Hive Micro Review – Legit or Scam?

Low-quality, Make Pocket Money, Not recommended / Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Micro jobs have become very popular over the internet nowadays and they give people an opportunity to make some extra money online. There are lots of different companies, promising to pay out, but which ones are legit? Which ones are worth your time?

In this Hive Micro review, I will be discussing the type of work that you will need to do to earn money with that platform, how much money you can earn and whether or not it is a reliable source of income.

At A Glance

Name: Hive Micro


Owner: ??

Training: Yes

Tools: ??

Support: No

Recommended?: No

What is Hive Micro about?

Hive Micro has been in business for about 1 year now and it is a website that gives micro-jobs to people in exchange for money. You can work at any time of day or the night. Your job will be sorting images into respective categories. You can do so using your mouse or your keyboard.

Signing up with this company is FREE and they don’t ask for much when you sign up, except for Name, Address, Phone number, Email and Paypal info.

You also need to be 18 years old or older to sign up to work because of explicit content that will be involved in the work. Pretty much anybody from anywhere around the world can sign up.

My First Impressions

I personally found it a little bit weird that Hive Micro asks for your address and phone number. Because this is an online workplace and money is paid through Paypal, I don’t see why the email address isn’t enough.

But moving on to the work to be completed, the dashboard is very clean and it is easy to get started with working for these guys. As of now, I can see a few categories namely:

1) NSFW Images – $0.15 per 1000 solved

These are images that need to be classified between being Clean images, suggestive images, sexually explicit images and violently explicit images (the reason you need to be at least 18 to work with Hive Micro)

2) Celebrity Yes/No – $0.35 per 1000 solved

These are images that need to be classified, if they match the person THEY pick out for you. This is mostly classifying pictures of celebrities, as the name suggests.

3) Pedestrians Multipass – $1.20 per 1000 solved

These images are those where you need to highlight or box in a person/pedestrian on the road, that has NOT been recognised or highlighted automatically.

The reason why they might not have been done automatically, is because of obstacles that could be between the camera and the person (like a stationary vehicle where a person is standing BEHIND it, and only the head of the person is visible).

4) Driving Multipass – $1.40 per 1000 solved

These images are similar to highlighting and boxing in above, but you would need to box in vehicles that have not been properly recognized by the system.

I like how different categories have different payments too, because it means that you can engage into different categories at your leisure. These are standard payment rates for solving images, captchas/recaptchas so the fact that they do not promise for you to make outrageous money overnight, shows that this might not be a scam.

Training / Test

For each category, there is a different set of instructions and guidelines. Therefore, in order to be able to work in each individual category, you need to go through the training and the test for each of them.

You are not paid to go through the test, which will consist of 45 – 50 test images. However, because you are still learning at this point, the mistakes you make will not be counted.

You will also be corrected and you will have access to the instructions and guidelines sheet, through the training and test, as well as through the entire duration of you working.

Therefore, if you are unsure of how to categorize a certain image, you can look through the guidelines to help you solve it.


There really aren’t any tools that you need because everything is included within the platform for you. You need to be able to read the instructions of what to do with your mouse and your keyboard. Working with your keyboard is definitely faster and you’ll get better over time, but you have to learn the shortcuts for effective categorizing.


I searched their website and I could not for the life of me, find an FAQ page. To be honest, I have not even found a “Privacy Policy” page nor an “About Us” page.

I think it is very vital to include these pages because without them, it creates a lot of mistrust. Without these pages, it makes me feel like they may sell out your information to others.

On top of that, there have been a lot of reports online about how bad Support is at getting back to people’s questions and concerns. Some people have complained that they have never received an answer from the support team at all!

If Support has been bombarded with the same questions over and over again, up to a point where they stopped answering, then it is evident that they SHOULD include an FAQ.

How much money can I make?

Now comes the real reason you have been reading my article… No? Just kidding.

I am sorry to tell you that you will not be making even pocket money with Hive Micro. And here is why. I started timing myself to see how many I could solve within a 30 minute period and to look at my earnings.

I was only at 6.6 cents… $0.066… For HALF hour of work!

Taking this into consideration, I would only make 13 cents per hour and that would translate to about $1 for 8 hours of work.

Maybe I could have made more if work had been available continuously but often times within the 30 minutes, I found myself having to wait a few minutes to get a few minutes of work.

I will be trying at a different time of night, just in case it is due to the high volume of people working at the time that I was on and I will be posting my results. But even if I made 2 or 3  times more, at $2 – $3 for every 8 hours of work, I just don’t think that this work is worth it.


