Instant Payday Tricks Review – Will You Make A Ridiculously $800 Per Hour?

With this program, it was the name of it that really pulled at my curiosity; Instant Payday Tricks. It’s a program that tells you that you will be able to make $800 an hour if you wanted to. That’s such an outrageous claim and I wanted to call it a scam based on that. But I know I can’t be judgemental without knowing the inside.

So, in this Instant Payday Tricks Review, I will be going over the claims of the video and a few shocking facts that I found about the program. I will also be going over what’s inside the system, so you can make an informed buying decision. Believe me, you will be surprised by my findings.

Let’s hop to it!

At A Glance

Name: Instant Payday Tricks


Owner: Ed Roberts??

Purpose: Make Money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: God, absolutely not!!!… Look at the scam signs below

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Instant Payday Tricks – What Is It?

You are first presented with news reports, that tell you people are making money online like crazy, even two young boys who are aged 20 and 21 respectively, who have been able to buy expensive cars of their own because of their online careers.

The presenter Ed, then comes on and tells you that you will be able to make between $800 to $1000 per hour on autopilot with the system that he is about to show you. There is no reason why anybody will not be able to make upto $800,000 per year. Your money troubles will be gone by the end of this week, says Ed.

For this to work, you don’t need any special skills, knowledge or experience and you won’t need any work ethic either. Because you will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make money online. You use AI for everything that you do in life, like when you unlock your cell-phone, search for something on Google and when you’re doing online shopping. It’s around you without you ever noticing it.

Ed tells you about his hard life as a farm boy and how money was always tight. He married at 23 and had 2 daughters by the age of 28. He got to move up into a managerial position where he watched as his people got replaced by machines. He was then himself replaced by somebody who was able to work those machines because he had no experience doing it.

He then started looking to make money online and after failed attempts, came across a lady online who showed him how she had made $50K within a month, using AI. He used it, make $1500 within a day and took 2 months to solidify his system.

This system will make you money from Day 1, says Ed. No need to create products or ship anything. You will act as a middleman that will take a cut of the profits.

How much of what Ed is telling you is true? Let’s find out…

Signs That It’s A Scam

I have analyzed a lot of make-money-online systems and I have seen a lot of the scam signs over and over again. And these scam signs are found within this sales video. Here are the reasons I think you should stay away from this system;

1) Ridiculous Income Claims

Real, ethical and honest people who make money on the internet, will tell you that it takes work and time to grow a successful online business. Those that tell you that money can be made online very easily, without work, especially the ones that have such ridiculously high income claims, are the ones that you need to stay away from.

The truth is that the sky is the limit when it comes to making money online, but only after you have built the foundation and understand how it all works together. You need to learn and you need to have a good work ethic. Building an online business takes more organization than being a regular employee.

Yes, you work harder, but the income is better as well.

2) News Report

I knew I had seen the exact same news report sequence before and I was able to remember; it was when I was reviewing Viral Cash app, another system that I had categorized as a scam. I mean, they’re exactly the same! The person behind Viral Cash App was Matthew Neer and I have started suspecting that it is him behind this system as well.

His voice is exactly the same!

3) Pen Name Used

And thus, it makes sense that Matthew would use a pen name here. He does not want people associating him, such a well-known affiliate marketer making thousands of dollars a week, to such a lowly scam. Although I don’t have much to prove that it is him, the news report sequence he used and the voice of the spokesperson, point to him.

If it is Matthew, then the story he tells you about his life is all fake because I’m almost sure Matthew is not married and definitely does not have children. He spends time with different girls on trips all around the world. I’m sure his wife would not be too happy about him leading such a playboy lifestyle. And if he had children, he would be a little more responsible.

But even if it is not Matthew, the fact that the scammer used a pen name should tell you that if he is hiding such a simple thing as his name, then there could be a lot else he would be hiding.

Using pen names or fake names is very common with scammers because once their program gets labelled as a scam, they will create a new system and slap a new pen name on it and nobody would be able to make the connection. People would keep falling for them

4) URL does not match

Look at the URL of this program. Seems a little weird, right?

I came across another system called Message Money Machine that also uses this URL.

