How the 60 Minute Profit Plan Scam​ Cons You!

I’ve reviewed quite a few products from ClickBank and though you can find some legit products on there, many of them are scams or low-quality, including the 60 Minute Profit Plan Scam.

In this review, I will unveil the tactics that this program uses to con newbies into thinking it is the ultimate plan for success. I surely also thought it was impressive until I noticed a few important points that make it a scam.

At A Glance

Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan


Owner: “Brittany Francis”

Purpose: Using a “secret” method to make money online

Price: $37 + downsell + upsell

Recommended? No!

>> I’m tired of scams! Just show me how YOU make money online <<

The Video

The sales video starts by showing you the big amounts of money that the owner, supposedly named “Brittany Francis”, makes within a day, within a month and then within a year. I’m using her name in quotes here because there is no way to verify whether that is really her name.

She claims to be making $8,000 a week, $32,000 a month and over $380,000 a year.

She talks a lot about your weaknesses; having to pay bills, wanting to travel, buy whatever you want without any worries. She makes convincing conversation, but never tells you about the work it entails to make that much money.

You don’t know if you will be doing something legal or illegal. She talks about a secret formula she came up with while she was listening to a podcast and when she went home to test it out, she had made $125 within her first day.

Scammy Tactics

Here are the tactics that this scam, and many others use, in order to lure innocent people to their low-quality and cheap products;

1) The number of viewers – At the bottom of the video, you have the impression that there are a lot of people looking at the video LIVE. This is totally fake, because when I refreshed the webpage, the number went back down again. This shows that the numbers here are preset and don’t actually reflect the number of people watching the video.

2) Amounts that people are making – Under the video, you see a strip of red showing the names of people and how much money they are making using this program. I will show you shortly why it is IMPOSSIBLE for “Brittany” to know how much money each person is making.

This is a tactic used to make you believe that people are actually making money with the system.

3) Live Social Proof – This is supposed to show you the live interaction happening on their social media accounts. A quick search on Twitter and Facebook revealed that they had NO pages or accounts on either social media platforms. The conclusion is that the testimonials underneath the video are made up and fake.


4) Flashing big income numbers for minimal work – “Brittany” showed she was able to make $8000 within a week and $32,000 within a month, with only a few hours worth of work every day, while she was waiting between swimming and dance lessons with her kids.

There is no way to verify that this claim is true. There is no way to contact even “Brittany” herself, even after you buy the product. Trust your gut feeling; if something SEEMS to good to be true, it IS probably true.

5) Limited spots available – It is said in the video, that there are only a few spots available because if too many people come to know of this “secret” method of making money, then the market would be oversaturated, which would bring the potential income down.

That’s a total lie! This is a sales tactic used to push you into believing that by NOT signing up to the program and giving them your money, you will be losing a “golden” opportunity. My foot! They want as MANY people as possible to sign up so they can make more money.

Why do you think they put up the video to try and convince you?

6) Testimonials – This is a VERY common one that I see. When I see testimonials, the first website that I run to, is FIVERR. Why? Because scammers and low-quality product owners usually go there to hire actors for the testimonials. These are not real people who bought the product.

Here are their accounts;

Okay… But What Do They Teach?

Sometimes, the scammy techniques are needed to catch the attention of viewers and even paid actors could be reading REAL testimonials from real clients. So let’s take a look in-depth at what this system will actually teach you.

When I dug deeper into the program, these are the modules that I found:

1) Method one deals with Email Marketing

You do have the potential to make a large amount of money with email marketing but you CANNOT make over $100 within your first day with it.

“Brittany” lies to you when she says that you don’t have to invest money into starting this up, because in order to effective conduct email marketing, you need an autoresponder, like AWebber or GetResponse.

These tools are great but the best way to effective capture email addresses for email marketing, would be through a website. A website can be hosted for free but you would need to invest into PAID ads to get traffic because free / subdomain websites do not rank well within the search engines (where you can get free traffic).

And if you want free traffic in the search engines, you need to BUY yourself a domain and learn SEO to be able to get to the first page of the search engines so people ar exposed to your website. That’s extra cost and extra TIME! You won’t make it to the first page of Google on the same day you start your website.

This method of making money takes months, even sometimes upto ONE YEAR for you to see results.

2) Method two shows you where you can go to complete Online Surveys

This is a bunch of crap. Who has ever made over $8000 a week completing surveys? I know because I have made money completing surveys before and they were A LOT less than this. Like, 99% LESS!

I wrote reviews on a few survey sites, namely Points Prizes and Prize Rebel, where I reveal how much time it takes to make decent money and if you read them rightnow, you will understand that completing surveys is a total waste of time.