Payments are made every Tuesday through Paypal, if your account has reached a minimum of $20. There has been a lot of reports online about people actually being paid, but as it is a new company, I suggest waiting a little longer before jumping the gun and trying it out, for fear that they may stop paying.

As I mentioned earlier, it is still a very new company and needs to establish trust within the online community.

Again, because of the lack of an FAQ page, there is no mention anywhere about how long the deposit will take to show into your Paypal Account. People who also have gotten paid have not mentioned how long it took for them to see the payment on their own accounts.

Is it Recommended?

All up until the point where I was looking for the FAQ, Privacy Policy and About Us pages, the website seemed to have been well-designed and was simple enough that even people who are working online for the first time, can be at ease while working and navigating the website.

But looking harder, we find that they don’t even disclose the answers to most FAQs, they don’t tell us how our information will be used and they don’t tell us about their comapny in general. To me, it MAY appear that this company could sell out your information for money.

Because it is a new company, I would exercise caution when working for them. It is best to let this company sit there for a bit longer, until a proven track record is set for them, in that they have established their website more and have been excelling at paying their contractors.

I do deem Hive Micro as a legit way to make some extra money online, but I find myself shaking my head and not recommending this platform as a way to earn a reliable income, because of the miser income this type of work provides. As I have said before in my other articles, I would rather work somewhere else part-time and I will make better money than working for this company.

Why Not Try a Method That Will Actually Put Money In Your Pocket?

I know you must be frustrated, that you might have thought that this platform may have been the answer to your financial problems. I am sorry to have brought you the bad news about Hive Micro.

However, I will NOT just leave you hanging there while you take precious time out of your day to research legit money making opportunities on the internet. I have done that work for you and I am more than happy to share it with you.

I personally make my money doing “Affiliate Marketing” online. This means, that I sell other people’s products through a link on my websute and each time a sale is made, I get a commission.

The advantages of affiliate marketing is endless, but here are a few;

1) no inventory to buy

2) no buying the product yourself to get right to resell

3) low overhead fees

4) no dealing with customers

5) passive income possibility

6) full-time income possibility

7) work from comfort of your own home / vacation / anywhere in the world

8) performance based income – the more you put into it, the more you receive in rewards

I understand that you may be a newbie. I was one too, in the past. That’s why I had to find an online training platform that had top-notch training, tools and support. I have compiled everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing within my FREE GUIDE to making money online for beginners.

The End

Now that I have said everything that I needed to say, the microphone is in your hands. Please share your experiences with me if you have worked for Hive Micro before. How long did they take to send you the money? Did they really pay? How do you find the work? Is it as hard to find available work?

I really appreciate your feedback as well on Hive Micro. It will help out a lot of other readers, trying to guage whether they should be joining this platform or not.

Thank you and cheers to your success!


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36 Replies to “Hive Micro Review – Legit or Scam?”

  1. Like you, I think it is suspicious that Hive Micro wants your phone number. That alone would stop me from going any farther with these guys.

    Several years ago, I did some micro-tasks for a similar website. The work was mind-numbing and I think the most I made was $5. There is massive competition for the jobs that pay the best and I was never fast enough to snag the better jobs.

    1. Yup, I agree. Even giving the address, when they pay by Paypal, is fishy.

      I can totally relate with you, because at the beginning of my journey, looking to making money online, I was also doing some micro-tasks, thinking that it was better than nothing. But now I know there are much better alternatives out there.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Gary.

        1. I apologize, the link in the review is not working for Wealthy Affiliate. This is my number 1 recommendation to make money online the right way, where you can actually build your wealth and live the life that you deserve. You should be able to click on the link now… 🙂 Please let me know how it works out for you. Thanks for visiting!

        1. Hi Peter.

          The only other alternative where you can make money without any kind of investment, would be solving captcha at 2CAPTCHA, completing surveys at Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel and Points Prizes, complete small tasks such as write a review on songs and music at Slice the Pie, or categorize photos /pictures with Hive Micro.

          All in all, they are legit but in my opinion, not worth the time because there are much better things to do with your time, where you can eventually build a full-time passive income business and that’s at Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the best alternative in my opinion. Hope it helps.

    1. Hey Melody.

      Sorry to hear that! There are indeed a handful of countries that are not eligible for a Free Account with Wealthy Affiliate, unfortunately. That’s due to the fact that there is a high level of fraud from there. The countries not eligible for a free account are Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. I do believe that everybody should NOT be penalized because of the actions of a few but I’m sure the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are still figuring out a way around it.

      But if you are not against spending some money to see whether this is the right opportunity for you, then I do highly recommend you try it! It was the best decision that I have made in my life. You are not penalized for cancelling your membership at any time. There are no cancellation fees either.

