Income Sites Online Review – Scam Or Make $1000 Today?

Welcome to my honest and unbiased Income Sites Online review.

I’ve come across many other reviews that are written by affiliates of the program and who actually don’t give you the whole picture of what Income Sites Online is about, or how it works.

That’s unfair, right? You need to know EXACTLY what you’re getting in exchange for your hard-earned money, and my review is going to do just that!

I’m going to tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly of this program so that you can make an informed buying decision. I do not promote Income Sites Online, so you can trust me when I say I’m going to be honest.

You must also be wondering why I’m not promoting it, right? If there’s money to be made here, then nobody would really leave money on the table. It doesn’t make sense. But you’ll find out why soon enough!

Income Sites Online At A Glance


Owner: “Jake”

Purpose: Affiliate marketing

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Income Sites Online?

Jake introduces himself and explains that he has created a business for you. He clicks his mouse a few times to turn on the system. That’s how easy it is for him to start making you money and he will show you LIVE how he does it!

That’s amazing, don’t you think? Just clicking a few times to make money online sounds like a dream. But unfortunately, it really is just a dream. It takes hard work to make money online and I’ve seen so many other scams claiming the same thing.

You can tell that my first impressions of Income Sites Online are not good, right? But I don’t judge a book by it’s cover, so let’s see what else Jake can tell us.

By the end of the video, he says that you’ll get to know how much money you’ve made. You’re supposedly able to make $1000 per day with this system. Jake claims he was able to make $10M in just 4 years using it.

By sharing the system with you, you will be able to make money and that helps him make more money too.

That’s why he wants to help you by letting you use the same websites that has made him his fortune. He does all the work for you and all you have to do is to check your accounts a few times a week to make sure money is coming in.

What’s not to like, right? It would be a no-brainer to say yes and purchase the program but the truth is that things aren’t gonna go exactly as described by Jake and deep inside of you, you know that.

That’s why you decided to take a look at my review, right? Let’s take a look at what’s REALLY going on here.

The Red Flags To Watch Out For!

Unfortunately, I’ve come across some red flags that you may want to check out. I have reviewed over 350 make-money-online programs on this website and when these red flags came up, it signified NOTHING good.

1) Who Is Jake?

If I asked you this question, what would you answer? That he is the creator of Income Sites Online, right?

But what I mean is, who is HE? What does he look like? What does he do for a living? Does he have any social media accounts? How can we get in touch with him if we have questions about the program?

Well, it’s a fact that he does not even give us his last name, so how the heck are we supposed to know who he is?

This is a red flag because the many other programs that I’ve exposed as scams or low-quality products before had anonymous creators. They don’t want to reveal their real identities because they would be caught and sued!

By remaining anonymous or making up a fake identity for themselves, they can get away with creating new scams over and over again without getting caught. And I believe that’s what’s Jake is doing!

2) Brand new account created

Yeah, right! Did you really believe that he created a brand new account for you and that the account made you $175 in as little as 10 minutes?

The truth is that accounts aren’t just created, right? I mean, he does not even know you and he does not have your information. How could he create an account for you?

Additionally, if you go back to the website the next day, you’ll see the exact same video. This is proof that the video is not LIVE. It was pre-recorded.

Therefore, there’s no way that he could have created an account for you that’s already making you money. I guarantee that if you do sign up, you won’t find the money that the account supposedly made ANYWHERE at all.

3) Make money simply clicking a few times

Wow! What is Jake, a magician? He clicks a few times and he is able to create your account that starts making you money within 5 minutes!

But take it from me, it does not work that way. He is doing nothing but lying to you. I’ve been in online marketing for over 2 years so I have quite some knowledge of how making money online works, and it definitely takes hard-work!

If it was as easy as Jake claims, then you would be hearing about people quitting their jobs more, you would have been hearing of more people being able to travel, and nobody would be in debt. But is that what’s happening around you?

He paints such a good picture with his income proofs, but he hides what he REALLY had to do to start making money online. These are the kinds of videos that manipulate our minds to make us think that making money online happens quick.

4) Fake Scarcity

Oh no! The doors are closing tonight and you absolutely need to be one of the 15 people that Jake is looking for.

Hold your horses – uh, MOUSE! The truth is that there really isn’t a time sensitivity nor a limited number of people that can sign up for Income Sites Online.

Remember what Jake said? He said that the more you make money, the more he makes too. So why would he want to limit the number of people that can sign up if that’s going to limit his own income potential?

