Is Ad Formula A Scam Or Will You Make An Amazing $3K Daily?

Is Ad Formula a scam or will you make crazy money everyday, as Jack claims? Are you going to finally be paying off your debt by joining this program, and living the life of your dreams, or will you be scammed yet again?

If you have these questions stuck in your head, then I congratulate you. I congratulate you for doing your due diligence before trusting anything ANYONE says about making money online. We have heard too many times about scams and about people losing their hard-earned money, people getting conned and not able to get their money back.

By the end of this review, you’ll understand EXACTLY what this program is about, how it works, and whether you should be investing into this program. There’s a little twist, so read until the end!

At A Glance

Name: Ad Formula


Owner: Jack Heaton

Purpose: Banner advertising

Price: Free (with a catch)

Do I Recommend It?: No!!! This is a SCAM!!!

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What is Ad Formula?

The sales video starts off with news report after news report and some testimonials showing people are making big money online. Then Jack tells you that after 100 plays of the video and after 50 people have signed up, that this video will never be shown again, so you have to pay attention as this video could change your life.

This system has made Jack a millionaire within 1 year and that if he can do it, you can do. It’s got nothing to do with Internet marketing, forex trading, cryptocurrency or stocks, nor an MLM. With this system, Jack tells you that the money will be flowing so fast into your bank account that you won’t be able to spend it all.

What he is going to show you, is how to use the power of banner ads in ecommerce and online marketing. Banner Ads are said to be the new way of marketing to consumers. They are cheaper and more effective because you can target the ad to a certain person’s demographics and internet browsing habits, turning them into buyers.

As you can see, says Jack, you don’t need any special skills or experience to replicate his success. And he is giving you this membership for completely free!

So should you believe in what Jack tells you or should you skip this program and forget it on the scam shelf? Are you going to lose money or are you going to make fast money like Jack suggests?

Let’s dive right in!

The Signs – Alarm Bells!

Unfortunately, I find that the sales video is another hyped up sales video, similar to other scams that I have seen online and exposed on this very website. It does not matter whether the sign up is free or not at this point, as I will get into that right after exposing the red flags.

1) The news reports

Yes, this is a red flag because this is the creator’s attempt to make this program look legitimate and to gain credibility in the viewer’s eyes. This is a tactic to make you think that this program has been featured in the news when these news snippets have been taken from different news channels, only reporting on make money online jobs and opportunities.

I’m not saying that those news reports are fake. They are actually real, but it’s the creator that has used these snippets in the wrong way, to help promote his program, when the news reports have nothing to do with the program. I know this because I have seen news reports being used in other sales videos before, in relation to a scam.

2) Scarcity

The scarcity used within the sale page and the sales video, like telling you that there are only 50 people that will be let into the program and that after 100 plays, the video will stop playing and that Jack only has 7 copies left, even telling you that this video will only be playing in your country, is all a way to make you believe that you are lucky and you should sign up.

You see, these pressure tactics have been used over and over again by scammers and low-quality program creators, to push you to believe that you will be missing your chance if you navigate away from the page and will never be able to change your life, when that’s not the case.

All these people want, is money! By using these tactics, they are able to con more people into buying their programs and thus, will make more money. Don’t be pressured into buying anything!

3) Ton of money for little to no work

This is another red flag; telling you that you will be able to make hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, starting today, without doing much work and without any experience and skills. It’s try that you can LEARN how to make money online as a newbie, but you cannot expect to start making hundreds of dollars everyday, starting today.

There is no such system, because you need to give yourself time to learn, to apply what you learn and also to give your online business time to grow. There is no such thing as a business that will bring in profits from Day 1, not even online. There is work involved and there is time involved.

4) Fake owner

This is seen way too often and is really getting old; the owner uses a fake name, fake picture and probably even feeds you a fake sob story. This is all too common with online scams and this program is no different. I was not able to find this Jack Heaton anywhere on the internet.

What I was able to find is that his photo on the sales page is a stock photo. I know his supposed “wife’s” photo is one as well, because although I was not able to see it being sold or offered to be used for free anywhere, there are other websites that were using the photo.

5) Paid testimonials (Fake)

And last but not least, you have the testimonials. These are actually actors that were paid to read out a script to you and act it out, to get paid $5. That’s right, they aren’t actual members and their income and success stories are also made up. I have actually seen them in many other testimonials for other make money online programs.

Here are some of their profiles. Don’t believe anything that they say!

