Home Income Millionaire Review (Millionaire Coach) – Scam?

Home Income Millionaire review - Millionaire Coach

Were you looking for an honest review of Home Income Millionaire? Well, you’ve found it!


There are too many scams on the internet, right? So what makes us think that Home Income Millionaire isn’t another one? That’s why it’s wise to find out about it before you jump in with both feet. Congrats on doing your research. This review could potentially save you from a scam.

By the end, you’ll have just enough information about Home Income Millionaire to make an informed decision. I’m just going to be honest with you throughout. I’m not associated with the program so rest assured, there will be no pitching or selling here.

Let’s get right to it!

Home Income Millionaire At A Glance

Website: HomeIncomeMillionaire.com

Owner: “Mark Jennings”

Purpose: Make money

Price: $97+

Do I Recommend it?: Absolutely NOT!

What Is Home Income Millionaire?

Home Income Millionaire, also referred to as Millionaire Coach in the video, is said to be an easy done-for-you system that will help you, just as it helped others, make truckloads of money every week. Let Mark’s team do the heavy lifting for you while you only work a few minutes a day.

What you’ll be doing is just getting people in touch with the program’s products and let the team close the sale for you and you’ll be making cheques of $5000 within the week.

Mark says that he is sharing this opportunity because it is in his best interest to help people make money. The more money he helps you make, the more he makes too. As a matter of fact, he makes 11% of each sale and if each sale brings in $5000 for you, that’s quite a sum that Mark is also making, times 100.

100 people is the maximum number of people he says he will let in because he wants to keep the quality of customer service high.

That all sounds really good, doesn’t it? And I would have bought everything he told me if I didn’t know how the online world works. I’ve been scammed too many times and reviewed too many products to fall for another one of hem again, believe me!

All the video is dong here is luring you with talks of being able to buy that dream house, dream car, paying off your debt, and to travel the world. It’s all blinding you from the red flags. If it was so easy to make money online, then aren’t more people doing it?

$97 doesn’t sound like a lot to make back $5K within the week, right?

The truth is that things won’t work exactly like Mark is claiming. They never do! He just wants you to believe him and to buy his system so that he can make more money. He doesn’t care whether you really use the system, or whether the system will work for you or not, as long as he gets his money!

Red Flags – Why You Should Avoid Home Income Millionaire

Like I mentioned, there are red flags within the program that you might have not noticed. This is the case with most newbies because we are too busy thinking about the possibilities of the program and how it could change our life. Don’t be ashamed, I’ve gone through the same thing… until I was able to recognize them.

1) Mark Jennings

Who is this guy? Well, “He is the creator of Home Income Millionaire” is the answer that you’re gonna give, right? That’s not quite the answer that I’m looking for though.

I mean, who is Mark Jennings, really? There is no way to contact him personally, no way to get to him on social media, there are no pictures of him in his car or while he went on vacation. Additionally, there is even a disclaimer that says that he is using a pen name, under the pretext of privacy. Take a look:

So what does that tell you about this so-called MARK? To be honest with you, if I had nothing to hide and I were really providing a legit opportunity, then I would try my hardest to prove that I’m real. This will help people trust me more and I would make more money that way, right?

The thing is that there are too many scammers that use privacy as an excuse to not show themselves. They release scam after scam and change their name along with them so as not to be recognized. That way, they’re never caught!

And what does that tell you about the video? If he lies about who he is, then he could lie about the story, the program, the money, about everything! There is no reason he will give you the truth since you can’t verify it anyway.

It’s like a lot of other programs that I reviewed, like The Great Heist, Mobile Money Pages and Point 2 Click Profits.

2) Testimonials – Are They Real?

The sad truth is that the testimonials are all fake. That’s right! These people have never used the system and they never made $1 from it. They are all actors that have been hired from a freelance website called Fiverr. This is their job. This is what they do, for a mere $5!

Here are a few of their profiles.

Now, people could say that there probably were real testimonials that were then portrayed by the actors, again for privacy and that’s all fine. But Mark does not disclose that ANYWHERE! So what this means is that there really aren’t real testimonials. Nobody actually used the system.

