Review – Rehashed Scam! I’ve Seen It Before review

Are you looking for an honest review? Then this is it!

The reason that I emphasize that this is going to be an honest review is because many of the other reviews will try to convince you that this is the best way to make money online. But I beg to differ because there are just too many red flags.

Additionally, we can associate with so many other scammy website, so how can you really trust InboxDollar?

Well, in this review, I will give you all the details that you need to know about InboxDollar to make an informed decision. Even if it is free, you better watch out if you don’t want to get scammed.

Let’s dive right into it! At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks

Price: It’s free but it will cost you dearly!

Do I Recommend it?: Absolutely NOT! It’s a scam that will not pay you, just like its predecessors. It will on the contrary, use your personal data to scam you in many different ways.

What is

InboxDollar claims to be the #1 Social Media Network that acts as a middleman between you and big companies, to help you make big income every single day. Imagine making $500 to $1000 every single day! Wouldn’t that solve all your problems?

Sorry, I was just being sarcastic. That’s because I’ve been working online for 2.5 years and I can assure you that I know a thing or two about how making money online works, and you won’t be making $500-$1000 that easily.

You see, what you’ll need to do with InboxDollar is almost the same as Swagbucks; it’s a get-paid-to (GPT) website and to be honest, Swagbucks does not pay you $25 as a sign up bonus, but only $5.

Moreover, you only get paid about $1 per referral with Swagbucks but it’s $20 with InboxDollar.

I can tell you that those payouts are suspicious because it’s outside the norm. And in my experience, when that’s the case, then the website turns out to be a scam because they can’t pay their members that amount.

Now, I’m not saying right off the bat that InboxDollar is a scam because I want to give it a chance, but I’ve seen similar websites before and they ALL turned out to be scams. They didn’t pay their members and they were caught in a bunch of lies.

Let’s see whether InboxDollar is going to be a scam, like the others, or whether it can pass the test.

How Works

The way that I was able to determine whether the other websites are scams is actually finding out from WHERE they will get the money to pay their members. If the business model makes sense, then chances are that they are legit.

But that’s not working out with InboxDollar. The truth is that the business model makes NO sense at all and that’s why I start to think that InboxDollar might actually be a scam and that they won’t really pay out.

Aside from the fact that the layout is the same as the other scams I exposed on this website, like Referral Pay, OG Dollars, Kash Tree, EZ Bucks and so on, even the business model is the same and that’s not a good thing.

InboxDollar explains that you’ll be making money by sharing your link on social media and that for each click on that link, you’ll make $2 and for each person who clicks through and signs up for a free account, you make $20.

Additionally, there are also small tasks and surveys that you’ll be able to complete on the inside that will each pay you upto $50. Although it might sound exciting to be making that kind of money as compared to other similar sites, there’s a problem.

If you’re getting paid upto $50 per task and the company also has to reward you for bringing in clicks and referrals, AND they have to think of paying their employees and pay for maintenance at the very minimum, they may well be charging their partners $100 PER task.

That’s because the only way that the company is supposedly bringing in money is through the task wall.

However, there are also other more well-known websites to partner with, like Swagbucks, who only charges a few dollars per survey. So why would any company want to partner up with InboxDollar?

What I think is happening, is that InboxDollar is making use of high payout claims to get you to sign up because they may be after something else. I will disclose exactly WHAT, in the next section.

The Red Flags – Won’t Pay Out

After some digging around, I found some red flags that you seriously should know about. The below list is by no means exhaustive, but they are the main ones that I think you should pay attention to.

They indicate that InboxDollar is a scam and that this program actually won’t pay anybody, like the others scammy websites that I exposed.

1) Who created InboxDollar?

I looked everywhere to try finding the person responsible for InboxDollar and I couldn’t find them. That’s a red flag because if people are boasting about how good a company InboxDollar is, then wouldn’t the creator be proud of it and show himself?

If he has nothing to hide, why not go public and claim all the credit for creating such a wonderful website, right?

Well, my experience says that those creators that are hiding behind their computers are the ones who are scammers. They want to create scam after scam and not have to deal with the members when they find out the website is a scam.