3) Method three shows you how to become a website tester

Yes, website testing is a real thing now. You can give your feedback on navigation, usability, and overall look, feel and information that a website provides. But know that you CANNOT make $8000 a week testing websites.

The MOST you can make testing websites would be around $10 per hour. It takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes to test a website and most companies will only pay you $5 per test. So it depends on how long you take to complete the testing and also the quality of the feedback you give.

4) And method four introduces freelancing online

Freelancing, just like the paid actors within the testimonials in the sales video, is a pretty good source of revenue. You can make videos, you can write up articles, you can create business cards and even websites for people if you are computer-savvy, but it takes a lot of time to even get your first order.

See, on freelancing websites, such as Fiverr, Freelancer, TextBroker and ContentMart, people who have had a proven quality track record, are more likely to land the gig. You could land a gig here and there if you charge LESS than your competitors, but nothing that would bring in $100 within an hour, at least not at first.

When you have proven yourself and you start getting some positive reviews, that’s when your career as a freelancer will kick-off. Again, this could take months, and even upto ONE YEAR to really get off the ground.

My Disappointment

I found this very disappointing. When you go through the video, “Brittany” talks about “A” or “THE” secret formula, not a bunch of them.

And these methods are not exactly secret either. How many website do you go on where they ask you for your email address in exchange for free stuff? Practically every single website. That’s so they can market to you via email in the future.

Paid surveys aren’t a big kept secret either. I mean, you have probably already tried this method and found that it was a total waste for you to go out again to be looking for something else.

Website testing may be something new to you and this is something that will totally work. A lot of websites are popping up and many companies will pay to get feedback on their websites. However, just know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a full-time income testing websites all day.

With freelancing, making a lot of money is possible, but there is a lot of competition out there. You need to market yourself, and start by charging really low fees at first to build a good following, before you can really charge the prices that others charge.

All this information can actually be found free all over the internet and Youtube, so you definitely don’t need to spend your money in this system to get that info.

Let me also add, that the training are all in videos and they are videos that have been compiled from Youtube anyways. The videos don’t even belong to 60 Minute Profit Plan. And one example, is that the last video about Freelancing has been removed by the actual owner on Youtube, thus creating a useless link within the training.

Conclusion? – Scam, Scam Scam!

I don’t know about you, but I have seen enough of this program. This “Brittany” person is very misleading when she talks about the “secret” formula to making money that she had uncovered.

With the methods within the system, it is totally possible to make money. You can make decent money email marketing as well as freelancing, but it takes months, if not upto a year to start seeing positive results and profits. These methods will NOT earn you $100 within your first hour of setting up your account.

Even surveys and wesite testing are legit ways to make money online but don’t expect to make riches with them. I would have been rich by now and this review would not have existed.

The amounts you can earn are exagerated and totally blown out of proportion. There are shady luring tactics used to the unsuspecting and innocent people who genuinely want to make money online. If you have read thsi review before buying the program, then I congratulate you for researching first!

If you have bought the program and THEN read this review, then I recommend for you to get your money back from ClickBank, unless you really want to keep the product and found some value in it.

I Won’t Just Leave You Hanging!

If you know anything about me, I was also a victim of many such scams and low quality products, which is why I have made it my mission to expose them on this website.

I have also made it my mission to provide LEGIT and REAL ways of making money online if a product that I review is not up to my expectations and I will do nothing different here.

The program that taught me all I needed to know about making money online, is called Wealthy Affiliate. And today, I am making money through affiliate marketing online.

This program has step-by-step videos for you to follow easily and the best thing is that you can start FOR FREE!

>> Proof that Wealthy Affiliate Works! <<

And I am not like “Britanny” who is going to steal your money and leave you hanging. When you open your FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate, I will be there helping you every step of the way. You will have a whole community of expert marketers available at your fingertips should you need any help 24/7 and you will have access to personally message the CEOs.

How amazing is that?

I am NOT promising that you will make thousands overnight. I am not promising that it will be an easy road.

It takes a lot of hard-work and patience if you want to be successful at affiliate marketing but getting the right training is KEY! The training is what will determine whether all your hard work is going to be fruitful or not.

And since I have experienced the training at Wealthy Affiliate and a bunch of others, I know why it is superior and that’s why I am recommending it. I NEVER recommend a product that I have not personally tested.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side and to helping you build your online dream business. In the meantime, feel free to leave your questions, comments, feedback and thoughts in the comment section below. I ALWAYS get back to my readers.




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