Is 21 Step Millionaire Coach a scam? – Read this before paying

While researching the web, I came across an Ad on Google about 21 Step Millionaire Coach. If it was going to make me a millionaire in 21 steps, then the next question that came to my mind was, “Is 21 Step Millionaire Coach a scam then?” I wanted to dig deeper to try and find as much as I could on the system, and here is what I found. One thing I can say is that it is best to put your credit card back into your wallet.

At A Glance

Name: 21 Step Millionaire Coach


Owner: Mark ??

Price: $97 – $30K

Recommended: No

My First Impressions

I like looking around a website to get acquainted with it and to find information that may look fishy. What? You can’t blame me, because to be honest with you, I have been a victim to many scams and I am not proud of it.


I learned the hard way and therefore, it taught me that I have to treat every single business opportunity online as if it were a scam, no matter what they promise.

Exercise “Scam until proven legit”.

Of course, I found a number of things that were fishy; the countdown of the number of spots, the promise to make huge amounts of money within a short period of time without hard work, the cash given out at the end of the video which nobody was ever gonna get until there is some kind of “action” taken, and then, there was this huge discount.

The Video

It starts off with the pictures of beautiful beaches and yachts, mansions, expensive cars and vacations. Then you have testimonials where people claim to be sending videos to “Mark”, supposedly the person who had made it all possible for them.


Then it talks about how you will become a millionaire by not needing to even lift up a finger and that others will do the work for you. It even says that you are guaranteed to start making commissions of $1250 – $5500.

Then the speaker, who I’m assuming to be Mark, shows me a video of “Jerry”, who claims that he was skepticle about the oportunity at first but since he didn’t have anything else to lose, he gave the opportunity a shot. He claimed to have made his first check of $5000 within a week and then made $77K in the next couple of weeks. He quit his job and has been relaxing ever since, enjoying the hot summer weather.

The video is contradicting because one minute it states that there are tens of thousands of people watching the video and that I should act fast and then Mark says that this is a private invitation only and that it has to remain between the two of us… Makes no sense…


Mark explains that his company sells products that has an excellent customer satisfaction rate and that each time a product of sold, you could make between $1250 – $5500 in commissions. However, you do not have to do ANY work, just allow his team of elite experts drive the sales for you.

By signing up, you will also be receiving access to a millionaire mentor. Then, Mark tells me I can make upto $10K in commissions for each product sold… I thought I could only make upto $5500? That’s what been said to me a few times already within the video. Why was he not clear earlier?

After 25 minutes in the video, there is no talk about WHAT the product is. I have not even seen Mark at all either, and neither have I seen his wife, Emma.


Discussing the video

Here is what I found in the video, based on my reasoning and my experience of making money online.

In my experience, every money-making opportunity online who needs to “convince” you to join them, has something to hide. Either they have their own scam to hide, until it is too late for you to do anything about it and get your money back, or they want to hide the REAL costs.

It is true of this video too; it is not an outright scam but it uses “scammy” techniques to try to get your money, as I mentioned before, the video trying to convince you, the number of spots remaining, promising big commissions for little work.

Mark also mentions that it is GUARANTEED for me to make money by watching until the end of the video and I still am waiting for the money. That’s another way to lure you into the scheme, because from my experience online, there is no guarantee of how much money you can make, because it depends on how much time you dedicate to the business. Nobody will make money if they sign up and do nothing but wait for the fat paychecks.


There are also the testimonials; I can recognise at least 2 of them who sell their testimonial services online on FIVERR for an average of $5, expecially the first one, who goes by the name of George Gillingham. He appears in many video testimonials of other schemes and scams. If he was making so much money with those companies, why would he need to make fake video testimonials at $5 each?

There’s also the contradiction; that there are tens of thousands of people watching the EXACT SAME video, then Mark saying that this offer is only available to select few. This is all a LIE! As he kept repeating in the video, the more people who sign up and make money, the more he makes money too. Why would he only accept 100 when he could get tens of thousands on board and make thousands more?

Through the video, there is no mention of what the product is… I don’t feel comfortable getting my name out there, on a product label, when I don’t even know what he will be selling, in my name. This is all a bit shady.

Why did he also keep away the fact that I could make $10,000 in commissions too? He only mentioned it two times in the video. Whereas at other times, he mentioned upto $5500. This makes me wonder how much money I could REALLY make out of this.

The last but not least, what also seemed fishy, was that we didn’t see Mark or his wife. Why is he hiding behind the video?

What is MOBE?

After the video, Mark asks that you enter your email address in order to be brought to the payment page. That’s when I looked at the URL and this is what it reads; MOBE.

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education, created by Matt Lloyd. From the name of it, it is easy to determine that it is geared towards people who want to grow their business online by using the tools and resources that MOBE has to offer.

It is not a scam, by all means, people have made money with it successfully. However, what you need to know is that the products for this program are VERY expensive.

