Is ACN A Scam? – No But The Model Yields 99% Failure Rate

Is ACN a scam

Have you been approached by somebody from ACN and were wondering whether all the amazing things they are saying about the company is true? There are a lot of claims that they are making, right?

Are they all true or are they all lying to you? Is ACN a scam or is it legit? Is it a pyramid? Are the services legit and are people having a good experience with it? Why should people be switching over to ACN?

All those are good questions and with any company that you are thinking to be part of, you need to do some research. I’m not part of ACN but somebody did try to recruit me once so I’ve got first-hand experience.

I’ll reveal all you need to know about ACN and whether you should be giving the opportunity a shot. It’s definitely not for everybody but let me tell you that you’re not going to like what you read about this company right now.

ACN At A Glance


Owners: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz

Purpose: Build a downline and sell essential technological services

Price: $499 to join + other costs

Do I Recommend It?: This is NOT for people that don’t like recruiting and selling

What Is ACN?

ACN was first founded by four entrepreneurs in 1993. So as you can see, the company has been around for a while and thus cannot be a scam.

It is actually an MLM company that sells technological services, like home phone, internet, cable, home security systems and mobile phone plans. It’s true that these are some of the services that the average home cannot survive without.

Everybody is using at least one or two of these services so helping others find the best plan for them and their needs and making money while doing it will make you feel fulfilled. I’m all for that.

They say that you’ll get paid each time a customer pays their bill and that it’s an opportunity for exciting recurring income for you. The demand in this industry is exceptionally huge.

Each year, customers pay almost a total of $2 Trillion for at least one of those services. There’s opportunity everywhere since ACN has grown to be available in 26 countries across the world.

They give you the opportunity yo save on your bills, to get free services by signing other people up with the same services you have with ACN and it also gives you an opportunity to start and grow your own business with them.

What more could anybody want, right?

But the truth is that the program is still an MLM and the failure rate is REALLY high for this type of business model. There are a lot of costs that they also hide from you because if you knew of them, you would never join.

There’s also the quality of the services offered as well as customer service. There’s actually a lot of mess surrounding this that the company and its reps are never going to tell you.

Read until the end because the following info may make you think twice about joining ACN.

How ACN Works – Typical MLM

Okay, the reason that a lot of people don’t want to join such a company is because they confuse the program to be a pyramid, when it’s not one. A pyramid focuses on recruiting to bring in money whereas ACN has actual services offered.

There’s a retail side to the business, which makes ACN a totally legit business and NOT a pyramid scheme.  The company actually focuses a lot more on sales compared to other MLMs that I’ve come across, which is a good thing.

However, like the traditional MLM, you’ll need to create a list of family members and friends and you’re gonna have to either promote the opportunity to them or sell them the services to make sales.

I was actually asked by a co-worker to attend a seminar at their place, where there was a video that was played about ACN, with a ton of testimonials from the top earners of the company. There was even the sponsor that came to talk about ACN.

I had already been part of Avon and Primerica (an insurance MLM company) and I knew just by watching the video what I would get myself into by joining. The sign up fee is steeper as well, at $499, compared to $20 for Avon and $100 for Primerica.

It all sounded really good on paper and when the reps were explaining it to me, but when I went home and did some research on the services, there were actually a lot of complaints and I didn’t end up joining.

For one, the reason that people find it so hard to become successful with MLMs is due to the fact that you need to draw up a list of family and friends and that list, once exhausted, does not bring new leads to your business.

Most people then just stop there and are not taught alternative ways to help them recruit. There are very little resources on how to recruit online, although you have your own store front with ACN. That’s totally a plus but if you can’t get people to see it, then you won’t make sales.

That’s why I opted for an online business because the internet is worldwide and I can reach people on the other side of the world. That’s why I chose Affiliate Marketing. If you want to learn more about that, GET MY FREE GUIDE now.

Costs To Be Successful With ACN

Like most of the MLMs out there, they actually don’t give you an idea of what the running costs of the business will be. This is very important because you need to know whether you will be able to invest as much as is needed to succeed, right?

Else you won’t.

Well, there are so many costs that they decide to keep them all under wraps. You only get to know of them when it gets cut off of your credit card or as you go along, trying to build your business.

