Home CashFlow Shortcut Review – Nasty Facts To Know!

Home CashFlow Shortcut review

Are you looking for an honest Home CashFlow Shortcut review? Well, this is it!

Why do you need this review? That’s because there are way more scams online than there are good programs, so without an HONEST review, you wouldn’t know what the Home CashFlow Shortcut is really about.

You see, there are so many people that are promoting this program because they can financially benefit from it. So will they be honest? Possibly but not really. That’s because they will be biased and convince you to buy it.

As for me, I’m not affiliated, associated with nor am I an affiliate of Home CashFlo Shorrtcut. I’m just taking an objective look at the program to see whether it will be worth your time and money.

Read this until the end to know exactly what Keysha is hiding from you! Hint: She wants to rip you off!

Home CashFlow Shortcut At A Glance

Website: HomeCashflowShortcut.com

Owner: Keysha Bass

Purpose: Learn affiliate marketing

Price: $27+

Do I Recommend It?: No! The program operates like a pyramid!

What Is Home CashFlow Shortcut?

You’re told by Keysha, the presenter of the video, that you’re going to learn the internet cash producing secrets that so many others are using to make money online. It is a revolutionary new method.

It’s not an mlm nor a pyramid scheme and it works for anyone, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or professional. It’s the fastest path to make money online, like, tens of thousands of dollars every single month.

There are even some testimonials in the video from real people that make you want to join so bad, right?

Keysha will you the backdoor to a secret group that will show you how to do this business. She calls it the “freedom formula”. The business is completely done for you; you have DFY website, products, videos and sales materials.

All you have to do is to follow the simple step by step instructions to set up your business and once you’re done that, the business practically runs itself. You won’t get partial access to the program, but getting it ALL by paying the fee.

This includes getting the help when you need it from a one-on-one success coach or advisor, as well as access to the 15K+ people in the Facebook Group they have set up.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it does to me. That’s because I’ve heard of these claims before in the other programs that I’ve reviewed and they almost never live up to expectations, or work as advertised.

If it really was easy to make that kind of money FAST, then why isn’t everybody doing it instead of working at a job they hate? There must be a catch and I’ve actually found, not one, but a few catches with this program.

They spell bad news!

How Does Home CashFlow Shortcut work?

The sales page actually does not really give you the name of any program, does it? Except that Keysha keeps going on about the program being a “freedom formula”, which is a program that I’ve actually exposed before HERE.

I can appreciate the program being called this but what is the real name of the program? It’s not even called Home CashFlow Shortcut. The thing is, you probably caught it in the video already.

You see, the real name of the program being promoted here is The Super Affiliate Network. The red flag here is why not actually use the name of the actual program, instead of giving it other names like “freedom formula”?

What I’ve noticed is that The Super Affiliate Network does not have a ton of good reviews so Keysha will try her best to disguise the name of the program so that you become “unaware” of what you’re really paying for.

Because referring back to my The Super Affiliate Review from a while back, I can tell you that it does not work exactly as claimed by Keysha.

The Super Affiliate Network does have some training on how to make money with affiliate marketing, which is promoting other people’s products in return for commissions, but it is being promoted more as a biz opp than training.

That’s because the training is geared towards helping you promote The Super Affiliate Network, meaning, the only way you’ll make money with the program is recruiting others. Keysha is recruiting you, and you need to recruit others.

Otherwise, the training won’t be of much use to you. This makes the business operate like a pyramid scheme, which is exactly what Keysha said this “wasn’t”!

Additionally, I would be cautious of their “one-on-one coaches” because I’ve seen programs before that use coaches as a way of trying to extract more money from you, because they would get some financial reward.

The program is marketed very shadily and though Keysha is a real person, she does not really fill me up with trust.

The TRUE Cost of Home CashFlow Shortcut – RISKY BUSINESS!

In the video, Keysha tells you that you get FULL access to the program for a fee of $27-$37, right? You might think that it’s reasonably low, just like I did initially.

