Income League Review – Will You Make $1400 A Day?

Many programs on the internet promise you to help you make money online at the snap of a finger and so does Income League. Is Income League a scam that will rob you of your hard-earned money, or can you really use the system to skyrocket your earnings to $1400 per day?

You should really pat yourself on the back for not outrightly falling for the system and for seeking to know more about the product before investing into it. There are more programs online that are scams or low-quality systems that just don’t deliver on their promises than there are that actually work.

In this Income League Review, I will be going over Matt and Jamie’s promises, what’s inside the program and will also explain to you how the system works and whether you will or will not generate money with it. It’s imperative that you keep reading because I’ll be revealing some pretty shocking facts.

At A Glance

Name: Income League


Owners: Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47 +Upsells

Recommended?: No, but read on to find out why

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What is Income League?

According to Matthew and Jamie, it is a system that will help you make thousands of dollars online, by posting “Tiny Little Ads” all over the internet that can literally start making you huge commissions only hours later. You don’t post ads on Facebook, no need to blog or to learn SEO.

There is really no skills needed, says Matthew. If you can follow instructions, copy and paste, and send emails, then you can do this. This system is revolutionary and brand new. It is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Just log into the account and post the free ads. If you want to make more money, just post more free ads.

Matthew claims that he was away on a trip to Europe while he tested the system and he was able to make $58K within the month of July 2018. There was not much work to do once the system was in place and he was able to make that kind of money by only working 1 – 2 hours a day.

It must be wonderful to travel the world and be able to make so much money, right? That too, only working 1 – 2 hours a day, while making thousands of dollars within a week.

Does the system really work as Matthew and Jamie claim? Let’s find out.

How Matthew and Jamie Make Money

First of all, before I go into the system, I would like to explain how Matthew and Jamie both make money online. There is no denying that they know their stuff and that it would be great to learn from the both of them.

There are a few avenues through which they make money online and the main ones are;

1) Selling their own products;

If this is the first time that you have heard of Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis, then you might not know that they are not only creators of this product, but also other products, namely 5K Formula, Speed Wealth and Operation 10K. Most of these products can be found on ClickBank and they make money through having affiliates sell their products.

2) Email marketing;

The second way that these guys make it big online, is through email marketing. You must have come across many websites or pages asking for your email address in exchange for a free product (usually, they’re free but some can be paid products too).

If you don’t end up buying the current offers, then these websites will send you emails on a consistent basis to have you buy their other products, or products from other vendors that they promote, which brings us to the next point.

3) Affiliate marketing:

Now, not only will they send you promotional offers of their own products, but they will also promote products from other vendors, that will earn them commissions each time that you, the subscriber, buys the program.

If you want more detailed information on this, then you can Read my Post Explaining Affiliate Marketing and How It Works Here.

The Difference Between Them and I

These are all legitimate ways to make money online, because I also employ some of these methods. The only difference is that I don’t have my own product to sell to anybody, like these guys. I only use email marketing and affiliate marketing, though I don’t use the same tactics as them.

These guys make money through analyzing what products are selling well and they promote them to their subscribers. But, you also have to realize that what’s selling does not necessarily mean it’s good or that it works.

My way of doing things, is to actually provide value and information on a certain product. I don’t go promoting all products that sound good or that have a high sales ratio. No… what I do is try the programs to have first-hand experiencse and then to relay those experiences to you so you can make a buying decision.

Whether they’re positive or negative experiences, I am here to let you know of them. And of course, if I find out that something will simply not work, I tell you that. I don’t want you to go spending your hard earned money, only to find out that the system is crap, just so I can make more money. That’s just not ethical.

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Inside The System


Matt and Jamie are here to teach you how they make money. However, don’t think that all of their secrets are going to be revealed with only a one-time $47 payment. As I suspected, there are upsells that immediately bombard you, once you sign in and I have outlined them below.

1) Unlimited Campaign – $149

2) Automated Webpages – $197

3) Coaching Webinars – $197

4) Done-For-You Sales Funnel – $495

In my opinion, the sales video is very misleading, because both Matt and Jamie make you believe that you will have access to the whole system with only a $47 payment. But that’s not the case. Both of them are VERY well-known to lure you in with a smaller up-front payment to later make more promises and have you buy their upsells.

And to show you how desperate they want your money, when I went to leave the sales page, there was a new window that popped up, promising me a 50% discount, bringing the fee to $24.95. But what’s even weirder, is that the crossed out figure is at $37 and not $47. And within the smaller prints, you can see a price for $14.95.

50% Discount from $47
Another claim – You will get the system for $14.95 then further below, discounted from $37, not $47

What is really the price of this? $47, $37, $24.95 or $14.95?

