InfluEarn Review – Don’t Get Sucked Into This Scam!

InfluEarn reviewWelcome to my InfluEarn review.

Congratulations on deciding to find a review of this program. You’d agree that there are too many scams on the internet, right? Even if they’re free. You never know what they could be after and it’s not always your money.

In this review, I will expose everything that I’ve found out about InfluEarn so that you can make an informed decision. I was also curious about the program and wanted to share what I found with you.

You’re going to be surprised with the things I will be telling you because this is a scam that does not work in the least same way as other scams you’ve probably seen before. So put on your seatbelt and let’s get diving.

InfluEarn At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete surveys

Price: Free to Join

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not! It’s a scam!

What Is InfluEarn?

InfluEarn is supposed to be a website where you can earn money by referring others to the platform and completing small tasks.

You receive a $25 bonus when you sign up and earn $50 per task completed. When you refer others, you make $15 per referral. The home page boasts its members are able to earn in 3 steps; sign up, earn and cash out.

All this makes the process look really easy, doesn’t it? But let me tell you that if making money online were as easy as this, then everybody would have been rich.

Just looking at the home page, I already have my walls up really high and that’s because of two reasons: one, it’s due to the fact that the payment they promise is WAY above average and two, it’s because I’ve seen this layout before.

Other get-paid-to sites will usually pay only a few cents to complete a survey of 15-20 minutes. Take SwagBucks for example. And if there really was a FREE pay-per-lead program, you would really only get paid a few dollars per referral.

The layout of this website is similar to that of some other websites/programs that I’ve reviewed before, like Referral Pay and Notion Cash, and that’s not good news. That’s because I found them to be scams in the end.

I suspect that the same person is behind all three of those websites and is trying to scam you. Yes it is free to join but scams don’t always involve money. I will explain soon what I mean.

How InfluEarn Works

Before really coming to a conclusion about whether or not a program is a scam, you need to look at how the website, the members and even the owner of the website makes money. The fact that the owner is anonymous here is a red flag.

But moving on, one of the ways that you’ll be earning money here, is by referring others. You’ll receive $15 for each referral you get to sign up to InfluEarn. Once you sign up, which I don’t recommend you do, you’ll get an affiliate link to share.

That’s the link others will use to sign up where InfluEarn will know that you were the one that referred them and compensate you (or not!).

The other way to earn money they say, is to complete surveys and other tasks like playing games, downloading and testing apps and others. These tasks can earn you between $10 and $50 each.

The way that InfluEarn could possibly be making money here is through companies paying InfluEarn to find those people who are willing to complete surveys/tasks for money. Some of these tasks involve you buying merchandise, thus earning InfluEarn commissions.

But in whatever way you look at it, the pay is just really too high for those small tasks. Competitors would pay you a few cents per survey and maybe upto $10 per task, like, but nothing higher than that, especially not $15 for referrals.

So my hunch is that you’re just not gonna get paid, just like so many people complained about Referral Pay and Notion Cash. I bet you, the same person is behind all these websites and you’ll soon find out why the scammers are doing this.

Why You Simply Won’t Get Paid

But you wouldn’t believe me if I were writing this review mainly based on a hunch, right? You need real proof that will show you just how much the scammer behind this website is a crook.

Here’s hard proof that you just won’t get paid;

1) Payment Proofs are FAKE!

Why do you think I say that the people behind Referral Pay and Notion Cash is the same one that’s behind InfluEarn? That’s because of the payment proofs on the website.

They look pretty legit but when compared to Referral Pay and Notion cash, they’re EXACTLY the same, except the logo. Take a look at the screenshot below.

How can payment proofs from 3 different websites say exactly the same thing, make the exact same amount of money, on the same date at the same time? That would be too good to be a coincidence, right?

2) Company has NOT been around since 2006

Yea, about that, I can prove it in two different ways. The fact though is that if they were honest, they would say that they were a new company but that’s not what they say at all!

You see, on their About Us and Why It Works pages, they say that they’ve been around for years, even all the way from 2006. But let me show you something that says otherwise:

This is the screenshot of the registration of the website and as you can see, it was only registered in May 2019. So MY FOOT they’ve been in business since 2006!

If the website only existed since a few months ago, then how can they have payment proofs from 2018? Take a look at the proof above again. The date on there will tell you everything!

These payments have been forged! These are not really proof of people getting paid.

3) Youtube PROOF! Nobody gets paid!

Funnily (but not so funnily) enough, one of the tasks that pays highly inside the dashboard, $50 to be exact, is to post a positive review of InfluEarn on Youtube. That’s to get people to sign up through your link and for you to get paid a lot for the task, obviously.

I looked for an InfluEarn review and looked at some comments; everyone that tried it said it was a scam. They never got paid. These people have actually tried it and took the trouble to reply and to tell us that it does not work.

Why waste time with the website? Proof is already out there!

4) Notion Cash on the BBB

When I was researching Notion Cash, I found out that the BBB had investigated Notion Cash. One way to make sure that the company is where it says it is located, like an address, is to send a letter there but the letter came back unanswered.

Additionally, there are so many unresolved complaints that forced the BBB to give Notion Cash an “F” rating and for good reason!

You see, the BBB thinks that the reason for which these websites are being created is not to scam people out of their money, but rather, to carry out massive data harvesting, where the data they collect about you can be sold to others.

It could be your email address, your date of birth, your address, whatever information you’ve provided InfluEarn or Notion Cash.

This could not only result in your personal information being breached but also identity theft. So be careful when dealing with even FREE websites.

Is InfluEarn A Scam?

I absolutely think that InfluEarn is a scam.

As you can see, there are way too many red flags about the company without even doing a background check on them. The amount that they’re willing to pay for these small tasks is just ridiculous. The[pay is even too high for referrals.

This has led me to believe that they are just luring you in to work for them when they have no intention of paying you at all.

Besides, now that we know the similarities between InfluEarn and other platforms like Referral Pay, Notion Cash and Viral Dollars, there’s enough proof that it’s the same person behind all those programs and he will not pay you.

People have already tried all these other platforms and never got paid! Those that said they got paid, which is very few and far in between, actually don’t even provide any proof of their payments. That’s probably the scammer that created different accounts and is trying to make believe believe that the platforms pay, using a different name.

And don’t you find all those red flags a little but too frightening? I mean, if something was legit, then there wouldn’t be as many red flags in my opinion. There are just too many things that don’t add up and we can’t find answers anywhere.

If the websites weren’t so bad, the BBB wouldn’t have given such horrible ratings and the address would have been legit, right? But the BBB is right when it comes to this program; it is just a big data harvesting system created by a scammer.

A website/company cannot hide their illegitimacy forever. Karma will eventually catch up to them, which it has for InfluEarn.

I seriously recommend that you stay away from InfluEarn and the other related websites. They are scams!

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