How to Increase Sales Conversion Rate within 14 days – A Must read!

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With online shopping for products and services becoming more and more popular, it is becoming more competitive for those already in the business, as well as for those new start-ups. Here is my post that will reveal to you how to increase sales conversion rate on your website, with the use of Proof, an emerging tool that is becoming quite a hit in the online world.

At A Glance

Name: Proof


Purpose: Increase sales / conversions

Tools: Yes

Owner(s): Dave Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, John Morgan

Recommended?: Yes!

What is Proof?

Just a little background story of how Proof came into existence; this team between Dave, Chris and John actually already had their course on how to increase sales and conversions known as Conversion Club.

While they were researching new ways to increase sales and conversions to teach their members, they studied a few websites, specially hotel websites like and, and found out that they had some kind of built-in indicator of the statistics of the site and showing them to their visitors.

These two websites would have one of the below appearing;

1. The number of people looking for a place in the selected town or city.

2. The number of bookings done within the last hour.

3. The number of visitors currently looking at the same hotel.

4. The number of visitors to their website within the last hour.

What Dave and his team have come to realize, is that “people do what they see other people doing.” An example Austin, the CMO of Proof takes, is amazon.

Let’s say for example, that you are looking for a dog water fountain, so your dog can have the freshest water over the course of the day, while you are at work. The first thing you would look at for a particular listing, would be the number of purchases.

Then, you would look at the ratings that other purchasers gave it. Your purchase decision will be based on the one that has the highest number of buyers and the highest rating / best reviews by the buyers.

This is called Social Proof; using existing experiences and conversions to increase the chances of somebody “converting” on your website. People are generally influenced to purchase by seeing the results of other buyers on your website. This gives a lot of credibility and creates a lot of trust between you and your “conversion”.

This gives the sense that your product / service / free product sounds very valuable and that it is attracting the number of people converting on your page.

By “converting”, it could mean really ANYTHING. It could mean a sale on your ecommerce website. It could mean a lead on your opt-in page. It could mean a purchase through your affiliate link. It could be the number of visitors currently on your website.

What makes Proof better than other social proof techniques?

There may be a lot of other techniques (outlined IN THIS POST) that you can use, and yes, they can be used for free, but your conversions will NOT be as good as using Proof. Here’s a few of them below;

Credibility Logos – These are the logos of well known companies that you will use on your website your own credibility. For example, if you own an affiliate marketing website and you promote items from Amazon, then you could increase your credibility by showing people that you do business with a very legit company, and show the Amazon Logo or their banners on your website.

However, this is shown by statistics to increase sales by about 4% only.

Testimonials –  Whether they be written testimonials or video testimonials, by incorporating them within your landing page/website, this shows people that there have been happy customers and also gives a chance to your visitors to receive firsthand and real results from your products.

This has been shown to only increase your sales by about 6%.

Ratings and reviews – And this is what is used on websites like Amazon and eBay, where purchasers leave a number of stars as a rating and write a little bit about their experience with the product. Up until recently, this has been the most powerful way to increase sales on a website.

But, don’t be surprised that this only yields a conversion rate of about 10%.

The difference between all these and the technique Proof has developed, is the fact that YOU are voluntaring this information to your visitors. Your visitors don’t have to go looking for that information. And specially when it comes to the number of sales, number of people considering to buy the item and the number of people that bought the item within the past, say 1 hour to 24 hours, is information that NO OTHER SOCIAL PROOF TECHNIQUE WILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOUR VISITORS!

I’m not saying not to incorporate the other types of social proofs, but to accelerate your results by using Proof in addition to them. What’s more, Proof has clients for which it has increased sales by as much as 80%! Exceptional case definitely, but on average, you can expect that Proof will improve sales by between 40% – 60% consistently (much better than the above 4%, 6% and 10%, don’t you agree?)

>> Amazed yet? Try Proof for 14 days – Completely FREE <<

How it works – Behind the scenes

Let me take you behind the scenes to show you the step-by-step instructions on how to set it up; you will be awed at just how easy it is!

What you need to do foremost, is to install the pixel (which is a tracking code) on each and every page where you would like the social proof to appear. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it in the “Head Tracking Code” of the page within your website builder.

Next, is to create a campaign; you can choose between 4 of them

1) Recent activity – shows the name of the last few people (and their general geographic location) who recently purchased the product, opted-in to your newsletters or signed up for a free lesson (can be anything depending on what your niche and your product is).