That does not make any sense from a business perspective. He actually WANTS as many people as possible to sign up by making you THINK you could be missing out on it if you wait. Now you know, that’s not true!

5) Can’t verify income proof

Jake does show us some of what he made in his bank accounts and even his Paypal account. But these are screenshots! How can you really verify that these are real?

The truth is that these screenshots can be falsified! Just go to Youtube and search for something like “How to fake a bank account balance” and hundreds of videos will turn up. So don’t trust that these numbers are real, because they might not be.

Additionally, even if he does have that kind of money in his accounts, where’s the proof that he made the money with the websites he CLAIMS he used? We cannot verify that either and it is possible that he used a totally different method.

Again, there is no guarantee that anything he is saying is the truth. Remember, he cold be faking his identity, so what obligation does he have to tell you the truth? He could just be saying and showing you anything at all, to convince you to buy.

6) Rehashed scam?

That’s the big one; Income Sites Online looks similar to other programs that I exposed on this website before, like Quick Home Websites, Your Dream Websites and Clone My Sites. Just take a look at their sales pages!

What does that tell us?

That Jake is too lazy to change the layout of the website and the sales video, so what you’ll get inside Income Sites Online is going to be exactly the same as the other websites.

If those other programs were legitimate in the first place, why change the name? That’s really suspicious because if the program really was as good as he claims, then there would be no need to change the name.

The name of the program should have become famous and changing the name would be counter-intuitive because nobody would know about it. But the truth is that this is exactly what Jake wants!

He changes the name so the program cannot be associated with any other programs but bad luck for him, I’ve seen most of his other programs before and this is nothing new. He just wants you to keep off the scent of the bad reviews.

How Does Income Sites Online Work?

How irritating that Jake does not even give you an idea of what the program is about and how it works. That’s actually one more red flag, since he expects you to pay for something you know nothing about, right?

But I picked up on something he said; that the more money you make, the more he makes too, so there’s no mistaking it. He probably wants to teach you affiliate marketing.

The good news is that affiliate marketing is totally legitimate. I know that since I’m an affiliate marketer too and to give credit to what Jake says, since I give credit where credit is due, you really need at least a website to be able to make it work.

However, no matter how many websites you have, you’ll never make money if you don’t figure out how to get people to visit it. If people don’t know about your sites, how can you make sales?

While you will be getting access to his websites, the training on how to actually make money with those websites is a completely different story. You won’t ever get to even $1 per day with the material inside.

The training is actually a compilation of PLRs (Privale Label Rights)! Those are generic articles or e-books that are known to be of VERY low-quality. What you get inside those guides can be found for free online or even on Youtube.

Therefore, there really is no need to spend $37 to get Income Sites Online.

Additionally, if he really does all the work for you, then why is there any need to have any training, right? Surely, you don’t need training to check your bank accounts a few times a week, do you?

There’s the proof that what Jake says in his video is a total lie to your face! He does not do the work for you and even then, he does not give you worthwhile information so that you can make real money online.

He uses big words in his video, like CSS, funnels, HTML and PPC Advertising, basically, things that you wouldn’t know as a newbie and uses that tactic to scare you and discourage you from finding your own way around the online world.

He makes you think that his program is where all that is already done, when they’re really not! That’s how manipulative he is.

Is Income Sites Online A Scam?

You already knew from the beginning that I didn’t have a good impression of Income Sites Online. But is it a scam?

Well, it depends on how you personally define a scam. To some people, a scam is a program where you don’t get anything in exchange for your money. If that’s you, then this program may not be one because you do get some things.

But some others, like myself, do think that Income Sites Online is a scam because it does not work as advertised. There are a ton of lies that Jake tells us and he is misleading and manipulative

Why would anybody want to do business with him and help him make more money, right?

He might be lying about his identity and about his income. He definitely lied to you about creating your brand new account and about it making you money already.

He misleads you by telling you that he only clicked his mouse a few times to make money for you. He tries to manipulate your by promising you what you WANT and that you’ll get it, if only you purchased his program.

And what about the other similar websites he created that turn out to be complete duds? Those can’t be working for anybody since he changed the name of the program quite a few times to throw you off the scent of his scam.

I’m 100% convinced that Income Sites Online is a scam that you need to avoid aat all costs.

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Thanks for reading my Income Sites Online review. If you’ve had some experience with this program, do let us know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,


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