Insta Profit Hack Review – A Scam Or Will You Make $3K in 7 Days?

Welcome to this Insta Profit Hack review!

If you’re wondering whether this program can really change your life around with a measly investment of $7 and you are looking for an honest take on this program, then you’ve landed on the right review. There are too many scams on the internet and you’ve done the right thing to do some research beforehand.


Programs may seem good, but you and I both know that it’s only when you get on the inside that you come to know whether it’s a scam or legit and by that time, you would have lost your money. Find out in this review whether Insta Profit Hack is worth it.

I will tell you everything that I know about it and will share my secret of how I make money online personally. So read all the way to the end for the complete truth.

Insta Profit Hack At A Glance


Owner: “Joseph Paul”

Purpose: Make money using Instagram

Price: $7+

Do I Recommend?: Absolutely not! It smells like a scam!

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What Is Insta Profit Hack?

“Okay, what’s going on?”

That’s what I first thought when I looked through the sales page of this program. The sales page was strange because there was no video, there were no pictures, there was no income proof. It was just a sales page with words, claiming stuff without proof.

The creator of this program is apparently Joseph Paul, who tells you he was able to find a way to make money on Instagram, like lightning fast! He tells you to invest $7 and within 7 days, you’ll be able to make over $3,700.

He wants to sell you a “hack” that he found works on Instagram and wants to charge you very little for it – how nice of him – and to use this hack for only 15 minutes a day that will yield insane results. If I didn’t know how the only world works, I would have fallen for these claims.

It’s good you’re actually doing your research on this and found my review because I’m going to be honest. I don’t believe A WORD he says. There are just too many lies that he is telling you here. If it was so easy to make thousands of dollars a week with only a $7 investment, why are people not doing this?

If he did make as much as he claimed, why not show any proof? I’m already skeptical about this program.

For all we know, he could well be lying. It’s so easy to put words down, but what’s hard, is to actually prove what he is saying. And in my opinion, he does not want to prove anything and just wants you to take his word for it. Yeah, as if!

How Is It Supposed To Work?

Well, that was a short sales page and there isn’t really anything that tells us how this “hack” will work, right? What I think is that there isn’t a “hack” at all. From my experience, all those programs that tell you they found a “loophole” or uncovered a “secret” or a “hack” to make thousands of dollars online, are just all lies.

This is just a sales tactic used to increase your curiosity and to get you pumped and excited enough to buy their programs when things inside the program will just be generic information. With literally NO WORK put into the sales page, do you really think that you’re going to get something of VALUE for $7?

Joseph mentioned something about a guide within the content of the sales page and my opinion, is that you’ll get a generic PLR (Private Label Rights – Generic) PDF guide that will briefly walk you through Instagram. There won’t be a “hack” at all.

I have bought into a lot of these programs in the past and I can tell you that what’s inside does not reflect the sales page at all, about 90% of the time. Still, some programs actually have some value but most of them just give you crap for your money.

That’s all they want! Your money!

Making money on any kind of social media requires that you provide value on your channel or page, which in time, will increase the number of your followers and that in turn, will increase the number of customers that you could potentially have. That means more money. It doesn’t just magically appear in your account.

What these programs don’t tell you, is that it requires WORK – and a lot more than the 15 or 30 minutes per day that he claims – and it requires time to grow. It’s not easy to grow an online business, else everybody would have quit their jobs already, including you.

Once you understand that, you’ll stop falling for scams. BELIEVE ME!

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Does It Really Only Cost $7?

The answer to that is NO! In my opinion, there is a low price to take a peek at what’s inside and once you pay, you’ll be bombarded with upsells, promising you to make even MORE money, FASTER than what was promised.

That’s just another way for the creators of such programs to make more money. It’s also very misleading because a lot of the times, you are made to think that the initial fee (in this case, $7) would be all you’ll need to pay to get access to the whole platform, when in reality, they leave out important information on purpose, to push you to upgrade.

That’s just dirty! No such upsells are mentioned on the sales page and in my opinion, should be disclosed. If not, then it’s like just blindly walking into a DARK cave without a flashlight; you will never know where the dark pits and fissures are. And they expect you to trust them?

Please, don’t fall for these claims. All they want is your money. If they really wanted to help, they would go to great lengths to prove everything they are saying is true. They would give you a way for you to contact them should you have any questions before joining.

Or they would even give you a free trial of the program so you can sign up to see whether you like it or not, before making the INFORMED decision of upgrading. But no, all they want is your money. They know that if they disclose what’s inside, that you would never pay for it.

Who Is “Joseph Paul”?

Can you tell me? Because I have absolutely no idea. Yes, he SAYS he is the creator Insta Profit Hack, but I don’t see any proof of that. He surely does not prove he is a real person. There are no pictures of him at all.

Additionally, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll find that the name he goes by, Joseph Paul, is actually a pen name. So that’s not even his real name at all. If he is not even up front with you about who he really is, doe snot show you pictures of himself, or even prove to you that the program pays, then how can we believe anything he says at all?

He could be a fictional character for all we know and this is actually VERY common for product creators to do. Do you know why? It’s because they come up with multiple programs with different names, and present the programs under different pen names each time.

They know they are providing less than they promise on their sales page and don’t want to face the consequences of scamming people. They don’t want to get caught, they don’t want to get sued and they don’t want to let YOU recognize them.

That’s why it’s such a red flag that “Joseph” is not going the extra mile to prove he is real.

Beware Of The Testimonial!

Let me ask you, what’s a testimonial?

It’s a member or user of the program that went through the training and is giving feedback or sharing their experiences with the program, right?

Well, guess what? I did some research and the testimonial is COMPLETELY fake. It’s not from a real member or user of the program at all. I did a quick search for the photo used and it turns out that multiple websites are using the same photo, for different purposes.

So what does that tell you? That the testimonial is a fake and completely made up. There is no way to verify ANYBODY has actually made money with the program.

It’s obvious that nobody has actually used the program and made $3K within 7 days.

Is Insta Profit Hack A Scam?

I have not bought the program, but my instinct, based on my experiences with similar programs, tells me that this program is a scam and should be avoided. Don’t you agree that there are just too many red flags on the sales page, that are too fishy and too similar to other scammy programs?

We don’t know anything about this Joseph and he does not want you to know who he is. He uses a pen name, he does not show you any proof of the money he made, and he also uses a fake picture, pretending that that’s David Legg and slapped a fake testimonial that he could have written himself.

Words are not enough when it comes to proving that what he is claiming is real and without any proof, I’m not going to fall for it. It’s not much to risk, it’s only $7 but I would rather this money stay in your wallet where it can be better spent elsewhere, that you trying the program to only find out that what’s taught just does not work.

I don’t recommend Insta Profit Hack and based on the red flags, I think it’s a scam. It’s better to stay away from this program.

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Unlike “Joseph”, I can tell you my real name, which is Reyhana Dulloo. If you want to find me on Facebook, you’re welcome to do so and chat with me. You’re welcome to ask me questions. You’ll see that I’m a real person and that I don’t hide my identity.

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So there’s no recruiting and no selling at all. When you provide valuable information, people are inclined to buy. It’s only natural. People don’t like to be sold do, they like to be given VALUE first.

Google sends these visitors to my website and my articles for FREE and that’s how I make money. It sounds pretty simple, right? The concept is simple, but it does take learning the ins and outs of the business and it takes some work and application.

If you have an open mind to learn and the commitment to change your life, you can do this. And the best part, is that you can try the training for absolutely FREE. So even if you don’t want to do this at the end of the day, you can walk away without losing any money. Sounds good?

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