iBuumerang Review – Another Travel Scam Exposed?

iBuumerang review

Welcome to my honest iBuumerang review. I want to emphasize that this is going to be a completely honest and unbiased review because I am not promoting iBuumerang and I am not a member of the program.

Most reviews you’ll see will be from people who are members and who want to grow their business and one way to do that is to make the opportunity look exciting enough for you to join.

The more people they can recruit, the more money they make. But there won’t be many other reviews that will tell you the dark side of iBuumerang, so stick with me until the end of this review so you can make an informed decision.

I just want to help you understand how this iBuumerang MLM works.

iBuumerang At A Glance

Website: iBuumerang.com

Creator: Hilton Buggs

Purpose: Earn money building a downline and selling vacation getaways

Price: $250, $500 and $1000+

Do I Recommend It?: Not really. iBuumerang is not a scam, per se, but the truth with MLMs is that after a while, it slows down. So if you’re looking for a long-term opportunity, it’s not for you. Moreover, 99% of people that join MLMs fail.

What Is iBuumerang?

iBuumerang boasts to be one of the best MLM opportunities out there. This company revolves around promoting vacations at lower prices. Not only do you get an opportunity to save money on travel, but also to make money when other people save.

This sounds like a pretty good opportunity, especially when iBuumerang claims that the travel industry is a $8-B industry. There sure seems to be quite some money to be made here, right?

This may sound like a win-win situation whether you want to be customer, a rep or both, but let me give you some important details.

The truth is that there certainly is a lot of money to be made if you decide to join an MLM but only 1% truly ever succeeds at making a full-time income, or even a significant amount of money from them.

The creator of this opportunity is Hilton Buggs. I have to be honest with you and tell you that he has been through some hard times as well as some good times.

He was part of several MLM companies that really took off and he worked so hard that he was making $1.3M every month at some point. However, his choices of partners or MLM opportunities got him into trouble.

Buggs was part of CyberWize, Your Travel Biz as well as a well-known one called Organo Gold. The latter was where he really made his mark in the MLM industry.

Organo Gold was partnered with Digital SkyNet and after some time, Buggs became the executive advisor of Organo’s sub-company, IQ Chain/Legacy. And this turned out to be a scammy cryptocurrency MLM. Isn’t that questionable?

After reading through this review, it will be up to you whether you want to give him a second chance.

How iBuumerang Works

Like I already mentioned, iBuumerang is a travel MLM company. There are two parts to this business; either you want to become a customer and buy discounted travel deals or you want to promote iBuumerang and make money.

Either way, you need to join through a representative who is already with iBuumerang.

On the one hand, the perks of becoming a customer will mean that you’ll save on a whole bunch of stuff, including flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, homes and weeks (for weekly vacation stays).

If that’s not enough, they also have great savings on shore excursions, theme park tickets, other outdoor activities like Golf and even Worldwide tours.

On the other hand, being a representative of iBuumerang means that you’ll be able to earn on ALL of the above when anybody buys them. Sure looks like iBuumerang has some legitimate service/products.

A difference between iBuumerang and the other travel MLMs is that you earn on the SAVINGS that your customers are able to make, not on the actual sale of the travel deal.

Now, you know that this is a MLM opportunity after all. You know that recruiting will form part of this business, right? You knew I was going to talk about it, you knew it was coming.

There’s nothing wrong with recruiting but you sure need to have a large downline in order to be able to make a significant amount of money with this opportunity. You can’t make the hundreds to thousands of dollars per week simply selling vacation.

At least, not if you want to make some significant amount of money or an amount of money that will be able to replace your current day job.

That’s why if you hate recruiting, then iBuumerang might not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you love talking to people, you’re coachable and are okay with going out of your comfort zone, then iBuumerang is not so bad.

What Does It Cost To Join iBuumerang?

The good news is as a customer, you don’t have to pay anything to start saving on travel costs. All you need to do is find a representative, where they will give you access to a website called Xtream Travel, where you’ll be able to buy your trips.

But the opportunity is not a free, like many other MLMs. There are fees that you need to pay in order to become part of the business. There are three membership options that you can choose from and based on what you choose, your business package will differ;

1) Coach Class – $250 one-time fee + $49.95 monthly

You get to book discounted flights, hotels and rental cars. You also receive 10 Boomerangs, meaning that you can share your travel website link and password with 10 people who are looking to book and earn 50% from their savings.