The scammer is really cheap, using the same website to promote multiple offers and scam people out of their hard-earned money. A URL that does not match and that seems weird is also an indication of a scam.

Another problem I see, is that the pen names are different for Instant Payday Tricks, which is Ed Roberts, and Message Money Machine, which Len Case. And listen to the spokesperson; again they’re the voice of the same person. Too fishy for me!

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5) ClickBank Income Proof

ClickBank Income Proofs mean NOTHING! And the reason why, is that they can be easily falsified. If you go to Youtube and search for “how to fake ClickBank earnings”, then you will find a TON of videos that will show you how. Scammers do it to fake their incomes in an attempt to make you think that their system is the real deal.

Now, there are two ways to make money on ClickBank, and that’s either as a vendor or an affiliate. A vendor is one who creates products and sells them on the ClickBank platform, like how the creator of this system did. An affiliate is one who promotes the product for commissions based on sales.

Ed, or Matthew if it is him, does not even show you if the money is being made as an affiliate or a vendor on ClickBank. This is enough proof that the income earnings could have been falsified.

6) No information about how money is made

Again, information on how money is made is completely left out, which is very common when it comes to low-quality products or scams. That’s because if they divulged what was inside the program within their sales video, they would easily be caught before any sales are made.

Reviewers like myself have to currently BUY the systems ourselves in order to get an inside look of the products, and the scammers are making money off of that. If they were to tell us exactly how it worked within the sales video, reviewers would not buy the system for their reviews and the scammers would lose money that way.

Ethical programs on the other hand, would either outrightly tell you how the system works because they have nothing to hide. Good programs would also let you try the system for FREE for a limited time before starting to charge you, if their sales page was not explicit.

7) Fake Testimonials

The biggest proof of all that this system is a scam, is that the creator uses fake testimonials. They are people that have been hired from a freelance website called Fiverr, for their testimonial services. They are only getting paid a measly $5 to read a script to you that are full of lies. They have never even used the system themselves.

Here are their Fiverr profiles.

The Truth About The System

Once I found out what was inside the system, I was really upset on behalf of the people that got scammed by it. There is literally nothing!

You have a few videos that talk about scattered information on making money online, some about making money on craigslist and some information on ClickBank, but it’s really nothing that any newbie will be able to use to start ANYTHING online.

The videos have also been taken off of Youtube, stuff that you could find for FREE. There are tons of broken links and unrelated articles. Some of the stuff taught is outdated, such as article submission galleries. It’s complete garbage and will not help anybody make money online at all. It really makes me laugh out; $800 an hour?

It really disgusts me that there are such evil people on the internet that are on the hunt for people’s hard-earned money. Money can be earned on the internet and it has been proven over and over again, but to be so greedy as to have genuinely good people spend their last money in search for work online, is just wrong.

Instant Payday Tricks Review – Final Thoughts

You already know what I think about this system; it’s a complete scam that you should avoid at any cost if you want to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your wallet. This is absolute garbage!

The income claims are ridiculous, you have the creator lying about his name, you have this system being connected to other scams and you have fake testimonials. To me, I did not even have to buy and look inside the system to know that it was going to be a scam.

There is no such thing as making $1500 in profits within your first day on the internet. Online business takes time and effort to build from the ground up. It takes time to become trusted and it takes time to grow.

The inside of Instant Payday Tricks is absolute garbage. Everything is unusable. You won’t make a dime by going through the training inside the system. Your pocket will only get lighter if you invest into this system, so although you can do what you like and buy it, I would recommend you stay away from it.

Scam-free and BS-free Method Of Making Money Online

I have been through it all; the scams, the lies, the money-loss. I can understand how you feel. I won’t tell you a fake sob-story like this guy here, but I will tell you that I have found a way to make money online that works! And it’s called Affiliate Marketing

We give up almost half of our lives to go to school, earn a degree and to start working on an hourly wage, that our boss determines, only getting 2 – 3 weeks of vacation time a year. Will your boss be paying you $5K per month 2 years down the road and let you take a vacation whenever your heart desires?

Not a chance, unless you are lawyer or a doctor.

For the average person who does not have 10 years to study to become a lawyer or a doctor, what if you could use my affiliate marketing strategy and get to $5K a month, in less than 2 years’ time?

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Your Friend,


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