You see, everything needs to be planned in business. Sure, there are some unexpected costs but for the most part, you need to plan if you want to remain afloat. And that’s why 99% of people fail. They fail to plan because of the hidden costs.

1) $150 annual fee

2) $40/month video phone

3) $30/month website membership

4) $150+ events to go to, 4 times a year

5) cost of marketing materials, like your business cards and so on

6) the cost of attending the seminars every week (gas, car payments, insurance, even bus tickets, etc…)

7) cost of hosting house parties so your mentor/sponsor can explain ACN to your guests

8) ~$200 for early cancellation if you want to get out of any contract with them and that’s if you have services with them

Can You Make Money with ACN? – 99% Of People FAIL!

If you’re wondering whether you can make money with ACN, the answer is a big resounding yes! You can make money from any MLM, as long as they have a retail side to the business where you can make sales.

It is even possible to recruit as well, create a downline where you’ll get paid mainly on overrides. That’s the main objective of being in an MLM; you want to grow your downline so big that you won’t have to keep working as hard to make sales and make money.

As with any MLM, you want to climb up the ranks in order to make more and more money.

The ranks that you want to climb are:

1) CQ IBO – Customer Qualified IBO

2) ETL – Executive Team Leader

3) RD – Regional Director

4) RVP – Regional Vice President

5) SVP – Senior Vice President

However, there is a disclaimer on their page saying that less than 1% of people have achieved the status of RVP and above. That tells you that it is incredibly difficult to either sell the services or to recruit people in order to move up.

Their disclaimer even states that the IBO may not even earn any money and may even lose money. If only 1% of people are really crushing it, in my opinion, 99% of the other people are struggling to make any money or are losing money in this business.

You can take a look at their 2019 compensation plan and requirements for moving up the ranks HERE.

The Services – Are They Legit?

So you know how I talked about an MLM having two sides; one being the recruiting side and the other being the sales side? Well, we’ve already talked about the recruiting side to building the business. Let’s talk about the products and services.

You want to feel good about the services that you’re offering others and you want to have good reviews. You want the services to be so good that hopefully the customer is going to talk to others they know, about the services so you can get more customer, right?

Well, you can forget about that because the services and the customer services is horrible with ACN. There are too many service complaints, from people having trouble with their connections, to customer service issues to payment issues.

A lot of people are saying that the calls get dropped too often, the internet goes off for days at a time and that payments were even taken out of their accounts in advance, such that they were incurring NSF fees and troubles with refunds.

I wouldn’t want to be part of a company that has nothing but negative reviews about their services. Can you imagine the hardship you’ll have selling these same services to customers?

People are very well educated nowadays and 4 billion people have access to the internet all around the world. They are just one Google search away from all the horror stories of ACN.

There are just too many complaints for my comfort. Take a look at some of those on BBB WEBSITE HERE. Many of them are recent complaints.

I am starting to think that the products are just there to keep the business from becoming a pyramid scheme because the services have definitely not gotten better over time. It might just be a front to make the owners more money.

Is ACN A Scam?

If you want my honest opinion, the answer is no, I do not think that ACN is a scam. If they were, they wouldn’t have been around since 1993. It is definitely possible to make money with the business opportunity too.

However, ACN not being a scam does not mean that I am recommending that you sign up. On the contrary, I do not recommend ACN at all and that has nothing to do with my personal preference.

The problem with ACN is in both its business opportunity and its services; it is an MLM and it will get saturated at one point, just like Avon. I was so frustrated because everybody and their moms and grandma’s sell Avon.

It became hard for me to find new customers and to find new IBOs because everybody had heard about it and what it was about and nobody was interested.

At least with Avon though, the products work for their audiences. That’s completely different with ACN.

The services are actually really bad and the customer service isn’t great. Why would you want to be part of a company with services as bad as this?

All the reviews I’ve seen features people wanting to cancel. I haven’t seen even one good review about the actual SERVICES from ACN. Why would you promote services that you yourself don’t have an interest in getting because of the bad reviews?

When you’re part of a company, you have to believe in EVERYTHING the company stands for and if you don’t believe in their service, then what’s the point?

I do not recommend ACN for their business opportunity and neither for their services.

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Thanks for reading my ACN review. So what do you think about the program? Is ACN a scam or a pyramid? Is it legit? Have you joined and made a significant amount of money? How long did it take you and what were your hardships?

Lots of Love,


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