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Are you looking for an honest review? Are you wondering whether it works or not? Whether it will really make you money or not? Whether they will actually pay out or not? Is it a scam or legit?

Then, keep reading because I will be answering these questions and many more here.

The truth is that scams are numerous and to the untrained eye, the newbie, it might seem like a wonderful way of making money online. But what they don’t know is that they might be falling for a trap.

Is such a trap?

I’ve been in this make-money-online industry for over 2 years and have been reviewing hundreds of websites over that time. Therefore, I can certainly say that I know a thing or two about making money online.

Let me show you what I really think of At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn referring others and viewing ads

Price: Free to join but will ask for money later

Do I Recommend Gtemoney?: NO! It’s a scam that will lure you in with high pay but then ask you to PAY to withdraw your earnings. But in the end, you’ll never receive your earnings or your money back.

What is

Gtemoney is a website that claims you can make money simply viewing ads on their website. But I just cannot hide the truth from you. I have seen the same website before and even deemed it a scam.

If you take a look at my other reviews, you’ll see what I mean.

1) Oma Money

2) Aex Money

3) Aon Money

So I can already tell that Gtemoney is going to be scam that will not pay you. But if I didn’t know about these other websites already, I would have found out that the website is a scam anyways, through the pay.

You see, they claim to pay you $0.10 per ad unit that you view which to be honest, is higher than what other legitimate websites pay. So one way or another, this is a red flag that would have popped up at some point.

Moreover, the website claims that people are making over $400 every single day with them. That’s around $12,000 every single month! Have you ever heard of anybody making that much money simply viewing ads?

Never have I, before or after starting to work online. So that’s just bogus claims!

If it was as easy as that to make money online, then can you tell me why people are in such financial difficulties during this pandemic? There has to be a catch, right?

The truth is that easy work pays little and more complicated work pays more. And in my books, viewing ads is TOO easy. So guess how much it’s supposed to pay?

How Works

Now, before we get into the red flags, let’s take a look at how Gtemoney works. Sometimes, just trying it out reveals all that you need to know about it and whether or not it is going to be legit.

So, I signed up with a new account and was brought into the dashboard. I also just want to let you know that i didn’t sign up with my real personal information because in my experience, the other ones were scams.

I didn’t want to be spammed and I didn’t want them using my personal information in any way.

But anyhow, what you see inside the members area is a button that will bring you to where you can start viewing ads and earning. After each viewing, you need to complete some captcha texts to prove you’re not a robot.

Okay, that makes sense. But what did not make sense was that when I went to click on one of the ads, it brought me to a page where the listings had expired.

It doesn’t make sense for anybody to pay to advertise a product that does not exist anymore, right? And that’s when I figured out that those aren’t ads at all but affiliate links.

Each time somebody clicks on those ads and purchase something, the owner of Gtemoney will earn commissions. Too bad the listing expired, right? So there’s no money to be made there.

So if the links are expired and there aren’t really companies paying to advertise on Gtemoney, then where is the money to pay YOU coming from? I don’t think the money comes from anywhere and I don’t think they will pay you.

Serious Red Flags That Indicate And Prove It’s A Scam

1) Unknown creator

Every time there is something that sounds too good to be true, try looking for the one who actually created the website or the program. Unfortunately, most creators are anonymous and that’s a BAD thing.

The truth is that there are so many scams on the internet that will NOT disclose who the creator is because the creator does not want to be caught, fined or sued. That’s why you will find that a lot of the times, you can’t confirm their reputation.

So how do you know they will really pay? You just don’t!

Moreover, as you can already see, the scammers remaining anonymous means that they can created scam after scam, just like they did with Omamoney, Aexmoney, Aonmoney and Gtemoney.

Just beware of creators who don’t disclose their identity.

2) Privacy Policy is missing

Were you wondering why I didn’t give them my real personal information? That’s due to the fact that the Privacy Policy page is missing on the Gtemoney website.

This page discloses how they will use your information and in the case of Gtemoney, they don’t have one. So you don’t know what they could do with it, right?

They could use it to spam your inbox or even sell your information to other scammers who will look to spam and scam you. So obviously I don’t want that and didn’t provide my information.

So always look for that page on a website that is asking for your information. You need to know how they will use it.

3) Support is copied and pasted

I actually found out that the support thread on Gtemoney is completely fake. How? Well, it’s just exactly the SAME as the other websites that I mentioned in this review. Just take a look below.

So as you can see, the usernames are the same and the comments are the same, which means that the creator simply copied and pasted those comments from one website to the next. These aren’t real people.

That’s why you can’t believe all those comments because they were made up by the creator of Gtemoney. Nobody actually used the website and made any money from it.

4) They keep adding requirements to withdraw

Usually, with these websites, the requirements to withdraw are pretty clear. I didn’t see any requirements and thought I would withdraw at $10. But guess what? A message came up saying that I would need at least $150 to cash out.

Then it got even stranger. I did some research online to see if there would be any other requirement and lo and behold! Even after meeting the $150 cash out threshold, the new requirement is to get a minimum of 40 referrals.

And after THAT, you’ll need to wait 60 days to withdraw your money. That’s a bunch of really high requirements for a website that claims for people to make money easily, right?

With other websites such as Swagbucks, which is legit even if they pay less, they don’t force you to refer others, although the incentive is there. And they don’t force you to wait 60 days once you’ve reached the threshold to withdraw.

The fact that these ridiculous requirements are present makes Gtemoney suspicious, if not a scam.

5) They ask for money for you to withdraw

That’s really the cherry on top, isn’t it? In order to withdraw your own money, they ask you to PAY. Okay, there might be fees to pay, but if you’re already at the cash out threshold of $150 and the fee is $10, why can’t they deduct it from your earnings?

No, they make you GIVE them your payment information. And that’s the way that the scammers make money with this scam. If you are fooled by them and end up paying them, then you can say goodbye to your money and your earnings.

They’ll make you earn $150 and make you pay $10. In comparison to $150, $10 doesn’t seem like a lot, right? That’s where most people will fall for this trap. I just hope you didn’t or don’t fall for it.

Should You Sign Up With

I don’t have to beat around the bush here. You already know that I think that Gtemoney is a scam and that you would be wasting your time signing up and working for this website.

There’s no privacy policy so they could use your information for absolutely anything at all. There’s also no real ads inside the members area so there’s nobody really working with Gtemoney here.

That also means that there is no revenue for Gtemoney at all so if money is not coming it, there is no way that money is gonna go out. And by that, I mean that they won’t pay out.

There are also some other red flags, like the creator being unknown and also the coped and pasted comments in the support thread that prove things won’t work as advertised and that the website is a total scam.

Don’t forget also that there are requirements for withdrawal that keep getting added on until finally, they ask you for money. That’s the aim of this whole scam and that’s how the scammer makes money with Gtemoney.

It’s not mean to make you money but the scammer!

So I do not recommend It is a scam that you should avoid.

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Lots of Love,


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