The sky-high prices are what drive some of the affiliates to resort to making FALSE promises, such as the owner of 21 Step Coach Millionaire, to lure unsuspecting and innocent people. That person is nothing but an affiliate of MOBE and by making such promises within the video with fake testimonials and guarantees on income and high commissions, they are misrepresenting what MOBE is all about in the first place.

Matt Lloyd does not teach this way of luring people in and it makes me think as to why he would allow people to misrepresent MOBE like that. But the answer is pretty simple; it is putting money in his pocket by the end of it all, so he chooses to turn a blind eye to it.

Evidence; it’s not what it seems

Here are a few points that will make you think twice about joining this program;

1) The fees

I’m very sad to tell you this but the $97 is only there to get you kind of like a trial. It will in NO WAY show you everything you need to know about making those big commissions. This part should have been made FREE in my opinion, as a way for people to TRY out the program. By the end of it all, if you want to be making those high commissions, it will depend on how deep your pocket is. Some people have reported to have invested up $60K in this, and have made nothing in return.

2) The Upsells

The upsells are tied to the fees. Each upsell comes with its own fees. An important aspect to note about these upsells, is that you only make commissions off of them if you have a license to resell them. The only way to make money off of them, is to BUY into them. For example, if I were to only sign up at the $97, I would not make a single penny if I referred somebody to MOBE and they bought one of the upsells.

3) Results

The results portrayed from the testimonials, though possible, is not the reality of what you will be making with this program. No matter how many times Mark guarantees you will make money, you should always read their income disclosure. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they disclose that an average active member will only make $700 a year.

4) The work

I know Mark says that you will make money without lifting a finger, but he did explain that you will need to refer people to the program and once a sale is made, you will get paid. I agree that the sales, the customer service, the support will all be taken care of by his reps but let me tell you that the hardest job, is on you.

It is not easy to refer people to such a high-ticket program. You will find the odd person who will make that step but it is extrememly difficult to ask somebody to invest into something that they know practically NOTHING about.

I mean, taking your example, you have reached this review because you want to know more about what it is. You didn’t just take Mark’s word for it and gave him your credit card information. You yourself were a bit unsure. Now, think about the number of people who will do their research before investing in the program. If you have no answers to their questiosn, they simply won’t invest.

5) Matt or Mark?

The last-but-not-least point, is the fact that Matt is the owner of MOBE, not Mark. So who is Mark? To be honest with you, with everything that has been said, through the fake testimonials, income guarantees, and possibly the emails to Mark that could have been forged, I am prepared to say that Mark may not exist.

He may be a voice actor being paid to do the voice-over, in which case, he would never use his real name. Maybe that’s the name of the MOBE affiliate. We will never know unless “Mark” unmasks himself.


To be honest with you, I don’t think MOBE is a scam but the affiliate is the one trying to scam you into investing in MOBE so he can get an affiliate commission, based on the fake testimonials, baseless guarantee and the general concealment of what the products are until after you have paid.

I personally don’t feel comfortable handing my hard-earned money over to pay for a training that is going to be incomplete, unless I give them more money. I believe that if you want people to stay, then you have to be upfront about EVERYTHING. Whereas the video here has pretty much omitted almost ALL the vital information that should have been included.

If I don’t feel comfortable joining a program myself, I will not encourage others to do it. To me, if the products are as good as you claim them to be, then I want to SEE them and make a final decision on whether I want to invest in it or not. I know many people are like me, where if shown the actual value for my money, will have no problem investing in it.

But the tactic used by this affiliate here, tells me plainly that he has no intention to help me. He only wants the money from me.

Any alternative that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg?

If you would like to go ahead and give MOBE a try, you certainly can, but keep in mind that you may not succeed if you do not have the money to invest all the way. The only way to make those fat paychecks, is if you invest in every single upsell they have to offer and that too, it is not guaranteed for you to make so much money.

But if you are still looking for a legit opportunity online, then I have no problem suggesting the one that I have used, and still using, to build my own business online. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

===> Click here to read more about Wealthy Affiliate <===

During all of my time online and experience that I have had with other online training platforms, Wealthy Affiliate is the only one I have stuck with. Not only does the training flow and is easy to understand, but Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, teached you from A – Z what you need to do, step by step, to become successful.

There is a Free membership, as well as a paid one. You can remain a free member forever if you want to and there will be no hard feelings. Even I don’t make any money if you decide to create a free account. So you can rest assured that I am not referring you there for your money.

It has changed my life and I have been scammed a number of times and lost a lot of money. I just don’t want the next person to be you.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I am looking forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions or concerns. I would also like to know if you have ever invested in MOBE. Please let us know what your experiences were, the mentors, the investments, the help, the platform, was it all worth it? Did you make some money at least? What did you like or dislike about the program?

Thank you for reading and cheers to your success!



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