Influencers Earn Review – WARNING! There Are No Earnings Here!

Influencers Earn review

Welcome to my honest Influencers Earn review. You want an honest review because you want the facts as they are, and not someone trying to get you to sign up so they can make money.

That’s why I want to be explicit here and tell you that I do not promote Influencers Earn. I am not affiliated or associated with them and with good reason!

That’s because there are just too many red flags for my own comfort. If I don’t feel comfortable using the website myself, I obviously wouldn’t want to promote it and cause you harm.

What’s the harm, you might ask? Well, it’s coming right up!

Influencers Earn At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend it?: NO! It’s a scam!

What Is Influencers Earn?

Influencers Earn claims to turn your social media accounts into money-making machines.  By referring others to Influencers Earn, you could make thousands of dollars every single week.

That already tells me that Influencers Earn is probably going to be one of those websites that are too good to be true; if it was as easy as that to start making thousands of dollars every single week, why are people still weathering away at a job that they hate?

They could be making thousands of dollars right here, just by referring others. No, there has to be a catch, right?

But anyways, they also make other outrageous claims; like paying you $25 as a sign up bonus, $30 per survey completed and even upto $50 for Youtube and Instagram submissions!

I say outrageous because compared to other legitimate platforms that pay you to complete similar tasks, they only pay a few cents per survey and the sign up bonus is like $5 the maximum! So where are they getting so much money to pay members?

The next thing that I noticed, was the fact that Influencers Earn looks a lot like some other websites that I have reviewed in the past, like Paid Leaf, RainMoney, Paid Nova and Referral Pay. They were all SCAMS!

So right off the bat, I can tell that there is something fishy that is going on. Even then, I decided to look further and to confirm my suspicions.

How Influencers Earn Works – Or Does Not Work, Rather!

The first thing that I noticed was that Influencers Earn claimed to have been in business for 10 years. Since the website looked so suspicious, I decided to confirm that by going on the WHOIS website to see when the website was registered.

And this is what I found; that the website was actually only created on September 25, 2019.

So why would they lie about the date of their inception? Probably because they want more credibility but I also found another reason that I will be revealing soon.

But anyways, the way that Influencers Earn claims to work is that they made money through ad revenue. It makes sense; the more people you refer, the more traffic the website gets and thus the more views the ads will get, which will make money for Influencers Earn.

However, what’s so strange is that there are no ads on the website at all! Additionally, they give you a sneak peak inside the members area and I can see no ads whatsoever. So why another lie?

The truth is that the Influencers Earn website does not make money through ads at all. And they don’t even tell us who their sponsors are, so how can we be sure that they will pay? If the sponsors were reputable, then at least we could have trusted it a bit.

But no, you shouldn’t! And you this, you shouldn’t even sign up, even if it is free!

Like I said, similar websites have popped up and what the BBB had to say about them is that they are mass data-harvesting scams that are likely to be collecting people’s data to sell to other scammers and spammers.

They could also easily use your information for identity theft or to even hack into your online accounts, like banking accounts, or Paypal. So be careful! Do not give your information out to them.

Any Proof That Influencers Earn Pays? NONE Whatsoever!

I tried looking for proof and you know what I found? That NOBODY has gotten paid with Influencers Earn and that NOBODY will ever get paid… EVER!

1) Fake Testimonials/Payment Proofs

You remember how I told you that the creation of the website was actually on September 25, 2019? Well, if anybody has really earned from Influencers Earn, then the dates should be AFTER the creation of the website, right?

But take a look at those payment proofs found on the website. Take a look at the dates on them.

As you can see, they’re all BEFORE the creation of the website. How is that even possible? Obviously, nobody would have been able to earn from a website that didn’t even exist yet, right?

So the truth here is that all these payment proofs are made up and completely fake. Nobody has ever gotten paid from this website.

2) Complaints of Non Payment!!!

Since I have already exposed other similar websites, like Paid Leaf and Paid Nova, I know that Influencers Earn is not gonna pay. In fact, there have been people complaining on my Youtube videos about those other websites, saying that are not receiving their payments.

So the norm is that when you cash out, you’ll be asked to wait 30 days before the payment gets released. The date of the payment will come and go without any release.

Then, they might even close down your account, claiming you’ve committed fraud, even though you’ve followed their rules completely. Some people have even complained about not being able to get through to their support team.

The email does not work and neither does the contact person inside your member’s area respond. It seems like those are all fake! Obviously, you won’t get any responses because those accounts don’t exist.

Did you also notice that the creators of all of these websites are anonymous? It is DEFINITELY the same person behind them ALL. That’s why I don’t think you’ll get paid. They never paid anybody, so why would they start now?

With all that, do you still want to risk your information on this website?

Is Influencers Earn A Scam?

Oh, I absolutely DO think that Influencers Earn is a complete scam. There are too many red flags and too much evidence that points towards Influencers Earn not working as they claim.

You have the fact that the pay is so high and suspicious when compared to other similar websites. There’s also the fact that the business model they use does not make sense. They say they make money from ad revenue, and yet, there aren’t any ads.

Then you have the fact that they claim to have been created 10 years ago, when they have only been online for like 2 months! ALL of the payment proofs on the website are completely made up and are fake.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that similar websites in the past were started up and they all have a history of non-payment. The same person could be behind them all since none of the websites mention a creator name.

I am 100% sure that Influencers Earn works like the BBB has stated on their website; that these website, including Influencers Earn, are mass data-harvesting scams, that are looking to gather your personal data.

That’s because to spammers and scammers, your data could mean a lot, especially if they want to use that information to hack your online accounts. They could even sell your information or use it for identity theft.

Stay away from Influencers Earn. It’s BAD news and a BAD scam!

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Thanks for reading this Influencers Earn review. Please don’t hesitate to share anything about this website or any other similar websites that you’ve experienced. It’s going to help others avoid these scams.

Lots of love,



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