Influencer Cash Review – Rehashed Scam Or Legitimately Make $200?

Influencer Cash review

Are you looking for an honest Influencer Cash review? Congratulations because you’ve just found it.

There are way too many scams online and perhaps you’ve fallen for them before. Or maybe you’re trying out Influencer Cash and saw some kinds of irregularities, for which you’re looking for answers?

Well, my review is gonna go over all the details that you need to know about Influencer Cash in order to make an informed decision of what to do next, whether it be signing up or keeping on working with the website.

What I have to say though, is that I’ve found some pretty UGLY TRUTH about Influencer Cash that you should take into consideration. It’s going to change your mind about the website, believe me!

Influencer Cash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

PriceL Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam!

What Is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash is claiming to be the #1 Monetization Network, where you can make $200 every single day by referring others to the website. You even get a bonus of $25 for signing up.

It looks really easy to make money with the program too; just sign up and create an account, grab your link and start posting all over social media and earn $10 per referral. When you’re ready, just cash out.

However, what I have to say here is that I found this to be a big red flag. The amount of money that Influencer Cash is willing to pay you for this type of work is way more than what other legit websites usually pay for it.

Additionally, we don’t know anything about who created the company, so how can you be sure that the people behind the program actually know what they’re? How do you know if they’re going to pay?

And what’s more, is that I’ve actually seen similar websites and I’ve actually exposed them as scams as well. If you take a look at my Referral Pay, Paid Leaf and Notion Cash.

Have you also noticed that they said their parent company has been giving out online monetizing solutions since 2012? If that’s the case, why not actually give the name of the parent company?

From a business perspective, it would make sense, right? Associating themselves with a legit company online would make us trust them even more and have even more people sign up. So why keep that a secret?

From my experience with making money online and reviewing over 300 websites, I can already tell that Influencer Cash isn’t what it is. Let’s find ourselves some proof.

How Influencer Cash Works

Before actually working with anybody online, you need to always figure out how the company is making money. It could be legit or illegal and based on that you’ll be able to tell how they pay or IF they pay.

Looking at Influencer Cash’s business model, the way that they explain they make money is through ad-spent revenue. When you refer others to the website, that increases the traffic, which increases exposure to their ads.

More people will watch or click the ads, making Influencer Cash more money. And when they make money, they pay you a portion of what they make.

However, the main way to make money here is to refer others, not to watch or click on ads. Additionally, I don’t see ANY ads on their website at all. So how are they making the money? If they’re not making money, where do they get the money to pay you?

As you can see, the business model does not make any sense because there really is NO way that they’re making money.

Even if there aren’t ads and Influencer Cash is making money from the small tasks that you have to complete inside the member’s area, it’s not advertised as the main way to make money.

So, less people will actually be completing tasks and more emphasis is put on referring others to make money. If all people are doing is referring, then Influencer Cash really isn’t making anything, right?

And if they’re not making anything, chances are that they won’t pay.

And what I’ve found out is that Influencer Cash is actually part of a network of other similar websites, like Notion Cash, that does mass data harvesting. You can read what the BBB HAS TO SAY ABOUT IT HERE.

Basically, the main reason that Influencer Cash and those other websites are operating is to collect your information to then sell it to others for a profit.

Does Influencer Cash Pay And How Much?

Well, there are several reasons because of which I do NOT think Influencer Cash is gonna pay up.

1) Fake Payment Proofs

Oh yes, the payments are actually fake and do you want to know how I found out? Well, I simply took a look at when the website was created and when those payments were actually made and this is what I found out.

I went to the and entered the website to get a creation/registration date for Influencer Cash and guess what I found? That it was created on April 10, 2019.

Let’s now take a look at some of the payment proofs.

As you can see, one of them was in September 2018 and the other in February 2019. However, didn’t even exist then, how could anybody have made money with the website?

How could anybody have signed up there in the first place? How could anybody visit the website during that time? How could there have been payments put in place at that time?

As you can now understand, those payment proof are made up. If two can be proven to be fake, what guarantees do you have the other ones aren’t made up too?

2) Nobody Has Actually Gotten Paid

The fact that the layout of the website, as well as the kind of work you need to do, are similar to the other websites that I have reviewed and exposed before, like Referral Pay and Paid Leaf, it looks to me like the same creator is behind all three of them.

And let me tell you that Referral Pay and Paid Leaf, that there were never any payouts. On the contrary, the website was full of fake payment proofs and hired actors to act out testimonials.

What I also found out was that those who claimed they were paid could never actually PROVE it, when asked to. They never attach proof.

But the majority, like 99% of people, are saying that they are either having trouble cashing out, the payment wasn’t received on the day it was supposed to or that their account was closed down due to fraud, even if they did everything correctly.

Here are what some people are saying about Referral Pay.

And here are what some people are saying about Influencer Cash.

So basically, I can’t find proof of anybody receiving REAL payments online anywhere, which is proof enough that Influencer Cash just won’t pay anybody.

Is Influencer Cash A Scam? – Absolutely!

You already know how I feel about Influencer Cash; it’s a complete and utter scam that you should avoid, even if it’s free to join. You’re going to be wasting your time with this website, when you could be doing other legit tasks to make money.

The first time I saw the home page for Influencer Cash, I already found it to be a shady, with the ridiculous amount that they were willing to pay for such small tasks. And making $200 per day is no easy task.

If it were, then everybody would have been doing it, yet, you don’t find many people that can claim they’re making $200 per day online, can you?

Then you also have the unsustainable business model, that proves even further why the website doesn’t work, from a business perspective. They’re not aiming to get the money from you, but from those others willing to pay big money to get their hands on your personal data.

After that, you have prove that the payment proofs on are all fake and made up. Coupled with the amount of people that are saying they aren’t getting paid, this is the perfect proof that you simply won’t either.

They never paid through Referral Pay and Paid Leaf, nor with Notion Cash, so what makes you think they’ll pay with Influencer Cash? The creator is heartless and is only looking for his own benefit.

The bottom line is that Influencer Cash is a rehashed scam and it won’t pay you.

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Thanks for reading my Influencer Cash review. If you can please share your experience to help others with it, please do so in the comments section below. I would love to also answer any questions you might have.

Lots of Love,



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