Instant Guru Review – Another Content Marketing Software That Sucks?

Everybody appreciates an honest review, right? Well, I’m saying this because I found a lot of other people doing an Instant Guru review but they are not honest. 

They’re all affiliates, which means that they will obviously only tell you what’s good about the product and will never tell you the flaws. They might even lie to get you to buy from their links so they can make commissions.

But that’s not me! I’m not an affiliate of Instant Guru and I care about my reputation. I don’t want to sell anything or promote anything that will end up with you wasting your money and your time.

That’s why if you’re thinking of getting Instant Guru, you need to read this review. I will expose this program today because there are too many lies circulating. You have the right to know what it is you’re REALLY buying here.

Instant Guru At A Glance


Creator: Dan Green

Purpose: Affiliate marketing by getting ready-made reviews

Price: $19

Do I Recommend It?: No! The content are not original or fresh and when you spin them, they don’t make sense! These content pages will not get ranked and you won’t get free traffic. No trafic = no sales! You won’t make money with this!

What Is Instant Guru?

Dan explains Instant Guru as being a software that is so easy to use that even newbies can start making money by using it. You don’t need a website, you don’t need to create content or even videos. It’s all 100% done for you.

The content is going to be 100% unique and that will cause them to get ranked on Google, where you’ll get free traffic. So get the done for you business and free traffic, put them together to get daily, automared sales.

He says there’s no need to do any work! All you have to do is rinse and repeat the 3 steps needed to make this program work.

If I were a newbie without the experience and success that I currently have, then I would have totally fallen for Dan’s lies and claims. Ask any HONEST marketer and they will tell you that there is much work to be done to make money online.

Just imagine if it was as easy as the 3 steps mentioned to make money online. People wouldn’t be working their 8-hour jobs everyday for little pay. They’d be spending 30 minutes a day on this kind of software and banking thousands.

But that’s not what’s going on right now, right? People are struggling! So there has to be a catch. Moreover, what you need to remember is that Dan is a product creator meaning that he makes a living selling make money online products.

In his repertoire, he already has a lot of products that he released that all never worked 100% as advertised. So what are the chances that Instant Guru will work like he claims? Very low, if you ask me.

If his products really worked, then what’s the need of creating new products all the time? He could just use his own products to make money. That would be less work for him, right?

But anyways, let me show you what’s inside the member’s area and tell you about all the flaws of the program and the reasons it won’t work. Find out how the affiliates of this program are lying to you.

Inside Instant Guru – How It’s Supposed To Work

Before getting into the members area, there’s something you should know. As soon as you purchase Instant Guru, you will be asked to purchase upsells and the problem with them is that they are not part of the money back guarantee.

So I would refrain from getting the upsells if I were you. I would check out the front end first to see how it fares and if needed, then upgrade. Else you’re not getting all your money back.

But anyways, once you get to the members’ area, you have tabs on the left hand side. You will be able to hook up websites to pull content from, as well as use the content spinner to turn that content into fresh, new content.

Then you will also be able to hook up your JVZoo and WarriorPlus affiliate account to Instant Guru, where each link for a product will be turned into a unique link. That’s where if people click on those links and purchase something, you earn commissions.

The spun content is supposedly gonna get ranked on Google, from where you’ll get free organic traffic. Those people coming in will go through your posts and reviews and click on your affiliate links to purchase.

Morevoer, you will also be able to link your social media pages and accounts to share those pages and reviews onto social media with one click. 

The automated part comes with the sources of the content; you are able to add as many sources as you want and each time these sources update their content or add new content, the Instant Guru app will pull them, spin them and add them to your own website.

But I see some serious flaws that as a beginner, you might not be able to see. I have been in this business for 3 years and made money online using SEO and getting ranked on Google, so trust me when I say that Instant Guru won’t work like that.

The Flaws – Why It Won’t Work!

1) Limited Training

The first thing you have to know is that sure, there is some training but it’s very limited. You’ll only get some training on how to use the software, but not in-depth training on how to get traffic or to optimize your pages and website.

Moreover, what you need to know is that you need to perform keyword research in order to increase your chances of rnaking well, which is not covered. You’ll have a hard time ranking if the keywords that you pull are competitive.

2) Stealing content – Copyright issues

The next problem I see is that you will be copying other people’s content word for word. Sure, there’s the content spinner, but let me briefly tell you that it’s garbage. So you won’t be using it.

And that will leave you with two otions; either to write your own content, which will defeat the whole purpose of getting the Instant Guru software, or you’ll have to use the software and use other people’s content as your own.

What will happen then is that you’ll put yourself at risk of a copyright lawsuit, since your content isn’t your own. Moreover, if you copy word for word, your website will eventually get a hit from Google, where you post won’t appear at all.

Google hates duplicate content.

That’s why you have to be very careful with these apps and software. The best is always to create your own content. In other words, DO THE WORK! Don’t look for an easy way out else it could cost you A LOT!

