Google Shooter Review – Will You Make Over $7K A Week?

Welcome to this Google Shooter Review.

What surprises me, is that we keep getting outrageous income claims from these make-money-online programs and though it is possible to make that kind of money online, it takes time, and I speak from experience.

But is there really a secret sauce that only Google Shooter can reveal, that will make you a ton of money online, or is it just going to be another one of those scams? Have you found the Golden Nugget or will your wallet become lighter only to add zeros to the creator’s bank account?

Here’s a completely truthful review about Google Shooter.

At A Glance

Name: Google Shooter


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Unknown (except to make you money doing Affiliate Marketing)

Price: $47/month OR one-time $97

Do I Recommend It?: No…

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Wanna Watch A Video of The Review Instead?

What is Google Shooter?

The sales page is nothing special, but already, something did not seem right.

The name of the system is “Google Shooter” and I thought that this system was going to show me how to rank my website using SEO techniques, or even how to create cost-effective and efficient ads using Google.

But when I looked at the first few sentences above the video and saw that it was a system that will show me how to make money online using Amazon, I was confused. The video that showed me income proof from ClickBank did not help either.

Then, you have testimonials one from Linda Green and a video testimonial from Maria B. Linda explains that the training within the system has helped her so much because it showed her what to do in a “step-by-step” fashion. She even shows us her income proof, making upto $422K within a week. Maria says the same things about the program.

Can Google Shooter be the answer to your problems? Will you really be able to earn money by following the steps within the system? Or will the person or scammer behind this system run away with your money?

Beware of The Red Flags

Sorry to break the news to you, but there are a few points that just do not add up. Additionally, the creator of this program uses a lot of scammy tactics to make you believe that he will show you how to make a ton of money online, being an affiliate marketing.

Here are the reasons why I don’t believe he’s got your best interest at heart:

1) There’s no info about the owner/creator

It is very common for scammers / low-quality system creators to omit information about themselves. You will notice here, that the creator never reveals his name nor does he try to prove to you that he is the real deal.

With the number of scams online and being on the rise, ethical and honest creators of make-money-online programs know that they have to work harder to prove that they are real and that their system is real. By doing that, there is much more trust between the new member and the creator.

So you may ask me, what would be the benefit of NOT sharing who you are within the sales video or the sales page? That’s because a scammer is usually a SERIAL scammer, meaning that he would create multiple programs that will sell well for a few weeks or months, but once revealed as scams, the scammer will go on to create other programs.

They either don’t give any names within those programs or create fake names (a different one for each program) so as not to be recognized and to keep selling new programs over time.

2) LOTS of grammatical errors

If you read everything on the sales page very carefully, you’ll see that there are a lot of grammatical errors. Many words are misspelled, and punctuation is missing almost everywhere.

That’s the sign of somebody who is only focused on selling you a dream, and does not really care about much else. This does not harbour trust and makes me doubt the quality of the training inside the videos, despite the testimonials.

3) Linda Green’s Written Testimonial

If I was a newbie, I would have fallen for Linda’s testimonial but if you are attentive enough, you will be able to tell that the testimonial is fake.

First of all, the testimonial was full of grammatical mistakes, similar to the whole webpage. Words are misspelled a lot and there is NO punctuation whatsoever. The flow of the sentences are mediocre too. This is one reason that I believe that this is not a real testimonial at all, but one that was written by the website owner himself.

Another reason to think that this testimonial is fake, is that the photo used is a stock photo and is not really Linda Green.

4) Maria B’s Video Testimonial

There’s not much to say about Maria’s testimonial, other than she does not mention Google Shooter at all! So how can we be sure that she is talking about the same program?

In my opinion, because of the fact that she does not mention Google Shooter, and also because this video is shared directly from Youtube, I believe that the creator of the website purposefully used a random video on Youtube that looked like a testimonial and that did not mention any product.

That way, he would be able to trick people into thinking that Google Shooter was the product that she was referring to.

5) Income Proof

For one, the income proof is ANCIENT! The video income proof dates from sometime in 2010! Google and many other websites have had so many changes since then. How can we be sure that the techniques taught (if the system were legit), would really work after 8 years?

Additionally, such big numbers, especially from ClickBank, do not impress me. That’s because income proof from that website can easily be forged. If you go to Youtube and search for “how to fake ClickBank income proof”, you’ll be shown a lot of tutorials on how to do it.

But the proof is shown on video, some may say, and thus, cannot be faked. Okay, fair enough. But my answer to that, is that this guy does not show you whether the money made was as an affiliate or a vendor. Additionally, the proof shows “sales” made, not commissions.

The page he shows you, is the TOTAL sales made, by either being an affiliate or a vendor, which is problematic. Google Shooter is sold on CLICKBANK and I have my suspicions that it is not the only product that the creator sells. Therefore, I have a hunch that the sales figures he shows you, are as a result of selling other SCAM systems to the general public.

6) Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

I know, reading those documents is incredibly boring, but they sometimes reveal information that could say a lot about the system.

And in this case, we find out that Google Shooter is not mentioned at all within the wordings of the documents. Instead, I find another system called ClickBank Builder. That really sealed my belief that the creator of this system is a serial scammer, because he did not even bother to change the name of the last “scam” he created with this new one.

Google Shooter Review – A Scam?


The way that the program is advertized is just too similar to other scams that I have reviewed in the past; from the creator not revealing who he is, to the many grammatical errors within the sales page and the written testimonial, to the ancient income proof and the name of an older product being used in the legal documents.

Scammers like this just care about one thing and that’s to reach as deep as possible into your wallet. Google Shooter is not any different to some of the other scams that I revealed;

1) 60 Minute Profit Plan

2) Click Click Cash

3) Az Formula

4) CB Cash Code

Therefore, from experience and the red flags that I have been able to identify, I think that this program is a scam and should be avoided at all costs!

A Viable Alternative

Let me introduce you to the program that I have myself used to start my online business and continue using to grow it. It’s a platform that has EVERYTHING that you need to become successful; the training, the tools and 24/7 support. The owners of this platform are Kyle and Carson, and I can vouch to say that they are real people, not like this one who hides.

They are not creators of multiple programs and focus all their energy into this one platform. They meet up with their best affiliates once a year and they also are very active within the community, encouraging members and helping others when they have a question.

It is free to get access to this system and I myself started with the free account. There is also a paid membership but you are never pushed or coerced into upgrading. When you sign up, you get me as a mentor and coach. I am a Top 50 member, this you can rest assured that I will never let you down when you need help.

Check Out The Platform HERE For Completely Free!

I don’t make any money when you sign up for the free membership, so don’t worry; I am not trying to steal money from you. I have fallen for many scams before and now that I have found a legitimate platform to help me make money online, I only want to help others do the same.

Whichever path you choose to online success, I only wish for your happiness.

Your Friend,


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