Here’s The Program That Helped Me Make Passive Income Online

The Platform

It’s free to sign up so I fabricated some information, like my name and phone number to create an account. I only gave a real email address, just in case I could get some information from the company. You see, I was greeted by a nice platform that had a clean layout, easy to navigate, with a lot of information and a lot of options.

But what seemed strange to me, was that the name of the platform was not Ad Formula, it was Click2Sell. Another red flag; “Jack” said that it was a system that he founded and called it the Ad Formula. Where did Click2Sell come from? Another weird fact is that there was no welcome video, nor any other training on how to properly use the system.

Anyhow, I started going through the details and found out that the platform was an ad flipping platform; meaning that you could create an ad, test out how good it does and then resell it to others for a higher price. This may be a new thing, but I’ve personally never heard of ANYBODY making money doing this.

Doing further testing, I tried creating an ad campaign and was shocked that they wanted $100 for only 500 impressions. That’s REALLY expensive. You would usually be able to get 1000 impressions for $15 or less. And the ad banners didn’t even look good and the headings had a lot of mistakes.

The payment method didn’t include ANYTHING that I had heard of either; no Paypal, no Stripe, no Payoneer. So I could not help but allow the alarm bells to take over.

Click2Sell – Is it Legit?

I did some further research online and came to find out that an affiliate network called Click2Sell is very much legit. But the official website was (the one that was legit), not (the one related to Ad Formula), which meant that maybe, just maybe, the scammers behind this scheme were after the good reviews behind

There were no other reviews or any complaints made about Further on went my research.

I Decided To Try To Get Some Information From Support

That’s when I decided to take it one step further and to try and see what I could get from the support team and this is the email copy of the interaction that I was sent.

But again, something else jumped at me and that was the name of the company; first, it was Ad Formula, then Click2Sell and then BannerBit. That was when it hit me. (The twist!)

You see, BannerBit has been around for quite a while and it operates the exact same way as, meaning that it is geared towards Ad Flipping. As usual, I went to unearth any information about BannerBit, and I found out that it is a total scam!

Most of the complaints I found were on

Being nudged and promised with great returns on their ad investments by “account managers”, victims of this scam would invest upwards of $250 (some even close to $3000). Their accounts would show that they were making money for a few days, to then relapse to close to nothing.

Then, either they would be asked for sensitive information in order to withdraw (after which they would still not get their money back) or they would just get banned from even logging back into their accounts. Seeing as Ad Formula and is  affiliated with BannerBit, it is safe to assume that Click2Sell is going to work exactly the same way.

Is Ad Formula A Scam? – Final Thoughts

This one was a bit tricky to figure out, but yes, Ad Formula is ABSOLUTELY a scam! I highly suggest that you stay away from it if you want to save your hard-earned money. These scammers will stop at nothing and don’t care about the promises they made you.

They lie about themselves so as not to get caught and will tell you that they can make just about anything in your wildest dreams comes true. They’ll promise you riches, they’ll promise you a life of freedom. But all that will result in, is them filling their OWN pockets and THEIR freedom, not yours.

It’s all in the red flags; whether the program is free to join or if there is a small fee to pay, just look for those red flags and also follow your gut feeling! If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t risk what you have for empty promises such as that. Making money online requires work and it requires time.

Once again, I repeat that Ad Formula is a complete scam that you should absolutely avoid!

A Legit Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

I know the feeling of being scammed and losing money and time to useless programs such as the Ad Formula. But that’s why you have to understand that money is not gonna come easy, not as easy as what you’re led to believe in those scam videos.

I’m not here to paint a pretty picture for you; I’m here to paint a picture of the truth. And the truth is that you need training, the proper tools and a supportive community to make your online success happen. It will come, but you need to understand that you need to work for it. Nothing is free in this world.

Just like a cab driver, he had to go through certification to get his license (for which he paid). He needs to buy a car, for which he paid and he needs to buy gas for which he paid. The certification was his training and the car and the gas are his tools. When he was first learning to drive, he had an instructor or even other family members who encouraged him.

So he had training, tools and support. This is what you need as well! Without them (and without the determination to work hard for your success), you will ALWAYS fail. Why do you think so many people? But anyways, that’s why I want to introduce you to the very same platform that taught me how to make a passive income online.

It’s free to join and you don’t have to upgrade to the paid membership if you don’t want to. What I suggest is for you to try the free version and see if you like it. Only upgrade if, like me, you find value in what the platform has to offer. I have been with them close to one year now and it has changed my life.


I promise, there aren’t any hidden costs. I don’t make any money when you join for free. Join and see for yourself, what a wonderful platform this is. I’ll get in touch with you on the other side.

Your Friend,


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