3) Content spinner is garbage!

I already mentioned that the spinner is garbage. The truth is that the spinner is a robot. It will re-arrange phrases and words, and even substitute with synonyms, without taking into consideration the context of the sentence.

That’s why I say it’s complete garbage and that it’s a waste of time to use a spinner. It’s better to just write your own content and in your own words. Here’s a snippet of a content spinner that I used in the past.

4) You won’t get ranked

Yeah, that’s ridiculous, right? Dan tells you specifically that this software will help you rank and get free organic traffic from the search engines, and yet, the software is so full of flaws that you won’t get ranked.

When you don’t get ranked, you won’t get traffic and won’t make sales, period! That’s because if there’s nobody to see your offer, nobody will know about it and nobody will buy, right?

Well, this software, coupled with the fact that you won’t be using your own domain, with copied content, with spun content, as well as incomprehensible content, will all contribute to Google NOT ranking you.

5) People won’t stick around 

Now, even if you don’t care about rankings and are able to get traffic from other places on the internet, if you choose to use the content sources and the spinner, people will not stick around to read your content.

Your content needs to be coheren and people need to be able to read and understand your message. If they can’t they’ll just leave your website. And when you give them this opportunity to leave, 99% of people don’t ever come back.

So that’s why it’s important to keep people as long as possible and to provide information that they can digest. That’s the only way to get people to click on your affiliate links and for them to trust you enough to buy from your links. 

6) No reliable hosting

The next big problem is the fact that the hosting is not reliable. And here, I’m talking about the hosting for your pages. You need to have reliable hosting, such as fast load speeds, security, as well as longevity.

While there is an SSL certificate that you can activate to increase your website security, there is no guarantee that your pages will load fast or that it will exist for a long period of time in the future.

That’s because any time that Dan decides not to support Intant Guru anymore, he will stop updating and upgrading, and will also stop paying for the domain renewal, which is the hosting that you’re relying on.

Once that’s gone, your pages and your whole business is gone too. 


1) Nice looking pages

2) Money back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Dan is full of lies 

3) You won’t get good outcomes by using the content spinner

4) Spinner does not create cohesive articles

5) If you choose not to use the spinner, you’ll run into copyright issues by copying other people’s content

6) Spun articles will not get ranked

7) Even if they do happen to get ranked, people won’t understand your message and therefore, won’t buy from your links

8) No SEO or keyword research training

9) Your business coud disappear overnight if Dan decides not to renew the domain – you’re not the boss

10) Even if you do try to contact Dan for a refund, it might just be that you’ll lose your money because most vendors never reply to refund requests

Is Instant Guru A Scam?

Some people will point out that Instant Guru gives you something in return for your money and if you really insist, you are able to get a refund. You won’t really be losing your money.

That’s why they’ll say that Instant Guru is not a scam. 

But many others will disagree and say that the sales page is very misleading and is not representative of what Instant Guru is about and it does not really work as advertised. They might call this a scam.

Whatever you may think about Instant Guru, I just do not recommend It. Whether it’s a scam or not, if a product does not work as advertised, then what’s the point of buying it?

it will just be a waste of your time, right? If you were looking for a vacuum cleaner for your carpet and bought one that turned out to be a simple broom, it wouldn’t do the job, right? It’s the same thing here.

Most people who want to get Instant Guru, and that might be the case with you, is to have a shortcut to making some money online. But unfortunately, Instant Guru is not the shortcut that you’re looking for.

Actually, there is no shortcut to making hundreds or thousands of dollars online. You need to do the hard work and learn the methods, the strategies and use the right tools to make it happen, which Instant Guru cannot help you with.

Discover My Secrets To Making A Passive Online Income With Affiliate Marketing – WITH PROOFS!

Making hundreds to thousands of dollars is a dream that many marketers are trying to achieve, yet are not able to. It’s because they either believe there is a push-button program out there that will do all the work for them when that’s not the case.

Success always comes from working hard; you are able to wak and run today because you worked hard in your childhood to learn it. You are able to read today because you worked hard in school to learn it. 

So you’ll only be able to earn online if you work hard to learn it the right way and I cna help with that. Just take a look at some of my affiliate payments. 


Not only will you receive my free guide of how I went to broke to earning online, but you’ll also receive my free 6-day email course that will walk you step by step on what you need to focus on to build a strong business foundation.

I will also be suggesting a learning platform that is completely free to sign up with, that will take your learning even further and take you closer to that success you’re looking for, whether it be $100 a month or $10,000 a month.

This is a method that the gurus almost never teach because it is easier for them to advertise fast and easy money where they can prey on people’s desires and weaknesses. But here, you get to learn of a real strategy that will lead you to success.

So grab my free guide now to say NO to lies and fake programs and to say YES to success

Thanks for reading my Instant Guru review. If you’ve had any experience with this program or Dan himself, let us know in the comments below so we can all make an informed decision. it will really help… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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