Ads and Promotions

What I don’t like about the member’s area as well, is that you have ads and promotions, like the above banner. I thought that Matthew and Jamie would have the decency of making this PAID membership area, a distraction-free learning environment, but that’s expected of these two; they only want to make more money off of you.

The Training

Anyways, moving on to the actual content of Income League, sure enough, they show you how to make money online through affiliate marketing and email marketing. But I am disappointed that they don’t show you how to make these methods of making money online work effectively.

Firstly they show you how to get traffic to your “ads”, through social media (Facebook to be exact). Any intermediate to advanced affiliate marketer knows that there is money to be made when posting on social media but that there is a limit to the number of visitors that it can bring you, specially if you’re a newbie.

This is the method that is most predominantly taught within the training and I think that it is weak and lacking. You will make some money with this method, but unless you have a massive following on social media, you won’t make thousands of dollars.

Then, they teach you email marketing, whereby the visitors that you get from Facebook will be signing up with their email addresses to view these ads for free. You get over 1000 email swipes to use to promote ClickBank products to them if they do not buy the product within the initial ad.

The Reasons You Won’t Make Thousands

As I mentioned, you have some chances of making money there but you won’t make thousands. The reason is that you are not taught to provide value and develop a trusting relationship between your visitors and yourself. What you would be doing is promoting sales pitch after sales pitch.

This won’t work on social media because you could be labelled as a spammer. With just one-line descriptions like “Make $1000 a day posting ads” and your affiliate link, you can see how this is not providing any value or helpful information, but only trying to catch the attention of people who want to make a quick buck online.

But you also have a high chance that people won’t want to see these and will hide your posts, or report you as a spammer to Facebook, which is the last thing you want. You’d be losing credibility and thus your posts will reach less and less people, which will result in you getting less leads and less money.

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More Costs

Paid Ads – With the methods they teach you, you will have to invest more to be able to make the system work because the FREE methods that are taught just won’t cut it.

If you want to make more money here, you would need to invest in paid ads, that I don’t really recommend you dabble in as a newbie. The reason for this, is that it is very easy to lose money with paid ads. You would need to test several campaigns to see which ones brings you the most revenue and that obviously witll cost.

When you find out which ones work the best, you will need even more money to optimize the ads so you can make more money. The problem with paid ads, is that although you will be spending, there is no guarante that you will make anything back.

Autoresponder – If you are new to email marketing, then you may not know that you will need a very important tool to help you get in touch with your subscribers and to promote more effectively. This important tool is called an autoresponder.

What this tool will do, is send out automated emails to your subscribers, where you would be promoting a different product each time. Autoresponders are services that, again, will cost you. There are some free ones but there is a limit to the number of subscribers that you can have and to the number of emails you can send out.

Thus, you will most probably need to PAY for this service, another cost that is completely (and intentionally) omitted.

Is Income League A Scam?

After all that I have found out a out Income League, I just have to say that I don’t think it’s a scam. But, I do not recommend it either.

It’s not a scam in the sense that you are getting some training and tools that you could potentially use to GROW your own online business. But I just don’t think that this is going to be worthwhile. You don’t even get the whole training for the up-front fee that you pay.

Additionally, you can also ask for a refund from ClickBank, because of the 60 day money back guarantee. ClickBank is pretty good with refunding you, so if you don’t like it, you can always go this avenue and you won’t have lost anything.

But it is a scam in the way that you are being mislead, within the sales video. It is a scam to lie to you and tell you that you could make so much money online literally working only a few hours a day, when that’s not true. It is a scam in the way that you are made to believe that the $47 is all you need to pay, to get ALL the resources needed to help you make it big online.

It is similar to some other programs that I exposed below;

1) 60 Minute Profit Plan

2) Viral Cash App (by Matthew Neer)

3) 30 Day Success Club

4) Easy Insta Profits

It is up to you whether you would like to try this system or not, but I personally do not recommend it. All they care about is taking your money, as is shown with the different entry fees and the upsells. You will be dried out after spending so much, before even making a dime with the system.

Get the Right Guidance to Affiliate Marketing

I promise, there won’t be any extravagant promises or claims coming from me. All I want to do, is paint the REAL picture of what it takes to become successful online.

You see, it takes time, dedication and effort to make serious and sustainable money online. Programs that sound too good to be true, mostly ARE! There is no short-cut to build success online. If you asked me what the secret is, it would be to have the following:

1) proper training

2) all tools required

3) good support

That’s why I highly recommend that you get my FREE guide to making money online for beginners below, where I go over what it takes to be successful online and introduce you to a platform where you can start for FREE.

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I would like to request that if you have had any experience with Income League at all, that you leave a comment below with your experiences. Have you made any money strictly following the training there? How long did it take you? Did you purchase any upsells? What’s included within them? Are they worth it?

Know that I only wish for your success and happiness.



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