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Welcome to my honest review. I say this is gonna be an honest review because I am not an affiliate of this website and I do not promote it. You might find it strange but I found a few red flags that you should know about.

There are too many scams online and the one way to recognize them is if you find red flags or things that just don’t add up. But yes, sometimes, it takes a little more in-depth research, something that newbies won’t be able to do.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been in this online business for almost 3 years now and if I couldn’t tell whether a program was a scam or not, then that would be laughable, right?

But I did learn my lesson, falling for scams before that and I know you can relate. I just want to help you avoid this scam and share my knowledge with you. At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn by referring and completing tasks/offers

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! InstantDollars is a scam. It is a waste of time because you won’t end up getting paid at all. It is a website that was created to gather your personal information.

What Is

InstantDollars claims that with their website, that you will be able to make $500 today and even daily. All you have to do is to invite people over to join InstantDollars and you’ll make $10 – $15 for every referral.

Not only that, you’ll also make $25 simply for signing up, which sounds amazing! Who would pay you so much money simply to sign up, right?

But that’s exactly the reason why I believe that InstantDollars is not going to work as advertised. Those payment claims are much too high for a website that is free to join, compared to other legitimate websites.

Moreover, I can’t deny that I’ve seen this exact layout of a website before. If you take a look at the below reviews, you’ll see what I mean;

1) BonusJunkies

2) OG Task

3) Cash Influence

4) SurveyJunkies

And unfortunately, they were all proved to be scams and never paid out anybody. Moreover, the same red flags were found for all of them across the board and I have a feeling that the red flags for InstantDollars will be the same as well.

The truth is that everybody would love to be able to make big money online and not having to go in to the office or work for 8 hours everyday for somebody else. I get that. It’s the same for me.

But you also have to realize that making money online, especially the kind of money that InstantDollars and the other websites claim you can make online, requires hard work. The sooner you realize that, the less likely you’ll be falling for scams.

They prey on your desires and tell you whatever you want to hear to reel you in but you have to be smarter than them. And this review will show you just how you can do that.

How Works

In order to understand whether a website is a scam or not, we need to know how it works. If the way that the business model works makes sense, then chances are that it’s not a scam and there is a possibility to make money.

However, that’s not the case with InstantDollars. Let me explain.

I signed in not using my real information for reasons I will explain below. But essentially, I wanted to see how it works and whether it was the same as the other previous websites that turned out to be scams.

And unfortunately, it does work the same way. You see, what does not make sense is the business model. The only way that the website/company would seem to be making any money is through the tasks/offers.

Each time you complete a task, the affiliated company the task was completed for would pay InstantDollars and then, they’ll send you your share. But again, the pay seems incredibly high!

They pay $20 – $30 per task! But that’s not ALL the affiliate companies/customers are paying. You see, InstantDollars still needs to cover other expenses, such as paying you for signing up, for clicks you get on your link and also when you get referrals.

Moreover, they say they pay $50 per Youtube video review that you do on InstantDollars. So how much is InstantDollars really charging those affiliate companies? $50 per task? $75 per task? $100 per task?

Whatever it is that InstantDollars is charging, it’s way too high for any company to want to do business with them. They have other cheaper and more reliable options like Swagbucks.

And if nobody wants to do business with InstantDollars, then guess what? There won’t be any payments! What I believe is happening is that there really aren’t any customers within InstantDollars. The offers were created by themselves.

That’s how they con you! They want to gather your personal information by luring you in to those high payouts, when they never have the intention of paying you. Dont’ believe me? Below, you’ll find more proofs.

The Glaring And Serious Red Flags – Proof They Won’t Pay

1) Unknown creator

First, I always look for information on who created the opportunity and by knowing about them, you can find out whether they can be trusted or not, and whether they have a good reputation or not.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the creator and that is a red flag. Why else would they be hiding? That was the same thing with the other scams I mentioned earlier. They had an anonymous creator.

