them and have them fined and close down their business. Well, if they’re caught, it’s game over for them right?

That’s why they prefer to remain anonymous so as not to get caught. GoEarn doesn’t even tell us who their parent company is. Wouldn’t telling us their parent company, that has been around for 10 years, increase trust?

Well, why wouldn’t they tell us? That’s because there simply isn’t a parent company and they are lying.

2) GoEarn is still a new website

Websites that have been around for a long time are more likely to be legitimate. Newer websites don’t have a track record and thus, many times, you cannot confirm whether they are scams or not.

GoEarn has been around for a few years, they claim, but when I went to confirm it on a reliable website called WHOIS, that wasn’t the case at all. WHOIS is telling us that GoEarn.co was registered and created on June 14, 2020.

So GoEarn hasn’t even been around for 1 month!

That’s a pretty big risk to take to sign up with a website that has been around for such a short period of time. There is no track record and thus, you can’t be sure of whether they are speaking the truth or not.

3) Income claims make no sense

The income claims that GoEarn makes with the amount that they’ve paid out as well as that one testimonial on their website, don’t make any sense. They say they’ve paid out a total fo $44M+.

How is that possible in only 10 days?

Moreover, the testimonial, Matthew, says he made $237K with GoEarn. Well, that’s 6 figures in 10 days. Does that sound realistic to you? It doesn’t to me.

That’s why I believe that the $44M and the $237K are completely made up numbers. If those are made up and there aren’t any other proofs, then I’m sure that GoEarn is lying and that nobody actually got paid with GoEarn.

Remember, this is a GPT site, much like Swagbucks. People don’t make this kind of money in 10 days with GPT websites. If we did, then nobody would work the traditional job and nobody would be poor.

Is GoEarn A Scam?

I definitely think that GoEarn is a scam and that you should seriously avoid it. There is nothing to gain with this website. You’ll only be wasting time.

There are just too many red flags, right? And there aren’t any good things that I can find or come up with for GoEarn. The red flags are also similar to the ones I found with the other scammy websites I exposed before.

That’s also one reason that I do think GoEarn is a scam.

Who would believe them, with so many lies and so many things that just don’t add up? And what about the business model that makes no sense?

If the business model made sense and could work, then perhaps, we could give GoEarn some more time to prove themselves and to try to build up a track record. But that does not make sense with the amount of red flags and their severity.

Like the other websites, GoEarn tries to lure you in with the promise of high pay when they have no intention of paying you. They are looking to gather you personal data so as to sell it to others, who could be scammers and spammers.

They could hack into your accounts, depending on the information that you give up to them, or they could use your email to try and get you to give up credit card details, Paypal information and even banking details.

That’s why I say that it’s best not to sign up with GoEarn and to avoid it. It’s bad news all around.

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Thanks for reading my GoEarn review. I would really appreciate it if you share with us in the comments below about your experiences with GoEarn, whether negative or positive. It would really help others visiting my website.

Lots of Love,


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