Income Disclaimer

Hi there. Reyhana here.

I always try my best to be as transparent as possible about any program that I review, as well as any program that I may or may not recommend. Seeing as you’re one of those trying to make an income online and who is able to comprehend my reviews, I assume that you’re somebody who makes use of common sense.

I do know that there will be some who will take my proof of income online on, or any other proof that I may provide in terms of making money online, as me making a statement about THEIR income potential but that’s not my aim here. My proof, or any other people’s proof that I may post on this entire website is for informational purposes only.

This is my way of showing you what is possible with online business and in NO way serves as a guarantee that you’ll make the same amount of money online. I actually do NOT guarantee that you’ll make any money at all.

Again, there is NO GUARANTEE THAT BY EMPLOYING THE SAME TECHNIQUES, STRATEGIES, IDEAS, PRODUCTS OR SERVICES I discuss will produce the same results for you. These may be provided to you in the form of articles, videos and other means or medium on this website. They may or may not work for your specific business idea and are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings or success.

The materials on this entire website at is not to be interpreted as a get-rich-quick scheme in any way. Starting any kind of business requires lots and lots of work, time and dedication. Your earning potential is dependent entirely upon you, your skills, financial resources, marketing knowledge, business model and time that you dedicate to your business. 

I do not know you at all, thus, can’t speak as to what your results will be. I do not promote get-rich-quick schemes and I do not portray any program that I’ve had success with, as such. 

Building an online business that is profitable, whether providing you with active or passive income, takes hard work. I’ve put in the effort and the hard work, which has resulted in my success today.

Just thought I would clear this up!

Wishing you the best,