By staying hidden, they are never caught, never sued and never fined.

That’s why I say that if you don’t know who is behind a website or a program and you can’t confirm their identities, that you should just stay away from the website, period.

2) Was NOT launched in 2000

When you take a look at the “About Us” page for InboxDollar, it states that the website has been around since 2000. But my experience with similar websites is that this is a lie. So I went to verify when the website was actually created.

And the date that came up from a trusted website called WHOIS is that InboxDollar was created and registered on January 2nd, 2020.

So as you can see, that’s a big lie to tell. They want to increase credibility in your eyes because the longer that business has been around, the less it is likely to be a scam. But now that you know it’s a lie, credibility just plummets, right?

3) They don’t even know how much they paid out

That’s another red flag that I found; on the home page of InboxDollar, they say that they paid out over $6.7M to its members, but when you keep scrolling, you’ll see they claimed to have paid out $59M.

That’s a big difference. It’s a big jump. And I think that it’s a mistake on behalf of the scammer/creator of the website.

He does not even know how much he paid out to his members, which means that he may be lying about any payouts, right? With this being the second lie and red flag, haven’t started thinking that this is all a scam?

I’ve concluded InboxDollars to be a scam a long time ago, but there are even more red flags that are going to shock you.

4) Fake payment proofs

When all else fails and you’re trying to verify whether you’re actually gonna get paid or not, the next place you go is to the payment proofs, right?

Well, now that we’ve found out the date of the creation of InboxDollars, we can actually see whether the dates on the payment proofs make sense. And they actually don’t!

As you can see, all of the proofs that have dates on them were actually paid out BEFORE InboxDollars even existed. How could anybody have worked on the website, referred anyone, or gotten paid from a website that didn’t exist?

The only conclusion is that those payment proofs are all fake. They have been photoshoped to make you believe people have gotten paid from InboxDollars, when that’s not true.

5) Fake address

Oh that’s the best red flag; when these scammers try to come up with an address to make you think that they are legitimate.

Well, I tried looking for the address online and this is what I found;

I found that the address provided on the InboxDollar website is actually a house! This is not some headquarters or main office of the company at all!

When a company tries to tell you that they are a big enterprise and that they’ve around for a while, then you’d think that they’d have some office space to be able to run everything. But I’m not shocked that this turns out to be false.

This is VERY suspicious!

6) The REAL reason for InboxDollar

InboxDollar is similar to few scammy websites that I’ve already mentioned, but it is also similar to a website called Notion Cash, where it was “featured” on the BBB website as being a scam.

So if it’s the BBB putting their nose into this, then you know that this is pretty serious.

According to the BBB, these websites are around because they want your personal information. They will either use your information themselves to try and hack into your online accounts, like Paypal and online banking.

Or they will try to use the information to steal your identity.

Or they could just sell your information to other scammers and hackers to do the job.

Either way, your information will not be safe with them, especially since they already have so many red flags. If you want to take an in-depth look at what the BBB is saying, you can click HERE.

Is A Scam?

You bet that it’s a scam. Apart from website similar to InboxDollar, I’ve never seen any other website that has this many red flags. I do think that you should stay away from it.

I mean, the business model does not make sense. They are just trying to lure you with promises of high payouts, when they will never pay you. They have never paid anybody before.

I know that for a fact because similar scammy websites have not paid anybody. If it was such a good website, then you would be looking at positive reviews everywhere and nobody would be questioning it.

Moreover, there are so many lies on the website, including when the website was launched, the address of the location they’re supposed to be based from and even with the payment proofs.

This convinces me even more that InboxDollar is a scam because if they really were legit, they wouldn’t be lying to you. On the contrary, uncovering lies like this makes InboxDollar even more suspicious.

And what about the message from the BBB? If you want to take the risk of giving these guys all your personal information, then hey, by all means, you can go and get yourself scammed.

But if you want to protect your information, yourself and your hard-earned money, then avoid InboxDollar at all costs. I repeat, it is a scam!

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Thanks for reading my review. If you’ve had experience with this website, please share it below in the comments section. I would love your help to spread the message that this is a scam.

Lots of Love,


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