      And from experience, you actually get an additional 30 days from the time you cancel your membership. The benefit of that, is that it helps you move to another hosting website, if you wish you keep working on your website but somewhere else that is cheaper.

      I hope this helps you a little bit.

  2. Hi admin.. I am from Philippines, and knowing that my country belongs to one who cant avail of the free account made me sad. But I am looking for online jobs where I can indeed work and be well compensated. May I know what is wealthy Affiliate? How much will I pay to have a premium account? I experienced scam many times already,I hope this time I won’t regret this.

    1. Hello Sheilalynn. I can understand you, because even I have been the victim of scams in the past and as a result, I lost so much money.

      Wealthy Affiliate is not a traditional job, but, it helps you earn stable full-time income. You can work whenever you like, and from wherever you like; from home, when you go on vacation and anywhere else in the world. To me, it is well worth the investment because you get so many tools and specialized step-by-step training, 24/7 support when you really need it.

      I suggest that you CLICK HERE TO READ MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW to find out what it is in depth, so you can make an informed decision. All the details about the program is there. I also want to tell you that I am a premium member and I have personally benefitted from the training and all the support there. I knew nothing about making money online when I started and this website was built as a result of the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I have not looked back since I joined this program!

      I hope this helps.

  3. Greetings to all users of the hive work this statement is to clarify and confirm that the page is committing fraud and deception. all the information that is here, is confirmed through several colleagues who do not like the task monitor the actions on this page. That surely the many disappointed, because it is very useful to avoid the performance of the tasks that place and so that the user can not reach a proposed goal, in conclusion record and your interest in the page, we all know that the company Google pays for their inclusion, they are the only beneficiaries.
    The difficulties to achieve the goals proposed by the users are truncated in several ways: they place tasks with qualification errors to avoid access, the last and the last manage to qualify the eliminations of their work menu or disqualify them to have them permanently , they monitor you to verify your weekly production and then look for ways to prevent your evolution, so that you lose interest and just stay as a simple viewer of the page for stories, so that you can not reach the proposed goal, my intention is to avoid frustration and the loss of time in the false hope that the lords of the beehive work publish in all the networks that could win $ 50 but with all the obstacles that place hardly reach $ 1 a week when the minimum payment is 2 $

    1. Thanks for confirming that Hive Micro is one of the websites that frustrate others due to low pay outs. Hive Micro is definitely a waste of time for many people because even I was not able to reach the cash-out threshold within a reasonable amount of time.

      That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which has been online for 12+ years and producing online successes year after year. They teach a proven system to make money online that will work up to passive income.

      Can you please discuss a little bit more clearly about what is happening between Google and Hive Micro?

      Thank you!

  4. Hi admin. I am from Philippines. since my country is also in the list who cant avail a free membership, Can i just ask if do you have any other online job recommended? Its ok if it is for part time or full time as long as it’s legit. Thanks

    1. Hello Marvie.

      I’m so sorry that Wealthy Affiliate is not available for free in your country.

      I have just uncovered another program online, where anybody from all over the world can sign up for FREE! And the name of this program is AFFILORAMA.

      The training at Affilorama will teach you about the same things as Wealthy Affiliate, though they do not have as good of a support structure as within Wealthy Affiliate. However, their program is legit and will help you create and grow an online business.

      I will be writing a full review on it soon and will add a comment here. But from what I have seen of the program, it is 100% legit.

      I hope this helps!

  5. please suggest me some good online websites not like this one, where i can make at least 500$ a month by working 4 to 5 hrs a day.
    I am good in writing articles.Don’t suggest me fiverr because there i am unable to find any order after sending hundreds of request.

    1. Hello Usama. Looks like you’re having a hard time to find places online to make money.

      If you’re looking for passive income, then my recommendation would be affiliate marketing. It takes some time to build and to start seeing results, but it will be your path to financial freedom. The best program is Wealthy Affiliate. If you cannot sign up with it, then I recommend Affilorama. These programs will train you step by step and teach you everything you need to know about making money online with affiliate marketing.

      If you are looking at making money right away (and since you mentioned writing), I suggest that you sign up with Textbroker, ContentMart or iWriter. These are platforms specifically for writers where you can bid openly for a project. Be ready to upload some samples of your best work so customers can take a look at your writing style. I find that competition is much less on these platforms, thus you should have less trouble finding work.

      I hope this helps!

