Is 5k Formula a Scam? – Beware of Hidden Costs!

Matthew Neer is a very well-known and very successful affiliate marketer and is the creator of quite a few products. So obviously, he knows what he’s doing. But does that make his products any good?

Is 5K Formula a scam? Is Matthew going to rob you of your hard-earned money and leave you halfway, not delivering on his promises? Or will he give you access to a good system that will really make you the thousands of dollars that he so lavishly flashes at you in his video?

First of all, no matter how well-known a marketer is, I have to congratulate you for doing your due diligence on finding out more about the program before investing into it. There are tons of systems that promise you the moon but that just don’t deliver. All they want, is your money.

In this 5K Formula Review, I will be dicussing the sales video, the hype and lies, the training, how the system works, the hidden costs and the outcome you should expect with this program. There’s quite a turn of events with this system, so continue reading to find out whether the twist is going to be good or bad for you.

At A Glance

Name: 5K Formula


Owner: Matthew Neer

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $19.97 + upsells

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What is 5K Formula?

The video starts off with Matthew showing off his car, his travel lifestyle and his big daily earnings. According to him, other marketers fake their incomes to lure you into buying their products but actual cash can’t lie. So he drives us to the bank with him, withdraws $5000 to prove that with just a few simple systems, he was able to make that kind of money, not within a month, but within a week.

Matthew explains then that he used the power of a sales funnel, like the 5K Formula web page, to achieve his success. When you sign up, you won’t have to deal with any selling, blogging, CPA, SEO, MLM or Facebook. You will be able to use his sales pages, funnels and his brand and sell them as if they were your own.

He’ll give you the products, the sales pages, the upsells, the selling systems, the marketing material, as well as create everything for you, so all you have to do is to plug-in your information and profit from it. So, no need for a domain or hosting. His servers will host everything and you’ll even have access to his domain.

He’ll do the convincing and the selling for you, and each time that a sale is made, he will send the commission straight to your Paypal account. Matthew says that it’s sales funnels like his that can turn cold internet traffic into cash.

He also says that without being a computer programmer that you won’t be able to create a sales funnel of your own, because it’s hard. The only way to do it, until 5K Formula, would have been to pay a programmer thousands of dollars to set it up for you. But with 5K Formula, you don’t have to anymore!

The 5 steps to profitting with the sales funnel is as follows;

1) Log in to your account

2) Input your commission link

3) Select your traffic source

4) Point your traffic source to your commission link

5) Sit back, relax and make commissions.

All this sounds amazing! What would you give to be able to travel like he does, or even make the same kind of money? But the big questions are, will all this work exactly as Matthew has explained in his video or is he full of hype? Is his funnel worth it or is it just another scam?

Hypes and Lies

1) Withdrawing money – It’s particularly cheesy the way that he went out to the bank to withdraw money. People that make tons of money online don’t NEED to covince you of anything. I think the best way to win anybody’s trust and to keep it, is to talk about the product itself, instead of using most of the video to flash money at you.

He makes it look easy to earn that kind of money, when it fact, it’s not.

2) There is more work to be done than you think – This is a VERY misleading marketing tactic that is used by every scammer and low-quality program, to convince you to buy into the system. Most people don’t want to do the work that is required to make it big online. They just want to push a button and wait for money to fall from the sky into their lap.

By giving you only 5 steps to the money, Matthew makes the system look very easy when it’s not. You may have all the tools at your disposition, as well as great training, but as an affiliate marketer myself, I know that the hardest part of online business, is to drive traffic to your squeeze page. It takes work.

The money is not going to fall into your lap automatically, specially if you’re a newbie. There’s lots to learn, even if there are things that are done-for-you, to a certain degree.

3) You need to pay a programmer to create a sales funnel –  That’s a complete lie! You can do it yourself by purchasing a domain at around $12 – $15, install a free squeeze page plug-in on it, and create your own pages. Hosting will cost between $2 and $10 per month, depending on the server. It’s easy.

I don’t really appreaciate him lying to newbies, no matter if he is famous or making lots of money doing affiliate marketing. He makes use of their lack of knowledge to sell his own product. I don’t think he needed to mention this at all to sell his 5K Formula.

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4) No guarantees that the sales page will be up forever – Lies and more lies! This program is a source of income for him. Do you think that he is really going to shut it down if many people are signing up for it? Of course not. If he does that, then not only will his affiliates abandon him, but one income stream that’s potentially making him the millions of dollars, will be lost.

This is just a tactic used to push you into giving him your money. Don’t fall for it, unless you fully understand what the system is about and what you have to do to be successful with it.

5) Make $5K for Free – That’s yet another lie. Before watching the video, you are shown a piece of text, telling you that the system that Matthew uses, made him $5k for free, making you think that he will show you how to make that kind of money for free, too. But no. That’s another luring tactic. You’ll have to pay $19.97 to get into the system.

Not only do you have an upfront fee, but you also have different monthly and one-time-offer upsells, the most expensive at $495! How’s that free? Additionally, he explains in the video that you will get access to all his funnels, all the products, all the marketing material, without even advising you that there are costs associated with them. They’re not all included with the $19.97 up-front fee.

If there’s anything that I have learned, is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Beware of those deceptive tactics.