Note that you’ll only earn from hotel and rental car purchases/savings.

Moreover, you’ll also earn 10% from your downline.

2) Business Class – $500 one-time fee + $99.95 monthly

Business Class gives you the same booking privileges as Coach but cruises are also added to the mix. Moreover, you receive 25 Boomerangs and you’re able to earn 100% of their savings.

Note that you’ll only earn from hotel and rental car purchases/savings.

The commission you receive from your downline is increased to 12%.

3) First Class – $1000 one-time fee + $99.95 monthly

Who doesn’t want to fly First Class? Well, with this membership option, you get what’s in the Business Class as well as discounted homes, weeks, marketplace, lifestyle and timeshare.

You also get to earn 100% of your customers’ savings but now, you’ll be able to earn from ALL travel as well as other activities.

You get to share 50 Boomerangs and make 15 – 20% from you downline.

It sure looks to me like you make more money if you invest more, not if you work harder. Isn’t that always a catch?

You can upgrade to the next membership level at any time by paying the difference, but if you elect to upgrade to the next level within 60 days, you only need to pay the difference.

For example, if you are at the Coach Class and want to upgrade to the Business Class within the first 60 days of getting enrolled, then you’ll only need to pay $250. If you upgrade AFTER the 60 days, you’ll need to pay $500.

Additionally, iBuumerang seems to be very strict when it comes to your monthly payments. If you miss even one month, your account will automatically be downgraded to only having access to the customer website until you pay again.

And the worst part is that your customers will then roll up to your sponsor if they make a purchase.

In other words, paying your monthly fee is one of the requirements to keeping an active representative account with iBuumerang, otherwise, you’re not going to earn anything.

iBuumerang Compensation Plan

As with a lot of MLMs out there, the compensation plan can get a little bit messy. That’s why I want to take my time to break it down to you so that you can understand how you make money with iBuumerang.

1) Direct Bonus

Each time you recruit somebody and they buy a membership option, you earn commissions. Just how much you earn depends on which one your recruit buys.

Each membership option has a certain amount of CSV (commissionable sales volume). Coach Class has 200CSV, Business has 400CSV and First Class has 800CSV. You’ll get paid 10% of the CSV amount.

So for example, if you recruit somebody at the Business Class level, you earn $80 one-time (10% of 800CSV).

The Direct Bonus is paid weekly and I like how you don’t have to BUY the membership option yourself to earn from it. You can earn from somebody upgrading to First Class, whether you are at that membership option or not.

2) Dual Team

You also get to earn from your teams making sales, referred to as the TV (team volume) and you could earn from 10 – 20% depending on your rank. There are 14 of them, and I will elaborate more on them later.

But what you have to know is that iBuumerang works on a binary plan, which means that you’ll have only two legs to your downline. The leg that has the least amount of TV will be the one you get paid on.

This is calculated and paid out weekly and there is a cap to this earning for every calculation period. The cap can go from $500 as a cap all the way to $250,000 weekly.

For example, being a regular TSA who just joined would give you a cap of $500 – $1000 and being at the 11th rank, at the Presidential Diamond, your cap is $100,000.

3) Ranks

Now we come to ranks! Like I mentioned earlier, there are 14 of them.

1) TSA

2) Director

3) Executive

4) Senior Executive

5) Sapphire

6) Ruby

7) Emerald

8) Diamond

9) Blue Diamond

10) Black Diamond

11) Presidential Diamond

12) Crown Diamond

13) Double Crown Diamond

14) Triple Crown Diamond

Phew! That was a long list, and a lot of remembering what came next, but as you can see, in order to earn more, you’ll need to move up the ranks.

Remember also how I mentioned earlier that you’ll be using a binary structure for your downline? Well, this is important here as well.

To reach each of those levels, you need to make a certain number of sales volume. For example, if you want to move up from TSA to Director, you need to have a teams sales volume of 2500. And a 50% rules applies to your binary legs.

Meaning, that 50% of those sales volumes will need to come from each leg. No more and no less.

As you progress in your ranks, this changes where you’ll only need 40% (Sapphire to Diamond), 30% (Blue Diamond to Presidential Diamond) and 20% (Crown Diamond to Triple Crown Diamond).

