Income Quickies Review – A Scam To Avoid?

Want to make $10K every single month? Well Tim, the creator of Income Quickies, promises just that! What a life-changing income for just anybody looking to escape the rate-race. But is it a scam? I was skeptical because one, it is a ClickBank product and two, Tim makes pretty unrealistic claims.

In this Income Quickies review, I will be discussing the system and will also tell you the truth behind the methods of making money online taught within Income Quickies. It’s definitely possible to make money online, but the sales video does not tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s dive right into this review! By the end, you’ll have an idea of whether it will be worth it for you to invest in this system.

At A Glance

Name: Income Quickies


Owner: Tim

Purpose: Make Money through various methods online

Price: $4.95 one-time, then $4.95 per month afterwards

Do I Recommend It?: It’s an OKAY system

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What is Income Quickies?

This method of making money online is claimed NOT to be a push-button system and you should not be expecting to make a million dollars today with it. An “Income Quickie” is defined as a method of making money online that meets the following requirements;

1) no need to generate traffic

2) no need to own product/s

3) set up in 30 minutes

4) no technical experience needed

5) needs to have the potential to make $50 – $100 a day

6) needs to be scalable to $500 – $1000 a day or more

Tim says that with this system, he is able to make 6 figures a month. The way to make money with this system is to get in front of an audience that’s looking for something and give it to them; find a product you want to promote as an affiliate (or you could use your own product or service) and get people in front of your affiliate link.

He goes further into explaining an example, where his friend made money doing what’s called “profit arbitrage”, where he got paid $100 for each sign up (as an affiliate). But his friend was smart and did not want to do the work so he got others to do the work for him and he paid them $30 for each person they were able to get signed up.

If his people were able to have 3 people sign up EACH in a day, he kept $70 per sign up and would be able to make $140 – $210 off of the work of each person, without doing any work himself. That’s just one example of an Income Quickie, not to mention that with each passing month, Tim will be revealing a new Income Quickie to you, so you can add it to your income stream.

What You Get With Your Monthly Fee of $4.95

1) Access to Income Quickies Vault ($497 value) 

These are step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Income Quickie. You’ll get new ones each month.

2) Free Access to Income Labs ($1000 value)

These are behind-the-scenes look at how Tim runs his business himself.

3) Weekly Q&A Call ($97 value)

This is perfect if you have a question or can’t get past a hurdle, to get your questions answered and the help that you need to move forward.

4) Access to Income University ($997 value – Bonus)

Within this area, new training is added every week to help grow your online business.

5) Hands-Free Income Quickies ($197 value – 2nd Bonus)

Easy businesses to set up that will bring in the money without much effort, via outsourcing the work.

6) $2 Million Case Study ($197 value – 3rd Bonus)

This is training that you will get access to by somebody who was able to build a $2 Million business online, using the exact methods within this system.

What Income Quickies REALLY Is

Based on my research, I was able to find out that Income Quickies will really show you legitimate ways to make money online. However, some of the easier ones, like completing surveys, are not even going to pay for your daily coffee and some others that pay more, like creating a service on a freelance website called Fiverr, is going to be harder than you think.

With the Fiverr gig, you can list any service and it would be a great way to make money online, specially if you’re good at what you do. But any top-rated seller on the platform will tell you that it was a rocky climb to the top. You won’t start by making hundreds or thousands of dollars a day.

You’ll be a complete newbie and you will make mistakes. You will initially not have any ratings from customers, and thus, it might be harder for you to land your first few sales.

Inside the Income Quickies system, you will actually get access to step-by-step instructions, but many of them do not go in-depth enough for you to make a full-time income. You may make some money here and there, but nothing close to the $10K that you were promised.

There is always more work involved than what Tim tells you; working 30 minutes per day is not going to make you $10K per month, so keep in mind that these are very misleading, although the training inside the system will work in some cases.

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The Reality Behind Making Money Online

You see, what’s explained in the sales video, is not really 100% what’s taught inside the system. But as I mentioned earlier, the methods taught are legit. Let me tell you about what will happen if you try to make money via too many methods at a time though.

I actually also tried that; I love crochet, I love animals and I love educating and/or teaching people. So, my thoughts were that I could crochet and sell my hand-made items online, I could also create an e-commerce store to sell pet supplies and I could create a blog teaching people about making money online.

However, I found out that it was too overwhelming. No, they didn’t take 30 minutes of work a day each. I was stretching myself too thin and was not making the businesses work for me; instead I was working for the business and didn’t end up getting the time and financial freedom that I was looking for.

The lesson that I learned was that I had to stick with ONE method if I wanted to make anything work. And that’s the same thing here. Yes, you can create multiple streams of online income, but you have to start with one, scale it up, make the income you want out of it, and then slowly shift your focus on something else, that will bring you EVEN more.

What I Like

1) Real testimonials

2) Shows you legit ways to make money online

3) Low start-up cost and monthly fees

4) Can get a refund within 60 days of purchase

5) Private Facebook group for members

6) Weekly Q&A

What I Don’t Like

1) The creator does not show himself

2) No in-depth explanation on what’s inside before you buy

3) Hyped sales video

4) Very slim chance of making $10K per month as is claimed (misleading)

5) There is more work involved than claimed (misleading)

6) Sales video does not reflect what’s taught inside

Income Quickies Review – Final Verdict

I definitely do not think that Income Quickies is a scam, but I also do not recommend it, based on the fact that there are a few red flags within the sales video. It also does not make sense that Tim would hand you such a system valued at $4k, for only $4.95 per month.

There is a lot taught within the system, but not many of them give you enough information for you to be able to make the $10K per month that Tim claimed. Sure you will make money, but I figure it’s only going to be a few sales here and there. The sales video is misleading and there is more work required than Tim lets on.

As I explained to you before, it’s not bad to have different income streams, but you don’t want to wear yourself too thin and not get the results that you want from even one of them. I have tried it before and it is just best to stick with ONE way of making money online until you see results, before moving on to the next.

Based on this, I do not feel comfortable recommending Income Quickies, although it’s not as bad as the other ClickBank products out there.

A REAL Business That Will Make You $5K+ Every Month

Yes, it does exist, and it’s the way that I have been making money online. This method I use, is called Affiliate Marketing. There are gurus all over the internet that promise you done-for-you systems that will teach you this method of making money online, however, there’s always one thing that’s missing.

And that’s how to get people in front of your affiliate link.

Well, lucky you, because I am NOT one of them and no, I won’t be showing you a done-for-you system. I don’t believe in them, because I like to be in full control of my own business. Having stuff done for you, is only going to make you dependent on the systems and you will be limited to the systems.

I have created a FREE Guide to making money online for beginners, where I give you a bird’s eyeview of how the system works. I will even introduce you to the training that taught me everything I know about making money online today, and I will also show you the tools needed to make success happen.

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If you’re not serious about working and giving the business enough time to grow and make you money, then my training is not for you. I’m not promising that you will start making $5K+ this month but it is an income that is very real to those people who stick to the system, like Grace below.

I will guide you to creating an online business that will be able to make you that kind of income through a FREE 6-Day Course that I have waiting for you, after you read my guide. I hope to see you inside and to help you achieve the income of your dreams.

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