Decent Training

Now that I have unburdened myself by letting you know the deceptive ways that Matthew gets you to buy his system, let’s move on to the inside of the program. I won’t say that I was blown away, because I already know of the material that Matthew teaches, but I was surprised by how good the training was.

So although I don’t like how he markets 5K Formula, there is some value to be had with the training if you are a newbie, training that you can apply to just about anything you want to promote.

The training is in video format and they take you step-by-step, conducted by Matthew himself. Most scammers or low-quality programs either outsource this work, or embed free videos that they can find online, specially on Youtube, I’m glad that at least, Matthew put some work into the program.

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How The System Works

From looking inside the training, I have a deeper understanding how you, as well as Matthew, will make money from this system.

What you’ll need to do is create affiliate accounts with vendors and promote their products. You’ll need to drive traffic to the squeeze page to collect emails for your list. There are two things that you need to know here;

1) Traffic – Yes, you can use FREE traffic sources such as social media and forums, but also know that you won’t make $5K within a week using these methods. In my opinion, the most guaranteed FREE traffic method that should have been taught (but is not) is how to get traffic using SEO (getting your page found via Google).

Thus, keep in mind that you may need to resort to paid traffic in order to make the system work. It’s not advisable for newbies because money can get burned very easily when you don’t know what you’re doing.

2) Autoresponder – At this point, I also want to let you know that you will need an autoresponder. Some are free but the paid services have many more functions and work better, not to mention that you will probably also need customer support as well as a safe place to record and keep your subscribers.

The better ones are GetReponse ($15/month) and Aweber, which I personally use ($20/month). So, there will be more costs down the road.

Afterwards, you will make use of the email swipes (provided you buy the upsell) to send automated, pre-written emails to your subscribers, as a way to further promote your products. When somebody buys the product you promote either through the funnel or through the emails you send, you make commissions.

Keep in mind that the products that you will be promoting will be make-money-online programs, which include Matthew’s other programs, like Income League, Speed Wealth and Viral Cash App. So unless you have a real passion to help others make money online, I would not suggest doing this route.

Agreeable Points

There are some points that Matthew makes that I just have to agree to though.

1) Stick with ONE method 

I definitely agree with Matthew here. There are many ways to become successful online and each person has their own preferrences. Dabbling in different ways of making money online at first, will only confuse you and will not make you money. You have to learn one method and stick with it until you have mastered it. Then only can you build up and add different methods.

2) Marketers fake their own income online

I have revealed fake income claims many times when I reviewed make-money systems in the past. My Profit Bank Review is a perfect example. So I know first-hand that it is true that marketers will fake their income claims only to convince you that their systems work and to push you to purchase their products.

However, to me, this still does not justify him flashing $5K cash into your face. Lol.

What I Like

1) Matthew Neer is a real person

2) Some value in the training

3) You can potentially START making money with the system

4) Some truth in his reasoning

What I Don’t Like

1) Deceptive sales tactics

2) Lies a few times to sell you the program

3) Expensive upsells (without which, you cannot make use of the system)

4) Omits extra costs, such as paid traffic and the monthly costs of an autoresponder

Final Thoughts – Is 5K Formula A Scam?

No, 5K Formula is not a scam, despite my initial thoughts based on the scammy sales tactics in the sales video and his other products. I actually do recommend 5K Formula, though only for the reason of getting some core training. They will help any newbie understand how email marketing works and how the money is made online.

I like how the training can be applied to just about any niche online, although you would need more training if ever you decide not to buy the upsells and want to go your separate ways.

Despite the good training though, I want you to know that you will not be making $5K online only investing $19.97 with this system. Yes, the steps can be shortened to the 5 steps Matthew reveals, however, there is more work to be done than he actually discloses in the sales video. So, don’t quit your job expecting to make $5K within your first month with this.

I’m also disappointed that the free traffic training does not amount to much. I would have loved to see a training for SEO, reason being that it is the most reliable and targeted traffic that you can get as an affiliate marketer. I myself have learned about SEO and that’s how I got you here, for FREE!

FREE Alternative to Making Money Online

Contrary to Matthew’s training, I actually have been using an online platform that taught me how to use SEO as a way of getting people to sign up to my mailing list. As I mentioned before, SEO is a free way of getting traffic, that you never ever have to pay for. It takes some time, but if you apply it correctly, then you will succeed in growing your list and make more money as a result.

For example, you came to my website through Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even from social media. I haven’t paid a cent to get you here. You came here of your own accord, looking for information. There are billions of people like you. What if I could teach you how to turn those billions of people, into paying customers?

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So by signing up, you can be sure that I will be with you every step of the way, as a mentor, coach and as a friend, to help you achieve your dream income and online business. There is tremendous potential for affiliate marketing rightnow and all it does is grow! Tap into this business now!

Any questions, comments?

As always, I love hearing from you. Have you had any experience with 5K Formula? Did you purchase the upsells? Did you learn anything from the training? How did it work with the DFY Pages and the DFY Campaigns? Any success you would like to share with us?

You sharing your experiences can greatly help others make an informed decision. It only takes a few minutes. So don’t be shy.. 🙂

Thanks for reading this review to the end and I sincerely wish you much success in your life endeavours.

Your Friend,


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