All that happened then, is that Mark wrote down testimonials and gave each actor one to read, making it appear as if they came from real users of the program. Sorry Mark, but you can’t fool me!

3) Guaranteed Millionaire?

That’s the part where I went “Uh Oh, Mark! You’re not supposed to be guaranteeing to make us millionaires” or that we’ll be “making $5K within this week”. That’s because it’s against the low to give such guarantees.

Well anyhow, he gave the guarantee in the video but says something completely different in the disclaimer. Here, he tells you that it all depends on how much you are willing to commit. Wait, didn’t he just say that all we needed to do was work a few minutes a day and let his team take care of the rest?

This does not sound like much commitment, does it? So what he is implying here is that there is much more work than he disclosed in the sales video.

4) Pressure Tactics

What would be a sales video without some pressuring, right? I mean, you find them in most sales videos for these types of programs.

Mark tells you that there are 8 spots available and that there are 4500 people waiting to take your spot. He won’t let even one extra person if all the spots are filled. That’s just a pressure tactic creating fake scarcity to get you to sign up. I bet you that 8 spots will still be open when you come back tomorrow, in a week or in a month.

The truth is that Mark will never put a cap to the amount of money he can earn and that’s exactly hat he would be doing by limiting the number of people. Why would anybody do that? He isn’t! He just wants you to fall for it and to buy his program so that he can make money.

What Can You Expect With Home Income Millionaire?

I didn’t buy Home Income Millionaire but from the way that the program was explained, I think I have a pretty good understanding of how things are supposed to work inside. I’ve reviewed over 250 similar products so I think I can take a pretty close guess.

Mark tells you that each time you make money, that he will make money. He says that this program is a done-for-you program, complete with a team that will close sales for you and that will make you a ton of money, as much as $5K in one week.

To me, this sounds like a high-ticket program. Mark will provide you with some training materials with done-for-you sales pages, sales pitches and email swipes that you’ll be able to use to get leads to go through the exact SAME sign up process as you did.

Each time a lead signs up, you make money and Mark gets a cut. You will be promoting the same program that you just bought into and your recruits will do the same thing. This looks like a pyramid scheme in all honesty. You’re buying into the program with promises to make more money with more people that you refer to the same system.

That’s what most done-for-you programs will train you to do, in my experience. You would be recruiting to make money but also realize that your recruit now becomes one more person to compete against for leads. This type of business will become harder and harder.

And it often costs a lot more than the initial fee.

For example, these programs are often promoted within emails and if you don’t have an email list yet, the training will often tell you to buy Solo Ads, which is the authorization to send a promotional email to somebody else’s email list. This costs money and often times, they don’t convert as well as organic traffic.

Additionally, chances are that there will be upsells within Home Income Millionaire that will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars to be able to earn high commissions. These types of programs do not give up all their secrets and earning potential with their low front-end fee.

Is Home Income Millionaire A Scam?

I haven’t bought the program so I cannot say 100% that Home Income Millionaire is a scam. What I can say is that it will absolutely NOT work as advertised.

There are just too many red flags and things that are unexplained in the sales video. You don’t know how the program works and Mark does not explain things. Does he expect you to buy a car without even seeing it too now? That’s ridiculous!

What I also don’t like is how Mark hides himself behind the video. I hate how he used fake testimonials. It would have been fine if he had at least disclosed that those were just portrayals but that disclaimer is nowhere to be found and nowhere does it even say that these are actors. That’s fishy!

This program could potentially be a pyramid scheme that will have you recruit people to the same program you joined and to have your recruits do the same. In my opinion, there won’t be real or legit products to promote. The product will be the program itself.

Additionally, all keep in mind that there will probably be high costs inside the program to enable you to make higher commissions. They won’t just give you that allowance for free. Remember, they want to make more money, right?

The bottom line is that whether or not Home Income Millionaire is a scam, I do NOT recommend it. There are cheaper and safer ways to make money online.

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