2) Live Visitor Count – shows the number of visitors currently viewing the page in real-time.

3) Hot streaks – this is the total number of people that have viewed the page / purchased the product within the past 24 hours. This time period can be customized to other denominations, such as 7 days or 30 days.

4) Conversion Cards – This is a feature that prompts the visitor to answer a “Call to action” button. There are two ways that your visitor can answer it; first being to get them to buy instantly by incorporating a “BUY” button, “Sign up” button, “Opt-in” button and so on.

The second option is to have an intercome open for them to encourage them to ask you questions about the plan and to answer their questions and clear their doubts so they feel more willing to buy.

A FEW NICE FEATURES BEFORE WE MOVE ON; not only do you get to customize the time-framce from where you want to use the information captured, but you can also rename your audience (for example, “30 travelers booked this hotel within the past 7 days”, “12 marketers downloaded the free affiliate marketing guide within the past 24 hours”), as well as choose the call to action (shown in the above two examples as “booked” and downloaded”). You can also choose the delay within which you would like to show the campaigns.

Back to the campaigns, all you have to do after setting them up, is choose where you would like to CAPTURE the information and where you would like to DISPLAY the captured information.

For example, if you own an ecommerce website, you may want to capture your sales on the check out page and display your number of recent purchasers on your home page or your product page.

(If you still don’t really get the gist of how to set things up, don’t worry! Because they have awesome step-by-step instructions on how to install the pixel and how to create campaigns.)

AND VOILA! You’re good to go!

What’s the Price?

There are 5 plans to choose from, which makes it very versatile and almost custom-made for your respective website statistics. And here they are!

What I would like to stress through, is that they have a 14-day free trial to see whether it will bring you the results that you are looking for.

I personally love free trials because you are not required to provide any payment details and it shows you that Proof is a legit company, not a scam company looking to grab your money and run away.

From what you can see within the above screenshot, you are given plans according to what campaigns you will be allowed to execute, as well as the number of monthly visitors that you will be allowed to capture and display within your pages.

One aspect that I really like is the fact that you can use Proof on as many domains as you like, without having to upgrade. However, the number of monthly visitors for all domains (especially the ones captured and displayed to your new visitors) need to be under the number allocated for each plan.

Unexpected Bonus!

Well, now it becomes expected, doesn’t it? But I’m serious! Along with all these wonderful features, you also get to access the CONVERSION CLUB, all included within the monthly price. No upsells, which is my favorite!

So what exactly will you get acess to within this club? It’s a whole different world of marketing there, where they show you things like Facebook Ad Mastery, Client acquisition, Paid traffic, funnel conversion strategies, personal development and mindset, finance and accounting and MANY more lessons to become proficient at this online business thingy.

My final thoughts

Proof is definitely one of the most innovative tools that you can use to get ahead of your competitors and to make the most of your visitors who come to your website. It has been proven to increase sales by 40% – 60% on average across all the business that have used the tool, compared to 4% – 10% if you use traditional methods of social proof.

Not only can you use it on an ecommerce website, but because of its very highly customizable features, you are able to use it on an affiliate marketing website, on any landing page, for opt-ins on free offers and much more!

The ultimate proof to me that these are definitely a legit company, is the 14-day free trial that they allow you to try it out and to start seeing results without a penny paid to them. It shows that they stand behind their own product and that they are providing you with a legit tool that will boost your sales / conversation rates.

>> Steal the sale from your competitors – Sign up for your FREE 14-day trial now! <<

I would really love to hear from you as well; what strategies have you used in the past, and continue to use, to boost your own conversion rate? Have you ever come across Proof before? Have you used it? If yes, then please let us know what the result has been like so far. I get so excited reading about success stories.

If you still have more questions about Proof, please feel free to also leave your questions below and I will get back to you ASAP!



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14 Replies to “How to Increase Sales Conversion Rate within 14 days – A Must read!”

  1. Thank you for these great tips on how to increase sales conversions in 14 days. I agree with you that social proof is a very powerful tool. It is becoming more and more important as people become used to logging on to use tools to record what they like / didn’t like about different products and services. On my website I use credibility logos and testimonials to highlight how good a product or a service is. I know that Proof can track x4 main tracking methods, but I was just wondering how customizable is Proof?

    1. Social is definitely one of the BEST strategies that you can use in order to increase your conversions. Used alongside with Proof, it makes for a whole other level of social proof and makes it that much more powerful.