Hidden creators tend to be scammers who create multiple scammy websites and we can see this is happening here. The same person could be behind all of these websites. So be careful when you can’t verify the owner.

2) Lies on the creation date of the business

The next thing that I found in common with the other scammy websites were the creation dates. They all claimed to be in March 2015 and I actually found out that was a big lie.

The same thing happened with InstantDollars, unfortunately. This website was actually created on February 28, 2020. Take a look below.

So as you can see, that’s one of the biggest lie that a company can tell. If they were legitimate, why would there be a need to lie about when they were created?

3) Fake payment proofs and testimonials

Now that we know when the website was actually created, we can confirm whether the dates on those payment proofs are real or not, and unfortunately, what I found out with the other scammy websites was that they were all fake.

The proofs were dated PRIOR to the existence of those websites, which makes it obvious that those proofs are fake and made up by the creator himself. And the truth is that the same holds true for InstantDollars.

Take a look and see for yourself. The dates on those payments proofs are BEFORE the InstantDollars website even existed.

So as you can see, nobody has ever gotten paid from InstantDollars and this is enough proof that nobody will really get paid. Otherwise, there would have been no need to make up the proofs, right?

4) They don’t even know where they are located

A legitimate company would have a legitimate address, right? But in this case even the creator of InstantDollars is confused about where they are located. Is it in Amsterdam in the Netherland or in Houston, TX, USA?

The fact that they have made this mistake just shows us that this website is a fraud. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make a mistake as big as even confusing on which CONTINENT they are located, right?

So as you can see, I’m pretty sure that this is a mistake made by the creator copying and pasting from another website he had created before.

5) Tap 2 Earn is mentioned, another scam!

On the “About” page, there is a timeline where they claim to have been started in 2015. However, looking at the little descriptions they wrote, you’ll see that they really copied and pasted things there.

If not, then they wouldn’t have made the mistake of mentioning Tap 2 Earn instead of InstantDollars.

Tap 2 Earn is actually another one of those fake websites that I reviewed before that turned out to be a complete scam. They never paid anybody and with this website, there is plenty of proof on my Youtube Channel. You can CLICK HERE to watch the video and read the comments.

So as you can see, being associated with Tap 2 Earn is NOT a good sign for InstantDollars.

6) No Privacy Policy

There’s nowhere on the website where they tell you how they are going to use your information. In other words, a Privacy Policy is missing. And that’s a serious red flag.

Without a Privacy Policy telling you how they will be using your personal data, it might mean that they could do anything that they want with your information and that included spamming your emails, selling your information to other hackers and scammers.

Even stealing your identity since they ask for sensitive information when you enter into those draws and offers. How can you be sure that they they won’t use your information for anything bad?

Is A Scam?

Without the shadow of a doubt, I do think that InstantDollars is a scam. Who wouldn’t think that it’s a scam, with all of those red flags and lies?

Why would anybody trying to do what’s best for you, lie to you? How can you trust them if you already know that they’ve been lying to you?

Like I’ve already mentioned before, the pay is too high when compared to similar legitimate websites. So if there are other legitimate and cheaper places to get these offers completed, then nobody would want to do business with InstantDollars.

Moreover, InstantDollars claims that you can get rich quick and make $500 per day everyday. However, this is about 3 – 4 times more than the regular daily income of the middle class in the USA.

And even online, it takes hard work to make that kind of money. And you can’t make that kind of money simply completing tasks and offers. When was the last time you came across a legitimate website that actually paid you that much?

Well, you might have come across them, like InstantDollars, but when has the creator of those scammy websites actually paid anybody?

The truth is that they don’t actually pay out. And you’ve seen the proof, the lies and the red flags. There isn’t anything positive that I’ve seen or can say about InstantDollars.

That’s why I believe it is a scam and that it is a complete waste of your time.

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Thanks for reading my InstantDollars review. If you’ve come across InstantDollars, tried it out and even are trying to withdraw your money, tell us about your experiences and let us know how this website really works. It’s gonna help the other readers.

Lots of Love,



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