Moreover, to achieve these ranks, they each have their own requirements in terms of actual sales. For example, you need to have 5 active Boomerang customers if you want to move up to Director level, as well as the 2500 TSV with the 50% rule.

4) Unilevel

This determines how deep the earning pyramid goes and it can go down 7 levels. It really depends on your rank.

For example, if you’re at the TSA level, you will only earn from your personally recruited downline (Level 1) and that’s 10% of their sales. If you’re at the Director level, you earn from your first level as well as your second level, at 10% each.

And here’s a breakdown of what you receive in terms of commissions for each level that you unlock.

5) Leadership Development Bonus

That’s when you develop other success stories within the pyramid. You may be at the same level or higher than your recruits, but each time you help them move up a level, you earn a percentage of their TSV.

It only starts from the Sapphire level, which is a leadership level. The lower levels are builder levels, so even if you do get some people who graduate to the Direct or Executive levels, you won’t may any bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of what the commissions you get as part of the Leadership Development Bonus.


1) Creator Buggs is a real person and somebody who has 10+ years of experience in the MLM industry

2) Business model is legitimate. It is MLM.

3) Potential to make money is present

4) Lots of incentive to earn more

5) You earn when you save other people money

6) The travel industry really is a multi-billion dollar industry


1) Buggs’ past history with the companies he was involved with is questionable

2) Buggs was even part of a lawsuit and lost

3) This is an MLM and though there is potential to earn money, only 1% of people really make a significant amount of money to make it worth their while

4) iBuumerang is a very new company. It was created in early 2019 and has yet to prove itself

5) Expensive to join

6) Not accredited with the BBB

7) Pay To Play scheme because you have to pay more to earn more

Is iBuumerang A Scam?

No, I don’t think that iBuumerang is a scam. As per the FTC guidelines, you need to have a service or product that you can sell directly to customers to be considered legitimate and iBuumerang definitely has that.

The travel industry is expanding and becoming a rep with iBuumerang is definitely one way of getting a little piece of that big pie. Moreover, you feel good when you’re able to save people some money for travelling, something most people love!

However, it does not mean that making money with iBuumerang is gonna be easy. On the contrary, promoting anything is very difficult.

That’s the reason why most people joining MLMs fail. It is not easy to sell something to somebody, even if they’re your friends and family, people who most MLMs want you to sell to. The success rate is 1%, and only about 2% of people make any money.

Moreover, you have to recruit in order to make more money because you making sales alone will limit your income potential. You have to go out there, talk to people face to face, go to meetings, buy more promotional items and so on.

Believe me, I was part of 2 MLMs, Avon and Primerica and though I did make some money, it was not the amount that I had expected. It became harder and harder to sell to people as more people came to know about the company.

Sales and recruitment will slow down, as was the same with the previous travel MLM that Buggs was associated with. They completely fizzled out and died.

That’s why though iBuumerang is a legitimate company, the fact that it is an MLM pushes me to not recommend it.

Here’s A Better Alternative to MLMs – Make Recurring Income Every Month WITHOUT Recruiting!

What I do is called affiliate marketing. The basis of affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products to receive a commission for each sale. It’s very DIFFERENT to MLMs because you don’t have to recruit to make more money.

There are only 4 steps to making success happen with affiliate marketing and you can do that from the comfort of your own home. No need to go out and force or beg people to buy from you.

The technique that I use is one that will attract people to your promotions naturally and on their own. Those would be products they’re already looking for and all you have to do is give them that extra information to make them buy.

And it works! Take a look at some of the recurring commissions that I make every month!

And another one!


Seriously, since I started affiliate marketing, there was no going back. I just sit on my computer to make money. Moreover, you don’t have to invest an arm or a leg to start this business.

In my free guide, I show you how you can get started for free and I give you lots of tips and tricks on what you should focus on when just starting out. AND you have a WAY higher chance of earning good income with this method.

That’s because we teach you to build a business around a topic that you LOVE talking about. We don’t force you to ONLY promote products you know nothing about. How does that sound? Turn your passions into profits with me!

Grab my free guide now because the sooner you get it, the sooner you can make money!

Thanks for reading my iBuumerang review. If you have joined this platform and want to share anything else with us, feel free to do so within the comments section. At the end of the day, your experiences will help a lot of people considering iBuumerang.

Lots of Love,


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