      Us humans, speaking from a psychological stand-point, we go with the crowds; we tend to buy more of what others are buying, we tend to listen more to the new music coming out that’s on the radio, we tend to look at numbers and the higher the numbers the more we believe. Proof makes use of this psychological awareness of ours to influence buying decisions.

      When it comes to its features, Proof is very customizable; you get to change the denominations for your visitors by typing in that information, not selecting from a pre-defined list (for example, you could use “travelers” instead of “visitors” if you have a travel site, or even “marketers” if you have tools for business, and even “singers” if you promote singing lessons).

      Proof is about showing your visitors the number of people, downloads etc, within a past time-frame, that is, within the past 24 hours, within the past 7 days and within the past 30 days. You can even type in the “actions” taken by those previous people. Again, typing in what you want, as opposed to selecting these actions taken within a pre-defined list, is what makes this tool VERY customizable to any niche, any kind of website.

  2. I’ve seen this stuff popping around the internet. In my recent purchase on a site, they used “Proof” to get my attention. Needlessly to say, I bought the product without much hesitant so I guess it works.

    My question is, mine is just a regular blogging site. I don’t sell anything, just promoting affiliate offers. Can I still benefit from using this software?

    1. Cathy, thanks for sharing your experience from the buyer’s perspective.

      The answer is yes, you can still use this on your affiliate website. I understand that you are an affiliate marketer and thus, it might not make sense to use Proof to promote all your offers. What’s great about Proof, is that it is so customizable that you are able to even make it on specific pages.

      Therefore, if you have affiliate offers that you promote more than others, then you can use Proof to show your visitors how many people have purchased / tried the offer through your website and how many people have looked at the offer within the past, say, 7 days.

      It is definitely effective and will help boost your affiliate sales.

  3. Great review on Proof as I had never heard of this tool until coming across your post.

    I have seen first hand how people feel more comfortable buying when they know that others have also purchased the same products so it only makes sense that this tool would increase conversions.

    Do you think I can get a feel for how well it works with just a 14 day free trial?

    1. Hello Chris. I’m glad I was able to write about something from which you learned some new. 

      To answer your question, I do believe that a 14 day trial will be more than enough for you to get a feel for Proof.

  4. That was a fascinating article, and I’m wondering if it would be a good idea for my own site.
    To be super honest, I’ve seen things like Proof on websites before, but I always thought they were just sales-pitch gimmicks trying to get me to purchase faster. And I discounted them as fake. I think I may have to reevaluate my thinking – especially if their stats are correct, that it can improve sales by 40-60%. Not bad at all!!
    I think I may wait for my most popular time (my niche is seasonal) and then give the free trial a go. See if they are right.
    Thanks for showing me a possible new trick!

    1. Marlaine, I was also very skeptical at first and thought the exact same way. But the information that Proof picks up on is the information from your own website. There is no way to input fake information there, so you can rest assured that the numbers posted in those little pop-up windows at the bottom are real.

      Sales are definitely improved between 40 – 60% and that’s because you are volunteering this information to your visitors. Your visitors don’t have to go looking for it, like in other social proof methods. This makes it very effective.

      I’m glad I was able to open up your mind with some statistics of this innovative new tool. I will actually also be starting to use it soon, just as soon as I get some new visitors.

  5. Hallo there,

    I also agree that the program seems very genuine if you consider the 14 days free trial. They also offer reasonable prices for the resources they give.

    I was wondering if you can get more than one site emails for all the domains you create with the platform. Hoping to get response from you soon. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for dropping by and for contributing your thoughts.

      Proof is great for conversions! And I totally agree with you when you say that the pricing is great for what they offer. And I’m so sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by site emails. Do you mean the number of websites that you can use Proof on?

      If that’s your question, then you can use Proof with unlimited websites / domains.

  6. This was a really interesting read. It all makes total sense – I always look for confirmation from others that what I am about to buy/book is a good idea – from testimonials, reviews, number of visitors etc as you mention. It definitely encourages me and I’m sure it would most people. Proof sounds good and I like the fact there is a free trial – I presume it’s open to residents of the UK as well as the US?

    1. I do the same, Louise. Because we can save money by looking at what others are saying about a particular product or program. If the reviews are bad, then we’ll keep away.

      Proof is available worldwide as it uses the internet. So as long as you have a computer with an internet connection, you can use Proof. I love the free trial as well because it helps you know whether it will work for your website or not. 

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