Income Elite Team Review – Will You Make A Whopping $98K Monthly?

How does making $98K every single month sound? Well, that would make you $1M within one year. Who does not want that kind of income?

Income Elite Team is a platform that promises to help you make around that amount of money but what if it’s a scam? It sounds too good to be true, right? What if it does not work? What’s inside? Will it really help me get out of the rat race?

If you have these questions in mind, then it’s a good thing that you have stumbled across my Income Elite Team Review because I will be diving into what this program is about and will show you whether it is something that will or won’t work. Then you can make an informed decision afterwards, about whether it will be worth your time.

At A Glance

Name: Income Elite Team


Owner: Steve Peirce

Purpose: Make full-time income online

Price: $4.95 + $39.95 monthly

Recommend?: Let’s see… 🙂

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Selling The Dream

Yes a lot of money can be made on ClickBank, as per the proof by Steve. He talks a lot about waking up and just KNOWING that you will be making money today, and how you can make this money through pure automation. He did mention that it was a system that you could set up once and forget.

With this system, Steve says that he was able to make $5.2M in less than 4 years and that though he cannot guarantee that you will make the same amount of money, you can still copy the system he uses and make good money.

Then you will be able to quit your day job, work from home and buy all the luxuries in life, spend time with your family, all while the system is making money automatically for you. It could be $50 on a daily basis, or $100, or $500. It just depends on how much you WANT to make.

But you have to hurry, says Peirce, because this website could be taken down as soon as they get the required number of people for the program and after that, there won’t ever be any space available. He can only let a few people in on this to be able to coach them and help them.

What a wonderful way to make money online, on autopilot. What a wonderful way to live life, without having to worry about your next bill or mortgage payment. Will all this really work?

The Reality of Things With Online Business

I just want to clear up something, before going any further.

As much as making money online is NOT a myth, you WILL NOT start off making even a single dollar within your first month, on average, if you are a newbie. When it comes to online business, you either have to PAY somebody to do all the dirty work, the kind of money that MOST of us don’t have, OR, you do the work yourself.

Mostly, people don’t have a problem with doing the work themselves. But what they don’t realize, is that this venture is new to them and that learning and applying what you learn takes time. You can’t expect money to magically fall into your lap at the click of a few buttons. One-click systems simply do NOT exist.

I make money online doing affiliate marketing, and I do so through my blog. I can write an article that has the potential to make me residual income. But it is by no means on autopilot. There are just too many things that can change online that could negatively impact my blog. So I always have to be on the look-out, which means, that work is always required.

What Seemed Strange To Me

Well, I would like to tell you the reason why I got so excited to look inside this system; that’s because this website is over 10 years old! Usually, if something is a scam, it is around for a year or two and then it disappears. So for this system to be around for so long, it got my hopes up a little bit.

But what seemed strange to me, were the tactics used.

1) Number of Available spots – This is usually to trick you and force you to buy into the system, by making you think that there really is a limited number of space available and that you won’t be able to get in later if you pass up the opportunity now. Using this tactic shows that all they want is for you to give them your money, and FAST!

This is a way for scammers to get as many people to sign up as possible, thus making them more money.

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2) The Income Proofs – To be honest with you, this is the first time that I have seen somebody give up so much “proof” that the system worked. This is like “screaming” to me, that there is seriously something wrong with the system and that the only way to get me to sign up would be to flash big numbers at me.

Also, knowing that ClickBank income statements are easily forged, the income proof did not really do its job of convincing me that I could make incredible amounts of money, just like Steve.

3) No Information About The System – Does anybody else find it weird that there was a whole website and a whole video that did NOT touch upon how money will be made exactly?

If the proof is from ClickBank through, anybody who knows the platform will know that money can either be made if you create a product and sell it by being a vendor or you can sign up as an affiliate and start promoting the programs / books that are found on there.

But still, it’s a little weird that Steve did not explain how money is made so inhibit more trust.

The Inside of Income Elite Team

Remember how I thought that because this website was 10 years old, that it would possibly be a GREAT platform? Well, the opposite happened; there was just NOTHING that was updated on there. Contrary to my initial thoughts, things are SO outdated that everything is just useless. It’s not even worth the $4.95 that you initially pay to get in!

I mean, MOST of the links are broken and don’t work anymore. Many of the videos have been taken down. The graphics and screenshots within the training are from 10 years ago, on windows 98. Remember those grey windows back in those times, before windows XP?

That’s how old this training is and Steve did not bother to even upgrade the training or ANY links or videos within.

Additionally, you also are given training on promoting PLRs, which used to be huge back in the day, but that is so old now, that they just won’t work.

You see, PLRs stands for “Private Lable Rights” and these are ebooks that have been made available, mostly for free, to other people on the internet, who can use them to do whatever they like, including to be resold.

The problem with this though, is that MOST PLRs offer no value whatsoever and because they don’t work anymore, they are not being updated. Thus you will be paying for information that is so outdated. Sure, it’s free information but this stuff just won’t sell anymore.

Is Income Elite Team A Scam?

I am kind of torn between yes and no, but it definitely is low-quality.

The reason that I don’t think it as being a scam, is that back in the day, this training would really have worked. Although you couldn’t make $98K a month with this program, you would have been able to make some decent money eventually,

But, because this is so outdated but STILL being made available to the public today, it is a scam, because you have no way of knowing that you are paying for outdated information from the outside. You HAVE to pay to get in, in order to know what the program is about and how you will make money.

So all in all, I do not recommend this program because of the fact that it is not going to help you make any money today. Like I mentioned earlier, most of the links are broken, the information is outdated, the videos don’t work and some of the tactics that they use to sell you the system, is scammy.

I would definitely stay away from it.

Want Access To A Training Platform That’s Always Up-To-Date?

The reason I’m asking is because I know that you were reading this review to know whether you could actually make money with the Income Elite Team. However, now that we know it’s not going to work, you definitely need an alternate platform that can help you make that happen.

And the platform I’m talking about is one that’s always up to date, has excellent training, has all the tools and support that you need, all in one platform. It is the same platform where I learned how the online world works and what to do to make money.

The fact that you can start with NO financial commitment is a GREAT way to test out the waters and to see whether this is something that you want to do. Needless to say, that people are making some serious money. I know quite a few who were able to quit their day-time jobs and also some stay-at-home mom’s who are able to work from home and look after their babies.

But, it does require work. You won’t make money on autopilot, and certainly not from clicking a few buttons. You will have to be disciplined for it to work.

I have put together a FREE GUIDE, that you can sign up for instant access below, that will go through what I do and how I make money. I will also introduce you to the 4 steps, that has proven to work time and again and I will also hook you up with the training platform that I have used to teach me all I know now.

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As usual, if you do have any additional questions either about Income Elite Team, about my #1 Recommended Training Platform, or about making money in general, please leave them in the comments section below.

Whichever path you choose, I only wish for your success. But I can only tell you about what’s waiting for you if you give My #1 Recommendation a try. It will really blow your mind.



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