Is 7 Figure Franchise A Scam Or Make $4k/Day With Michael’s Secrets?

Welcome to This 7 Figure Franchise Review.

Is 7 Figure Franchise a scam that is going to lighten your wallet or is it really the real deal that is going to change your life around? Can you really make $4K every day? Will Michael really spill out all his secrets of how he was able to become a multi-millionaire?

If you’re asking yourself these questions then you’ve done good to land upon this review. I’ll be revealing everything that I have found about this program and will let you know exactly how it works. All I want by the end, is for you to make a informed decision, whichever path you choose to tread.

Let’s dive right in!

NOTE: This review is based on my personal experience and opinions.

7 Figure Franchise At A Glace


Owner: Michael Cheney

Purpose: Make Money online by becoming a reseller

Price: $1997 One-time (or $2200 if paying in instalments)

Do I Recommend It?: No…

What Is 7 Figure Franchise?

The sales page is so typical of Michael, because I have reviewed some of his other make-money-online systems before, namely The Commission Machine and Commission Cartel. And I have to be honest with you; his systems didn’t really impress me.

Just like these two other programs, Michael shows off the amount of money that he has made, which is several millions, with his online business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous. It’s great to show you the potential of his businesses but to say that he was easily able to make this happen, is far from the truth.

Michael says that his 7 Figure Franchise system is a “turnkey” system that will also get you to make easy money even if you have no list, no website and no experience. He makes it look like a breeze with his 3-step system telling you that all you need to do is:

1) get the system

2) get traffic

3) make money

And as much as I also wish that this were the truth about making money online, it’s not as easy.

Making $1000 commissions on a daily basis, as he claims, requires a lot of effort and you won’t be able to make that kind of money on your first day and maybe not even in your first month. Those testimonials that claim they were able to do that are online marketers that already have some degree of success online.

They already have a following, an email list and they have already established their reputation online. If they’ve had success, it does not mean that the same thing is going to happen to you. Those results are NOT typical for the newbie and this is a common sales tactic used by many online marketers.

Michael also says you’ll be able to copy and paste and make money right away with templates that he himself uses and that you’ll be able to make 100% commission on all his systems. What he is doing here, is convincing you to BUY the rights to resell his products, very similar to a McDonald’s franchise.

How Does 7 Figure Franchise Work?

When you buy the 7 Figure Franchise system, you become eligible to resell any and all of Michael’s products to the general public and to make 100% commissions on each and every sale. You’ll receive all the tools, all the websites promoting each of his products and you’ll receive email/post templates.

You must be thinking, what kind of a franchisor would not provide you with EVERYTHING that you need to make sales, right? It sounds wonderful, but what they don’t tell you is that the number one, most important thing about making money online is to get traffic to your websites.

What you’ll be required to do, would be to grab your affiliate link from the member’s area and literally SPAM social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to get visitors, clicks and sales. And this is FAR from easy to do. You CONSTANTLY have to keep posting in order for the post to keep appearing in front of people.

And it’s not only a matter of posting it, now you also have to answer to people who have more questions about the system, which is going to take MUCH of your time. So if you think that you’re going to make EASY money with this method, you couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth.

I’m not saying that there aren’t other methods. SEO (Search Engine Optimization – getting ranked within Google, Bing and Yahoo) as well as Ads can be used to get visitors, but in this case, SEO is going to be VERY hard because these are cookie-cutter websites that just aren’t INFORMATION. The search engines don’t want these websites in their searches.

Which leaves you ads as the only OTHER way to try and get visitors to your offers. Ads are not FREE and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could burn a lot of money. The problem that I also have with Ads, is that there is no guaranteed return on investment, meaning that you would be paying to put people in front of your offers, but there’s no guarantee that they’re actually going to buy the system.

The Risks and Disadvantages with Franchises

As we discussed, you will be buying the rights to resell any and all of Michael’s systems but you have to know of some risks and disadvantages to owning a franchise, whether it be online or offline.

The risks of a franchise is that should the CEO or owner of the program wish to pull the plug, then your whole business will come crumbling down, just like it happened to Zellers and Sears in Canada a few years ago. Even though you will be your own boss and will be making 100% commissions, you will still be bound by the parent company.

The disadvantage of a franchise is that you are limited in terms of products that you can sell under their trademark. Michael specializes in products that help people make money online and that’s his passion… but is it yours too? You may not be interested to help others make money online.

You may be interested in fashion, or sports, or diet, or even to just share your medical expertise with others, all that have nothing to do with making money online. By becoming a reseller here, you would not really become your own boss because there are still strings attached, contrarily to My #1 Recommendation that can help you make money in any NICHE you desire.

The best way to make money online, is to create your own websites around a niche that you are passionate about, because this will ensure that you don’t lose interest in the long term and you will also become your own boss. You will be able to choose to promote any product you desire and won’t be dependent on ANYONE or ANYTHING!

Is 7 Figure Franchise A Scam? – Final Thoughts

To answer your question on whether 7 Figure Franchise is a scam; no, it’s not a scam but I also would not recommend it because I personally would not want to be so dependent and attached to his systems in order to make money.

I think that it’s a much better option to create your own website, your own brand, your own following and your own reputation online. I’m not saying that you cannot make money using his systems and his methods, but this is going to be too tedious and full of risks for you, specially as a newbie.

If you don’t have the same passions as Michael, then you’re not going to work as hard and you’re going to get bored and give up very fast. When you’re your own boss, you should have the chance of choosing your own products to promote and you should be in full control, which you won’t be by making his system the basis for your whole business.

But of course at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you’d like to do. But I would recommend that you…

Say No To $1997 and Yes to FREE!

Additionally, I also think that it costs too much for the average person to invest in; $1997!?!?

With that kind of money, you could pay for 6 – 7 years of your membership with the program that I recommend, which is THE BEST program out on the internet right now, recommended by all top online marketers. And guess what? By following this program, people are able to replace their full-time income within 1 – 2 years of working on their businesses.

I personally know people who make $6+ every single month after only 2 years and you don’t EVER have to pay for anything outside the platform, not even invest in ads.

The best part is that you can TRY IT FOR FREE to make an informed decision on whether this is what you would like to do, unlike 7 Figure Franchise where there is no trial.

All you really have to do is write about your passion, put in a few affiliate links and use keywords to lead visitors to your website and that’s it! You rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat. Of course, there’s some learning to do, all that is taken care of within the platform.


And I’ll see you on the other side.

Your friend,


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