Payment Page – Home CashFlow Shortcut

However, just dive into the program and you’ll understand just exactly what you’re getting yourself into; the truth is that there are three membership levels and the cost of the highest level is at $12,000!

The commissions that Keysha will receive on these different products and membership varies between 40% and 70%, which is not too shabby, right? But the truth is that you’re gonna have to resell these memberships to make money.

And it’s not easy to resell these high-ticket products, without feeling like you’re ripping off somebody else, right? That’s how people are able to make so much money; it’s just that they’re charging people more!

And they’re gonna be charging YOU more as well. Sure, you’ll get some training, but have you ever heard of some training that costs $12K? That’s ridiculous!

And your job is to recruit others and have them PAY that amount too. Why would you want to put somebody in financial trouble, just for your own gain? The truth is that a lot of people don’t actually care about you, just your money.

And yet, in the video, Keysha says that it’s risk-free? How is investing $12K risk-free? I mean, even the disclaimer says that almost nobody is going to make money with the program, so why put up the front in the video?

Additionally, the proof of earnings they have shows you only 12 people are making a full-time income with The Super Affiliate Network, which means that less than 1% of people are successful. Over 99% of people are NOT making much with this, like only $400 per year.

Naturally, you can se now that most people have NOT made what they invested into the program. They LOST the money.

Why would you want to join a business that has such a high failure rate? This does not make any sense!

Is Home CashFlow Shortcut A Scam?

It really depends on what you define as a scam.

A lot of people will say that this program is not a scam seeing as regardless of what is said or not said in the video, you’re still getting some legitimate training and the potential to make money is present there.

I have no doubt about that. I have NOT denied that you can make money with The Super Affiliate Network.

However, a lot of people will say that it is a scam because of various reasons; the real of the program is not being used, and therefore, is misleading you into signing up to a program that you may not have wanted to sign up with.

Should you have known about it, of course.

The other reason that people could have is that a lot of the claims made in the sales video do not reflect how online business works. Keysha does say that it’s the “fastest” path to make money online, which is not true considering there are other factors that affect it, that are not discussed.

There’s also the fact that the actual prices and the workings of The Super Affiliate Network is not disclosed in the video. The whole picture is not described or given to you. You’re only told of the GOOD things and not the barriers.

In short, Keysha is only looking to sell you the program for her own financial gain. Sure, there may be some people who would be able to make a lot of money with the system, but as we’ve already seen, over 99% of people have failed.

Oh and we should also not forget the way that the business operates, which is similar to a pyramid scheme, and definitely illegal by the FTC standards. Should the FTC decide to shut down The Super Affiliate Network, your investments will go down the drain, just like what happened with MOBE and DA.

My advice: do not sign up with Home CashFlow Shortcut or with The Super Affiliate Network. I really do think that you’ll be losing money here.

You Don’t Need To Spend Thousands of Dollars To Start An Online Business

No, I actually started for FREE! Can you believe it? And I can show you exactly what I do and how you can started for FREE as well.

You see, like Keysha, I am an affiliate marketer, but I don’t waste my time like her trying to promote an overpriced product to anybody. I run my business for less than $1 per day, which is an even better deal! I also make recurring income every month.

The trick is to actually HELP others find solutions to problems they might be having and they will happily buy what you recommend. Each time that happens, you make commissions.


It’s an easy business model as long as you follow the training but make no mistake; it’s not FAST. You will not earn $1000 in your first month. You need to accept that making the big bucks requires big effort and a lot of work and learning.

If you’re ready for that and for some REAL income online…


There really are only 4 steps to making it big and that’s all outlined in my guide. I also tell you where to get your tools and where, if you’re also interested to do this seriously, you can run your business for less than $1 per day, forever!

Get my free guide now to discover this amazing secret that no guru will ever tell you. I bet you’ll be surprised.

Thanks for reading my Home CashFlow Shortcut review. Please feel free to share any experience you’ve had with The Super Affiliate Network. Did it work as advertised? How much money did you make?

Lots of Love,



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