  6. You can make money online with Neobux, Clixsense, and many other site. With Neobux and Clixsense I still make money now 15-20 $ /month. If you want to register follow this link:
    >> LINK > LINK

    1. Hey Sorinel. I really appreciate you sharing this information.

      However, Affiliate Links are not allowed in the comments. If you wish to advertise your links, then please either create your own website HERE FOR FREE or use your own social media accounts. I have affiliate links too but I don’t spam other websites with them.

      Please and thank you!

  7. Hi! I am Bangladeshi and searching for a trusted site where I can work as a beginner for the tasks like data entry, image screening/checking. Give me some suggestions please where I can earn minimum 2-3$ per hour.

    1. Hi Bappi. Unfortunately, even $2 – $3 an hour is almost impossible to find with the current demand for work from home jobs. The competition is just too high, driving the payments for these jobs into the ground. The legit places that I can show you will not even pay a few dollars an hour. Hive Micro is legit and is an option. You can also try entering captcha at 2captcha, or filling in surveys at Points Prizes, Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Slice the Pie.

      If you wanted a few suggestions for freelancing, then you can always sign up with Fiverr, Textbroker, iWriter, Contentmart and Scribie. These places will pay a little more, depending on what you are offering, what the competition is for the service offered and how well you write. But keep in mind that it can be hard to get these jobs in the beginning.

      The best suggestion that I have for you, is to start your own online business though. This is the best decision that you can take for yourself and for your family’s future. It takes time and effort, but it pays off VERY well. If you want to check out a legit and worthwhile way to make a full-time income from home, then Check out Wealthy Affiliate. I found that everything else was a waste of time for me.

    1. You’re right, you will not even be able to make money to pay for your daily coffee with Hive Micro. It is legit but most of these websites pay next to nothing for your time. That’s why I recommend that you do something worthwhile with your time by building an online business. An online business, such as affiliate marketing, will pay you more for your time in the long-run and can even replace your day-job’s income. It will give you the chance to work from home and live the lifestyle of your dream.

      Check out the platform that taught me to build such a business HERE.

  8. Hola
    Trabaje en la app de hive micro y me indicaron que el pago es automático , los martes, con 2 dólares como mínimo. Van 3 martes y no recibo el deposito. Siempre escribo a soporte técnico y me contestan lo mismo, creo que a través de 1 computadora. “Que los martes, automático, 2 dólares minimo”. Total no me resolvieron. Me sentí decepcionada y engañada, más por la mala atención de soporte técnico.

    I worked on the Hive Micro app and they indicated that the payment is automatic, on Tuesdays, with $2 minimum. It’s 3 Tuesday and I don’t get the deposit. I always write to technical support and answer me the same, I think through 1 computer. “That Tuesdays, automatic, $2 minimum.” Total didn’t solve me. I felt disappointed and deceived, more because of the poor technical support.

    1. Hi Ana. I’m sorry I don’t speak or write spanish but I hope that you’ll be able to understand my answer.

      The last time I checked it was $20 minimum. Things might have changed so I will be looking into it. But I’m thinking that’s the reason that you’re not getting your money; and that’s because of the fact that the minimum threshold is $20 for you to get paid. So anything under that, will not trigger their paying operations.

      It’s a lot of work to get to even $2 so I applaud you for getting there. It must have taken so much time too. But let me tell you that there is too much work involved for so little pay. The best way to make any significant amount of money online, is to create your own income stream and that can be done through My #1 Recommendation.

      It is free to check out so ahead and sign up. You have nothing to lose. It’s a much better use of your time than with Hive Micro.

  9. Hello Admin, been working on Hive work less than a week(newbie). Is this site really paid us? I want an assurance:( Looking for your reply guyz. Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hello Inie.

      Yes, this website does pay but the minimum for you to withdraw, the last time I checked, is $20. It’s not so easy to get to that minimum, as you have already experienced. That’s the reason that I believe it’s a complete waste of time.

      It’s better to use your time better and to build a passive online business that is going to pay you $20 multiple times everyday, instead of one that will pay you $20 every week, at best.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Not at all, Sultan. Hive Micro is not a scam and you can really make some money here and there with the website. But in my opinion, it’s just a big waste of time because you don’t earn much.

      But if you’re okay with the earnings for the amount of time that you invest with the program, then don’t worry about giving them your email. Hive Micro is legit.

    1. Hi Junaid.

      Yes, there are. You can try 2Captcha, Scribie or survey sites like Survey Junkie. However, these do not pay a lot. You will end up wasting a lot of time for very little pay. Beware of other data entry jobs that promise you to pay you a lot because they could be scams.

      The best choice is to start your own online business where you could be making passive online income down the road. I have already started making a passive online income from it. CHECK OUT THE FREE TRAINING HERE.

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